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Holiday Gift Guide: Sparkly Bits from Etsy

December 16, 2009
To me the holidays are the perfect time to indulge in some little glitz and glamor, and judging by the comments left in my Body Shop Giveaway, you all agree. Check out my Etsy picks to see some sparkling one-of-a-kind handmade gift giving options I’m dying to buy for myself.

Bethany Lorelle’s Grace Headband ($28.00)
This classic headband with vintage appeal is perfect to some flair to any holiday outfit.

Bejewelled Bespoke’s Allure in Black Bib Necklace ($95.00)
This meticulously crafted bib necklace with hand-rolled rosettes and hand-sewn pearls and crystals would look amazing over a simple black shift dress. I want!

One Garnet Girl’s Stacking Rings ($238.00)
Bedeck your fingers in blue topaz, peridot and iolite. Why have just one cocktail ring when you can stack three?

An Original Jewelry’s Sterling Silver Necklaces ($44.00 – $46.00 each)
Simple silhouettes make for dainty old-world pieces that float delicately at the collarbone. These make great everyday pieces.

Laurie Sarah Designs’ Pink Tourmaline Ring ($828.75)
What are the holidays without a little drama? This pink tourmaline ring is one of those statement pieces that will have your girlfriends drooling. I must have it!

Bethany Lorelle’s Lillian Beaded Headband ($29.00)
An art deco/vintage-style pieces that’s evocative of jazz clubs, flappers, and glam beaded dresses. Gorgeous!

Dana Castle’s Loren Headband ($25.00)
Charcoal beads, glittering sequins and rhinestones – all the makings of a great holiday headpiece.

Unearthed’s Metallic Stingray Cuff Bracelet ($75.00)
While not for everyone, this hot pink stingray cuff bracelet definitely makes a statement. I kinda love everything about it, from the bold hue to the unique pebbled texture.

Bejewelled Bespoke’s The Classic Bib Necklace ($55.00)
This classic, versatile bib necklace is ideal for dressing up anything from a plain white T to a little black dress, and the price is pretty great too. I’ve still got my heart set on the Allure in Black one I featured up above, but this is another great options.

ABS’ Five: Etsy Fun!

July 23, 2009

I’m not really in product-review mode today (actually I’ve been in a bit of a funk all week) so rather than sharing my beauty product lemmings with you, today we get to indulge in another bout of Etsy fun!

ILoveYou Robot by Littlebrownbyrd ($30)
I love you-bot as his name implies, loves everybody, he doesn’t care who you are or where you’re from. He loves you if your hair is short or long or tall, he loves you if you play the guitar or the harmonica, if you’re into chickens or comics. It doesn’t matter, he loves YOU! The perfect gift for your girlfriend, your mom, your best friend or that celebrity you’re stalking.
ILoveYou Robot is about 6inches tall and 3 inches wide.

I’m oh so in love with this sweet little guy, those round button eyes just call to me! Doesn’t every girl need some robot love?

BABOOSHKA Cotton Paperbag High Waist Skirt w/Pockets by BabooshkaBoutique ($40)
Throw this little doozy on with a pair of tights, your favorite boots and a cute little tucked in blouse and you are set for a night on the town. Or just a neck breaking walk around town. (not your neck..theirs!) Dont forget about the fabulous sidepockets!! Wear this skirt day or night… either way it looks great. I love this one paired with strappy booties and a tucked in tank top with a simple gold chain. You can also add a belt if you wish!!

Last night I decided it was high time I checked out some of the clothing options available on Etsy, and check out this cute little skirt I stumble upon! I know these aren’t for everybody, but I happen to be a huge fan of the paperbag waist style, and love that these are available in a rainbow of shades. I’m seriously contemplating placing an order!

Cute Whale Pendant with Chain by Squirrelbunny ($42)
Ah, to live the life of a whale…floating through the water and munching on tasty krill! This little whale pendant is made from sterling silver and is 20 mm wide and 17 mm tall (that is 13/16 of an inch by 9/16 of an inch). I have sawed this little friend by hand and then filed, drilled, and finished him off with a brushed texture. He has a hidden bail on the back which a chain can slip right through. I am including a delecate sterling silver cable chain with this pendant so you can start wearing it right away! You can, of course, change out this chain for a different sort of chain if you choose to, as it is not permanently attached. Each pendant is hand made and may differ *very slightly* from this picture. These differences are one of the things that makes each pendant special and one of a kind!

This photo is for Nicole ~ I know how she loves her cute whales!

Small Smiling Face Bear Necklace by Squirrelbunny ($48)
This little bear has a cute, subtle smile on his face. 🙂 A great necklace for kids! This sterling silver necklace features the face of a smiling little bear. It has been completely hand sawed and with a jewelers saw and completed with a nice brushed finish. It measures 1 inch from ear to ear, and nearly 3/4 of an inch from the top of the head to the bottom. This pendant hangs from a 14″ (for kids), 16″ or 18″ permanently attached sterling silver cable chain (you choose the length!).

While I’m probably a little too old for this pendant, I think that it’s crazy cute and would love to wear it to work tucked under a button down where no one could see. I need to find some way to indulge my inner child!

ShaNickers Wall Decal-Baroque Modern Frame w/ Bird ($39)

Exclusive Offer from Esty Shop THlENTHANH for ABS Readers!

June 16, 2009

A few days back I featured an impeccably handcrafted (and ridiculously cute) wallet from the Etsy shop THlENTHANH in my little Etsy roundup, primarily because I’ve never seen anyone make handmade look so good! I e-mailed shopowner Bibi a link to the post (can’t be using the images of others without their knowledge =P) and she was so happy with your comments that she’s offering A Beautyful Sentiment readers an exclusive discount through August 30th!

Enter offer code: Beautyful Sentiment in the “message to seller” box at checkout and receive free shipping on all non-sale items or an additional 10% off sale items!

Please note that Bibi will be away from July 5th to August 1st, meaning her shop will be closed during this time. Check out her Shop Announcement for more details.

I’m thinking I need to take advantage of this great offer and order myself up a custom wallet (the custom wallets are the same price as the pre-made one which is always a plus!), but I can’t choose a fabric or a size–there are so many options (see all the fabric options HERE)! Which do you think I should go with? This might just be my first Etsy purchase :).

My Current Non-Beauty-Related Etsy Obsessions

June 13, 2009
Heart of Water Jewels‘ Lotus Ring has me entranced–I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the thing since I stumbled upon it earlier today! I desperately need a ring from this shop, their settings are simply stunning.

MiChiMa‘s personalized stuffed felt zipper pulls would make such sweet bag charms.

Stamp‘s dainty little blossom ring would look great on its own–but imagine three or four of these beauties stacked together!

Fun and exceedingly adorable acorn magnets from seller joojoo.

Feeling the need to decorate your room but lacking in the artistic skills department? Try wall decals–I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with them myself, and I happen to think DaliDecals‘ Cherry Blossom Tree would look pretty amazing in my bedroom.

The way that Blissiful‘s Primavera Ring appears to almost float atop your finger is really something special and unique.

I love cute DIY products, and DIYFlufflies‘ soft toy monkey pattern definitely fits the bill!

OnceAndAlways makes some really cute felted business card holders that I think might go quite well with the pink business cards I intend to have made up soon.

I’m sure some of your are finding this piece to be a bit incongruous with my overall aesthetic, but I happen to think it’s really cool, and you will too once you find out what it is. This apple pendant by lulubugjewelry is silver inlaid with concrete–that’s right, that green stuff is tinted concrete!

THIENTHANH creates impeccably crafted handmade wallets in the fabric of your choosing. While I do love my Louis Vuitton wallet, I can definitely sem myself carrying one of these as well, The craftsmanship really is quite beautiful.

Hope you had as much fun checking out these Etsy finds as I did stumbling across them!