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Smashbox O-Gloss vs. Mark Glossblossom (Review & Swatches)

January 20, 2009
TOP: Mark Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint ($6)
BOTTOM: Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss ($22)

When I was in fourth or fifth grade I discovered the magic of mood lipsticks. They were these hideous, candy-scented, forest green sticks of ugly that would would change colors on your lips according to your “mood,” and apparently mine was always shocking fuchsia. The stuff looked absolutely horrendous on me, but for some reason I insisted on wearing it.

Fast forward a decade and a half (give or take a few years) and we’ve got these updated offerings from Smashbox, Mark, and a bunch of other companies–our old mood lipsticks in gloss form! The basic concept behind these glosses is that they go on clear, but then react with your body chemistry to develop into your own customized shade. Since one retails for $6, and the other for a whopping $22, I thought I’d compare the two for you! And FYI Too Faced almost makes a product that’s quite similar (and available in a fun shade of blue from their Smurfette collection).

Mark Glossblossom (left), Smashbox O-Gloss (right)

MARK: So up first we have Mark’s Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tiny, a veritable bargain at $6. This “ripens” into a very pretty soft pink on me, so it’s unfortunate that I’m not a fan. As you can see in the swatch above, the consistency is very runny, almost to the point of being watery, and it feels rather greasy on my lips, a sensation I’m not all that fond of. Couple that with its terrible lasting power and I’d say save for $6!

So how does Smashox’s O-Gloss compare?

Smashbox O-Gloss

Mark Glossblossom

SMASHBOX: Well Smashbox’s O-Gloss Intuitive Lipgloss definitely wins in the texture department. It has a slick, not too sticky but not too runny consistency, contains great ingredients like Goji Verry, Ginkgo Biloba, Pomgranate Seed, and Avocado Oil, plus it also transforms into a pretty shade of soft to bright pink (depending on the day). All in all I do like this one quite a bit, but I’m not sure I’d pay $22 for it.

Next on my list is to try their new plumping version of the O-Gloss!

Liquid Eyeshadows for All Price Ranges: How Do They Stack Up?

July 15, 2008
This will be my last Bourjois-related post for a really long time–I promise!

Left to Right:
Mark i-sheer Creamy Eye Shadow Hook Up in Meringue ($5)
Bourjois Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Electron #38 (on sale for $11.20)
Chanel Ombre D’eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadows in Bayou and 717 ($32)


Mark’s i-sheers ($5) are a a decent budget option if you’re looking to try a liquid eyeshadow but don’t want to splurge. While the packaging is very utilitarian and not all that cute, the shades have okay lasting power and will serve their purpose.

I wasn’t a huge fan of these because, unlike the Bourjois or the Chanel, this dried a kind of streaky/clumpy finish and just wasn’t as pigmented as I would’ve liked. It looks the smoothness of the more expensive products.


Bourjois’ Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadows ($11.20) are amongst my favorite liquid shadows. While they don’t have a great color selection (booooo!), the shades they do have are all very wearable and easy to work with. The consistency is a bit thinner than the Mark, but still gives you a nice creamy solution to work with, making application and blending pretty easy. Plus I think the packaging is darn cute (although I hated it for their loose eyeshadows)!

Pigmentation is pretty decent with these-you’re not going to get a bold wash of color by any means, but the shades do show up and have easily buildable coverage.

It dries to a smooth shimmery finish and stays put all day. Love this stuff-it was definitely worth the $11!!


Now for our splurge item-the Chanel Ombre D’eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadows ($32). For reference, one of these costs as much as 6 of the Marks or almost 3 of the Bourjois on sale-a little crazy in my opinion! But call me crazy because I purchased them. I figured they’d be a great alternative to powder shadows on those days I wanted something a little different, but honestly I don’t find myself reaching for them that often.

Consistency-wise, these are the most watery out of the bunch. As such, the first layer goes on pretty sheer after blending (and you have to blend otherwise you’ll look pretty silly), but coverage is definitely buildable. Also, they take a decent amount of time to dry, so if you’ve got small creases like me (that cause smudging) you’ll have to sit around with your eyes closed until this stuff dries.

But you do get something for your money-a very smooth application! While I love the Bourjois, I’d have to say the Chanel (probably because it’s more liquidy) dries to a smoother and more even finish.

While I do like these they’re definitely not the best out there and not a must-have by any means!

Left to Right: the two Chanels, Bourjois, and Mark

After some blending

And to see which would wear the longest I rubbed at these like crazy! The Chanels didn’t hold up so well, but the Bourjois and the Mark were stubborn.

EOTD (using my liquid shadows!):

Conclusion: liquid shadows are hard to blend!

Have you tried any of these? Thoughts?

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