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Laneige Snow Radiant Eyes in 06 Romantic Match: Review and Swatches

September 17, 2008
Laneige The Secret of Snow Crystal Snow Radiant Eyes in#06 Romantic Match

Say hello to my Laneige Snow Radiant Blusher‘s little sister–isn’t she just oh so petite and cute? I should’ve taken a family photo!


The mirrored compact opens to reveal three strips of shimmery baked goodness. Overall I’d have to say that while some Laneige products haven’t worked out so great for me, I’ve never really been disappointed in the quality of their products, and this pretty trio is no exception. The shades are shimmery without being gritty, are nicely pigmented, and since they’re baked can be applied both wet or dry depending on the desired level of intensity.

Swatches: light shimmery champagne; purple with strong blue undertones; lavender


To achieve the above look I used the lightest shade to highlight the inner contours of my eyes, the lavender shade all over my eyes, and then just the tiniest dab of the darkest shade on my outer corners. I was going for a monochromatic look since I needed a conservative look, so unfrotunately you don’t get too much of the other two shades.

The shades turned out to apply a little more sheerly than I’d originally anticipated, but they made for a soft look that I really liked. Next time I’ll have to try applying them wet to see if that ups the intensity!

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Clio Professional Art Special Eye Shadow Kit in Special Gray: Review and Swatches

July 20, 2008
Clio Professional Art Special Eyeshadow Kit in Special Gray #3 ($25.80)
Isn’t the packaging beautiful? The sides and bottom are a pearlized white-so pretty!
It is a little clunky and thick though.

Clio (founded in 1993) is a Korean brand of cosmetics produced in Italy. Since their products are hard to come by in the US (and ridiculously marked up if you should happen to find them), I pounced on these as soon as they showed up (on sale!) on Sasa. I have an amazingly beautiful veined blush to tell you about eventually, but for now you’ll have to settle for a review of their ArtSpecial quad.

Clockwise from Top Left: baby pink, peachy bronze, silvery gray, charcoal gray

Clio shadows and blushes are baked for 24 hours, which results in a very pigmented product that works great both wet and dry. From what I’ve seen though, the particular palette that I chose is one of the least pigmented of the bunch (at least the top two shades-*cry*), but either way I’m relatively pleased with my purchase!

Swatches: pink, bronze, silver, charcoal

All of the shades swatched wonderfully, but I have to admit that the bronze shade don’t show up too well on my eyes when applied dry. This may have something to do with the fact that it seems to contain the most glitter out of the bunch, but this is easily remedied by applying it wet.


Look #1: Shadows used dry (please excuse the messiness!)

  1. Pink all over lid.
  2. Charcoal blended with silver on outer corners.


Look #2: Shadows used wet.

  1. Silver eyeshadow applied to the inner third of eye and carried underneath.
  2. Pink applied onto the center of the eyelid and blended into the silver (no sharp contrasts!)
  3. Charcoal shade applies to outer V and carried upward and inward along upper contours of eyeball.
  4. Bronze shade (dry) lightly tapped on top of pink shade for extra shimmer.
Have you heard of Clio? Tried any of the other Art Special Eyeshadow Kits? Share!

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