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Essie Matte About You Review & Swatches

October 26, 2009
Essie Matte About You ($10)

Matte nails have been all the rage this year and while I happen to love the look, I’ve been hesitant to purchase matte polishes as I already own a lot of polishes I like, and of course I worry that I’ll be over matte polishes long before I’ll have made any decent progress on my bottles of polish.

Nicole was sweet enough to send me this bottle of Essie’s Matte About You and it’s really been the perfect solution to my dilemma ~ it enable me to mattify any polish that I already own, obviating the need for additional polish purchases!

OPI DS Fantasy before Matte About You.

Check out the AFTER shot and the rest of the review after the jump!

So honestly OPI DS wasn’t my favorite mattified look, but I’ve been using this for months with a million different polishes and it works just beautifully, transforming my polishes from shiny and glossy to creamy smooth satiny matte finishes.

One thing about applying a matte top coat is that when the matte top coat starts to fade, your nails will start to look glossy once again. I also had a lot of issue with my polish starting to flake (literally) a day or two after using this stuff, so I had to resort to applying my polish, then a layer of my usual top coat, then matte about you on top of that for long-lasting color.

Overall it’s a great option to have, and while it does necessitate a little effort, I happen to love my Matte About You!

Essie "Neon Collection" Mini 4-Pack vs. Chanel Robertson Boulevard Nail Colours

June 10, 2008


Remember the hot new Chanel Robertson Boulevard nail colours ($20 each) that I blogged about recently?

Well it looks like nail-salon favorite Essie has come up with their own version of these shades, available in a handy dandy, cute as a button miniature set that costs less than one of the Chanels!

At $15 for the set, Essie’s “Neon Collection” Mini 4-Pack is a great choice for those who want to try out the bright nails trend without investing too much!

While the shades aren’t exactly the same (especially the purple/lavender polish), at $15 the Essie set is definitely worth checking out!

To learn more about the Chanel’s Robertson Boulevard Nail Colours as well as their upcoming Golden Child collection, click here.