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Luna Twilight Beauty Now Available For Pre-Order @ Nordstrom!

September 14, 2009

The much-anticipated Luna Twilight line is currently available for pre-order via Nordstrom!

Luna Twilight Color Palette in Alice ($28)

I’d say the one must-have item from the collection is the Luna Twilight Color Palette ($28) which is available in four color schemes of lip, cheek and eye colors which represent each of the iconic female characters in Twilight.

Luna Twilight Color Palette in Bella ($28)

All four palettes look to be very wearable and I’m loving them all other than Bella. The Bella palette is great for those of you who love neutrals, but that just isn’t me.

Luna Twilight Color Palette in Victoria ($28)

I’m leaning towards the Alice palette myself, although I should probably stop going for the same shades over and over again.

Luna Twilight Color Palette in Rosalie ($28)

Also available from this line is the Luna Twilight ‘Femme Fatale’ Lip Gloss ($20), a long-wearing, hydrating gloss that isn’t sticky or heavy, available in a range of eight shades. I’m really liking the fun packaging on this one, and the featured shade, Butterfly Kisses, is a really pretty pink. I’m exciting for this to launch in stores so that I can check it out in person.

There are a bunch of other items launching, from highlighters to lipsticks to this ‘Mortal Glow’ Blushing Creme ($22), a cream and mousse hybrid available in three shades that glides onto the cheek to leave a satiny-smooth finish. I only see two shades available at the moment, but this is another item I can’t wait to check out in person, as I’m a sucker for anything that promises to dry to a satin finish.

All in all the Luna Twilight collection looks to be a well-edited, reasonably-priced selection of products that I’m sure will sell like hotcakes considering the number of Twilight fans out there. Will you be picking up any of the items for yourself?

Lancome ‘Declaring Indigo’ Nordstrom Exclusive 5-Piece Brush Set Photos Galore (& Review)!

July 21, 2009
Lancome Declaring Indigo Brush Set ($52)

I’ve been told that I’m quite possibly one of the most annoying people in the world to shop with: I’m indecisive, I second-guess every decision and I basically have to contemplate each purchase or a good hour or two beore I can make a final decision. But this Nordstrom-exclusive Lancome Declaring Indigo Brush Set was one purchase decision that I made in minutes and I haven’t looked back since! I’m generally not a bluesy kinda person, but the rich, deep indigo of these brushes is truly stunning and a crowd-pleaser for sure, judging by the rate at which these sets were selling. Check out my small Norstrom Beauty Exclusives haul HERE!

I bought this set primarily for the Mineral Powder Foundation Brush, a plush, dense, velvety soft brush that picks up powders beautifully. I’ve been in desperate need of a powder brush for the longest time, and that gave me just the excuse I needed to indulge in this set.

I’m generally not a fan of these types o oundation brushes as I tend to go for the stipplers or the shorter, denser ones like the Shu brush I previously reviewed, but Lancome’s Foundation Brush #2 was a pleasant surprise. It’s super soft, of course, yet it applies foundation beautifully thanks to the fact that it has some give without being too flexible. It’s that perfect blend of firm yet yielding that enables streak free foundation application.

So to be honest this Blender Brush #4 is a bit of an enigma to me. It’s really oddly sized, as in it’s pretty massive to be used as an eye brush, but really small for a face brush. Lancome says that this is great for blending face and blush powders or eyeshadows meaning it can be used for both face and eyes, but it seems to be ill-suited for both. I’m probably going to reserve this to use or highlighting my cheek/brow bones and the like.

And the fourth brush in this set is double ended. At one end we have a flat, fine-edged brush for lining the eyes.

And on the the other end we have a nice all-purpoe eyeshadow brush, although it looks more like a concealer brush to me.

I took a little family photo so that you can get a relatively good idea of the sizes of these brushes in relation to each other. The blender brush is the one facing the bottom let corner — see what I mean about its odd size? How would you use that on your eye?!

My minor quibbles aside, the Declaring Indigo brush set is one of the best purchases I’ve made all year and definitely a set that I hope to treasure for years to come. The brushes not only have a gorgeous blue hue, but they’re well-constructed, incredibly soft and plush feeling against the skin, and a seriously great value at only $52!

MAC Graphic Garden Collection Mini Review & Swatches (Nordstrom Exclusive)

July 20, 2009

I’m usually not too wowed by the Nordstrom Exclusive MAC releases, but this year I was surprised by the fact that I wanted everything! Sadly I came home with absolutely nothing as I’m trying to be a bit more responsible with my beauty spending, but every time I look at these swatches I want to go running back to Nordstrom.

So there are two sets of each swatches under two different types of lighting so that you can get an accurate representation of each set. (& remember you can click to enlarge all my photos)

Graphic Garden Eyeshadow x 6 Palette ($35)
Swatches: Fresh Cut Palette (top); Graphic Garden Palette (bottom)

While both palettes were really pretty and wearable, I was surprised by just how much I loved the Graphic Garden Eyeshadow x 6 Palette. Greens usually aren’t my thing but the palette as a whole is just so fresh and vibrant looking. As for Fresh Cut, the only shade I’m absolutely in love with is the pink that’s second from the right. Somebody talk me out of Graphic Garden, my makeup budget this month just won’t allow it!

Top Row: Baby Blooms Lip Bag (Baby Bloom; Spiceflower; Soft Illusion [missing])
Bottom Row: Summer Crop Lip Bag (Summer Crop; Semi-Annual; Garden Bed)

The real shocker for me was how much I loved these lip bags, and how quickly they sold out. I stopped by Nordstrom on Saturday afternoon, and there wasn’t a single lip bag to be seen — they were long gone! The Summer Crop set is such a beautifully understated set of neutrals that pairs so well with the brightness that is Graphic Garden.

Overall I’m loving the entire collection and the Graphic Garden Palette shades have been dancing through my head since I saw them on Saturday.

Did you indulge in anything from MAC’s Nordstrom-exclusive Graphic Garden collection?

ABS Shops Nordstrom’s Beauty Exclusives!

July 20, 2009

You’ll be getting more in-depth info on the products in upcoming posts, but here’s my tiny restrained haul!

So here’s my favorite purchase of this year: Lancome’s ‘Declaring Indigo’ Brush Set (see it on Nordstrom’s site HERE). I’ll be posting a review on these tomorrow or so but let me just say that if you haven’t already, you need to get your hands on these! Not only are they simply stunning, but they’re also an amazing value, exceedingly soft and plush, and just so much fun to own.

Plus it didn’t hurt that my purchase qualiied my for a great gift with purchase (GWP). I chose the indigo tote to go with my new indigo brushes and was delighted to see that the set included a Color Fever Shine lipstick in Pink to the Club (you get a choice of two shades), a bright pink that’s heavy on the golden flecks, which I’ve actually been meaning to purchase.

Can you believe I only made two purchases during this year’s Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives event? But that’s pretty much all my wallet would permit, and I’m proud that all of my purchases were relatively practical ones.

Purchase #2 was Clarins’ UV Plus Day Screen SPF 40 Double Edition (see it on Nordstrom’s site HERE) which I raved about on the blog HERE. This is seriously my HG sunscreen and it’s one amazing product that I don’t think that I can be without.

And lucky for me there was yet another GWP! While you technically have to purchase two separate Clarins products to receive this gift, the salesgirl was sweet enough to let me get away with just puchasing the UV Plus duo. How amazing is this set? I can’t believe that it was free!

I’ve already taken a bunch of rather beautiful close-ups of the Lancome brushes so you can expect those to be up Tuesday (hey a little suspense is good for you!) but in the meantime I’ll be posting a bunch of swatches that I know you’re going to love!

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives: What’s On Your Wishlist?

June 25, 2009

Every spring I eagerly anticipate the launch of Nordstom’s Beauty Exclusives, and they never fail to impress. I happen to think this year’s eclectic selection of products is especially nice, and I’m having a tough time narrowing down my wishlist. Here’s what I’m wanting so far:

Lancôme ‘Declaring Indigo’ Brush Set ($52)
During Elizabethan times indigo was the color of royalty and nobility as the dye produced from indigo plants was extremely expensive. I think I’d feel rather regal getting all prettied up using these alluring indigo-hued brushes from Lancome.

Clarins UV Plus Day Screen SPF 40 (2 for $56)
I think I’ve raved enough about Clarins’ SPF in my post HERE so I’ll spare you more of my crazed babblings, but I just had to point out that this price is pretty great! Definitely on my must-buy list.

M·A·C ‘Eyeshadow x 6’ Palette Graphic Garden ($35)
This is less a need item and more of an “I wouldn’t mind owning this” type of thing. What can I say, I like pretty!

Dior ‘Jazz Club’ Eye Palette ($65)
Dior’s Jazz Club eye palette, featuring pinks and greys, berries and plums includings everything you need for a polished eye other than macara. This chic palette packs shadows, a topcoat, liner, and eyebrow powder. Pop this in your purse and you’ve got an easy transition from day to evening.

Chanel Regards et Brillances de Chanel/Radiant Eye and Lip Palette ($45)
Am I crazy for thinking this is actually pretty cheap for a Chanel palette that includes two shadows, two satin lip creams and two glosses? While I’m not entirely crazy about the seafoam green eyeshadow shade at the bottom left, knowing Chanel this palette is probably gorgeous in person.

M·A·C Look in a Box Sweet Tease ($59.50)
I happen to think that this would make such a great starter set for all those makeup novices/budding young women in our lives. Throw in a little foundation and you’ve pretty much got everything you could possibly need to look polished and feel gorgeous.

Rock & Republic ‘Drama Queen’ Collection ($69.50)
I’ve been dying to test out the still relatively new Rock & Republic collection, and this seems like a nice, semi-affordable way to get my hands on a few products at once.

Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ Anniversary Set ($115)
I’ve professed my love for all things Flowerbomb related on numerous occasions, and I happen to think this set is a pretty good deal. I love the hair mist which Nicole gifted to me right around bar time–it’s a treasured part of my tiny perfume collection!

Laura Mercier ‘Renaissance’ Collection ($65)
The Renaissance is one of my favorite periods of English literature, and Laura Mercier’s Renaissance Collection definitely appeals to my inner romantic. This set includes a deluxe Flawless Skin Day Creme SPF 15 (0.17 oz.), full-size Undercover Pot UC-3 (0.2 oz.), full-size Pink Champagne Lip Glacé (0.16 oz.), Renaissance Eye Color Duo (0.09 oz.), mini Black Thickening and Building Mascara (0.03 oz.), double-ended Secret Camouflage Powder Brush and a mini velour puff. Not bad for $65.

Hanae Mori ‘Paris Butterfly’ Gift Set ($45)
This gift set includes a one ounce fragrance and matching deoderant for only $45. If you love Flowerbomb I’m pretty sure you’ll love this fragrance too–it’s been on my wishlist for years now!

So now that I’ve shared my ridiclously long wishlist with you, tell me what’s on your Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives wishlist! 🙂

MAC Eye Shadow Quad: Rose Is a Rose (Nordstrom Exclusive)

May 14, 2009
M·A·C Eye Shadow Quad: Rose Is a Rose: 4 (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($36)

An exclusive compact of four shades specially selected to complement A Rose Romance collection. Exuberantly floral, with a dark edge, features limited-edition shades Seeds of Love and Petal Worship, and encores Solar White and Contrast.

I’m 100% positive I won’t be purchasing this, but the palette is rather pretty, particularly since you all know I’m a sucker for a good pink or purple. The pinks and purples here aren’t my favorites, but I think all the shades would come together to create a beautiful pastel eye with a smoked out edge.

New At Nordstrom

January 19, 2009
Lancôme ‘Makeup Artist Secrets’ Set ($55)
Inspired by the needs of all makeup artists, this Makeup Artist Secrets set includes the essential makeup products to make the complexion radiant and the skin glow. This set includes three essentials:

– A compact of four ‘Blush Subtil’ shades for highlighting, bronzing and color—Cedar Rose, Shimmer Mocha Havana, Cappucine and Hollywood Shimmer.
– Travel Size La Base Pro.
– Travel Size All Over Face Brush #20.

I’m loving the look of this compact for all those brush, highlighter, and bronzer users, or people who contour. I don’t fall into any of those categories (I’m not much of a bronzer or a highlighter user) but this set is pretty cute, although I wouldn’t really call a primer and blush palette “Makeup Artist Secrets.”

Sisley ‘Phyto’ Lip Shine ($50)
A formula with skincare benefits, for plump, luscious lips.
A sensorial texture. The lightweight texture is both nutritive and gentle on the fragile lip area. It feels irresistibly soft, imperceptible and non-sticky on lips. So soft, it glides voluptuously over the lips.Lips are perfectly moisturized (+31% in 30 minutes), supple, smooth, soft and protected from external aggressions. Dry lips are soothed and repaired.

This lipstick is currently at the top of my very long wishlist, but at $50 it’s lumped under the same “If I Decide To Splurge One Day” category as the Cle de Peau glosses. I’m a sucker for a lipstick that claims to provide extreme hydraton, and this one definitely fits the bill. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for this during my next shopping trip, as I’m thinking I’ll love at least one of the ten shades this is available in (although I should probably be avoiding them like the plague so that I’m not tempted to make a purchase).

Laura Mercier ‘First Blush’ Face Palette ($55)
Laura Mercier’s new limited-edition First Blush Face Palette conveniently offers everything you need to create a soft, romantic look. Two gorgeous cheek colors give cheeks a flushed glow in Blushing Peach or Blushing Pink. Lips look natural yet perfectly feminine in Flushed, Natural or Naked, while eyes look neutral and pretty in Granite, Tawny Apricot and Buff.

For a second there I thought that this was one of Bobbi Brown’s seasonal palettes, but nope, it’s Laura Mercier. This palette is definitely very pretty for those who love the soft, natural look but I’m not feeling too inclined to spend my $55 on this, since I’m sure I have all of those shades in my makeup arsenal already.

ABS’s Five: Think Pink Edition

October 9, 2008

As women it’s so important that we do our part to support Breast Cancer research and awareness, and when cosmetics companies come up with such easy and beautiful ways for us to do so, we really have no excuse not to. Both Sephora and Nordstrom have a great selection of Pink products so please head on over to check them out!

Clarisonic Skincare Brush in Breast Cancer Awareness Pink ($195)
If you’ve read my review of the skincare brush (here) you’ll know that this is an absolutely fabulous product and a must-have for me. Proceeds from the sale of this brush will benefit breast cancer awareness and research. If you’ve been tempted to purchase this, now is your opportunity to do some good for both your face and your heart.
Smashbox Pink Power Eye & Lip Kit ($46)
For $46 you get two adorably pink palettes plus two mini applicators. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Young Survival Coalition, an international nonprofit network of breast cancer survivors and supporters dedicated to the concerns and issues that are unique to young women with breast cancer. Get pretty for a good cause!!

Clinique Great Lips, Great Cause Lipstick Set ($16.50)
This lipstick comes in limited edition Ribbon Pink, and is encased in a metallic pink tube which comes beautifully boxed. $10.00 from each sale is contributed to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Annick Goutal Limited Edition ‘Rose Absolue’ Eau de Parfum ($140)
‘Rose Absolue’ is a deep powdery fragrance that gives you the impression of standing in a rose garden. Annick Goutal will donate 30% of sales of this item to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

Essie ‘Pink is the Link’ Set ($20)
This limited-edition Pink is the Link set includes Pink is the Link nail color, a soft, sheer pink especially created to commemorate 2008 Breast Cancer Awareness Month; a pink mini crystal file; and the Sensitivity Base Coat. For each set sold, Essie will donate a percentage of the proceeds to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering all women affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the best quality of life.

Some Pretty Fragrances For Your Vanity

September 15, 2008
Emilio Pucci ‘Vivara’ Eau de Parfum Limited Edition Bottle ($88)
A cheeky fragrance with hints of the Italian Riviera that awakens the senses and the imagination in a limited-edition silver bottle. Vivara has the apparent simplicity of a Pucci print, but this green floral is actually multifaceted, playful and vibrant. Galbanum adds a green, light note which today gives the fragrance its playful air.

Top notes: galbanum, bergamot from Italy, amaretto. Heart notes: sambac jasmine, orange flower, narcissus flower. Base notes: vetiver, Indonesian patchouli. “

I love Pucci prints–I have a pair of MASSIVE Pucci snow boots that I whip out every opportunity that I get. While I thought the original mushroomy-looking Pucci Vivara bottle couldn’t be improved upon, I’m happy to admit I was wrong. This sleeker limited edition version would look stunning on my vanity! If only I were more fond of the fragrance itself…

Harajuku Lovers Coffret Solids ($60)
“Five new fragrances, each with their own scent and style. Inspired by the electric street scene of the Harajuku shopping district in Tokyo, the Harajuku Lovers collection captures the lyrics and iconography from Gwen Stefani’s albums. A fatal attraction to cuteness.

Love is super cute and frilly; a floral bouquet. Lil’ Angel is sassy and sexy; a citrus floral. Music is tough with attitude; a fruity floral. Baby is girly and sweet; a powdery floral. G is the leader of the pack! A fruity gourmand.”

Remember my review of Lil’ Angel (here)? While I wasn’t completely enamored of these fragrances thanks to the strong initial burst of alcohol, I’m thinking it’s very unlikely that the solids will smell like alcohol so definitely check them out. I saw these during my last Nordstrom visit and they’re too cute for words!

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Some Great New Items Up on!

July 30, 2008
Guerlain ‘KissKiss Jeu de Dames’ Lip Palette (Limited Edition)-$68

Ladies’ game. Play with color on your lips with this unique, limited-edition lip palette! KissKiss Jeu de Dames contains a pencil holder, three metallic lip colors with their own sharpener, and a gloss. Three velvety shades: beige, pink and red. The metallic powdery texture combined with the top coat finishing gloss creates a totally new effect: both metallic and shiny.”

I have to say out of all the products I’m posting, this is definitely one of my favorites, particularly in terms of aesthetic appeal. Yes I know I don’t need this at all since I have enough lip products to last me for multiple lifetimes but it really is so pretty to look at!

Click here for a better view of this lip set and the eyeshadow palette shown below. The text isn’t in English, but just click “more…” next to the photo for some great images!

Guerlain ‘Ombre Éclat 4 Shades’ Eyeshadow Palette-$57

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Flash Radiance’ Skincare Brush-$52

Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skincare combines a unique formula with a revolutionary application technique to erase signs of fatigue with a single brush stroke. Inspired by beauty professionals, it leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and fresh with radiance.”

I need to find out more about this!

Yves Saint Laurent Ombrés 5 Lumieres-$56

Soooo gorgeous and it comes in a range of 6 different color palettes!

Dior ‘Diorshow’ Iconic Mascara (Nordstrom Exclusive)-$27

“High-definition lash-curler mascara. Now, give your lashes fascinating, high-definition curves. Thicker, curvier, sexier than you’ve ever seen them before. A revolutionary mascara with a revolutionary trademarked new Oblique™ Brush inspired by the oblique fabric cut first introduced by designer Christian Dior and celebrated by John Galliano.”

I’m sure you all know by now that I’m a sucker for new mascaras!

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer-$42

Everybody’s favorite tinted moisturizer (well except for me) in a new illuminating form! Available in three shades.

Smashbox ‘Camera Ready’ Full Coverage Foundation-$38

I also love a good compact foundation, although they’re very few and far between these days!

And yes I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging, but I couldn’t resist taking a tiny (or not so tiny) break to tease you with these photos. And to let you know that there’s some great stuff coming next week, including an amazing Nordstrom’s package I recently received from a special somebody 😉

As of tonight-one day down, two more to go. Wish me luck!

Have you seen any of this stuff in stores? Purchased it? Plan to? Share with me I’m desperate for human contact and conversation! =D