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Quick UNII Palette MAC Pressed Pigment Rundown

February 7, 2010

Several of my lovely readers had requested a rundown of the MAC shades contained in my Snow UNII palette so here it is! In the top row we have (from left to right) Dazzlelight (shimmery champagne nude that makes a fantastic brow highlighter), Gilded Green Pigment, Viz-a-Violet Pigment and Fuchsia Pigment, in the middle row we have Naked Pigment, Golden Olive Pigment and Violet Pigment, and in the bottom row we’ve got Apricot Pink Pigment, Mutiny Pigment, and (my personal favorite) Pink Pearl Pigment. The blush is the only non-MAC thing in the palette, and it’s a universally flattering pale pink shade called Sutton Place from DEX.

As you can see, I went through a rather obsessive little pigment-pressing stage some time ago, and if you haven’t checked out my pigment-pressing tutorial, please do! It’s from waaaay back in the early stages of ABS (in the crappy-camera days), but it’s relatively easy to follow and a ton of fun. As for the palette, well you now all know that it’s from UNII Cosmetics and I’ve babbled about all its wonderfulness here.

Reader Request: My Majolica Majorca Palettes

April 9, 2009

A few weeks back one of my lovely readers requested that I post photos of my Majolica Majorca palettes, so here they are! Majolica Majorca is a Japanese drugstore brand that makes some beautifully-packaged (and great quality) products~unfortunately they can be a bit hard to come by in the States, but Sasa usually has a decent selection.

In the photo above we have (from Left to Right) the small compact which can hold two eyeshadows or a single blush, the larger compact which can hold four eyeshadows, two blushes, or two eyeshadows and a blush, and to the far right we have the cute little drawer that the blushes originally come packaged in.

Close-up of the larger compact.

So these are the two shadows I have in my larger compact–a pretty mermaidy green shade, and an icy pal lavender, both Maholica Majorca of course. They’re nicely pigmented, albeit a little chalky, but not really two shades that I find myself reaching for all that often.

Swatches of the Eyeshadows

Close-up of the smaller compact.

So housed within the smaller compact is one of my favorite blushes. It’s a tiny strip of nothing (the same size as the two shadows put together) that’s so narrow that it’s pretty difficult to use as a blush, but it’s worth the trouble as it’s this silky smooth, pigmented peachy coral shade with gold shimmer that’s exactly what I wanted and expected Nars Orgasm to be (only Orgasm disappointed me).

Are you a Majolica Majorca fan? Check out my Majolica Majorca mascara revew, my first mascara review ever! 🙂

MAC Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner Swatches on Lips (Popster & Pink Fish)

February 9, 2009
MAC Hello Kitty Lip Conditioners in Popster (left) & Pink Fish (right) ($14.50)

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The packaging on these is so cute! I’ll definitely be taking Deb‘s suggestion and re-using these Hello Kitty printed tubs!

Popster & Pink Fish

While I must admit that MAC’s Hello Kitty collection has turned out to be quite the stunner, for me the stand-out items have been the tinted lip conditioners–they’re both very beautiful and amongst the most pigmented products in the entire collection. I’ll skip the color descriptions since you can check them out (along with reviews and swatches of all of Hello Kitty) in THIS POST but suffice it to say that you should definitely check these out!

MissTiss had inquired as to whether these have the same somewhat chemically taste (from the SPF) that the other TLC’s do, and unfortunately the answer is yes, but if you don’t mind the taste of these I highly recommend them.,

Popster Lip Swatch

Pink Fish Lip Swatch
(I think I need a back-up of this!)

MAC Hello Kitty Lipglasses Swatches on Lips (Nice Kitty & Mimmy)

February 9, 2009
MAC Hello Kitty Lipglasses in Mimmy (top) & Nice Kitty (bottom) ($14)

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Close-Up of Mimmy and Nice Kitty

Lip Shot of Nice Kitty

Here you go Cheburashka–just as promised! Sorry this took me so long! ❤

Super Close-Up of Nice Kitty on Lips

Mimmy on Lips

Super Close-Up of Mimmy on Lips

MAC Hello Kitty Launch Celebration @ Henri Bendel!

February 9, 2009
Henri Bendel to the right and center, Harry Winston on the right corner!

Some time back one of my readers had asked if I could post photos of Bendel, Saks, Bergdorf, etc. since she lives overseas and had never seen them before–and I know I’ve purchased photos of Bendel’s windows before but I figured I’d post these Henri Bendel Hello Kitty event photos! I stopped by Bendel the day after I picked up my Hello Kitty haul from Saks to pick up a few additional accessories, and saw that they had a full-on Kitty celebration going on.

Check out my MAC Hello Kitty swatches and review HERE.

All the store’s window displays (not just the MAC area) had been transformed into a Hello Kitty wonderland!

Check out the Hello Kitty arch inside–isn’t is seriously cute? The store was PACKED! There were women getting Hello Kitty makeovers all throughout the front of the store, and MA’s giving Hello Kitty tattooes. I was so sad I didn’t have time to get one!

I was dying to snatch up one of the Hello Kitty dolls and a balloon or twenty but seriously had to run. I did take a second to have Kitty-Man pose for a quick shot though!

For Charlotte: China Glaze Nail Lacquer With Hardeners in Exceptionally Gifted

February 3, 2009

Please excuse the horrible photo–late night photos never turn out well for me, especially since the lighting is so off! But since you wanted to know the name of this polish, I figured I’d show you what it looks like on as well. The color’s actually not nearly as bright in person, not is it quite so pink–it’s much softer and prettier.

Thank Nicole for picking such a great pink for me! You definitely get my pink-obsession <3.