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Tarina Tarantino Mini Haul

March 10, 2010
 You all all know that I’m a huge sucker for anything and everything pink, so when the Sephora-exclusive Tarina Tarantino line launched at Sephora a few weeks back I had to haul an item or two to review for the blog.  I swatched away at the store, and while I wasn’t too wowed by the liners (smudgy) and shadows (a little boring), I did happen to fall in love with the TARINA TARANTINO Pearl Glow Primer ($32), a quick-to-absorb, lightweight primer that contains actual pearl powder to give your complexion a luminscent glow, and the TARINA TARANTINO Dollskin Cheek Feather ($25).  The Dollskin Cheek blushes were all beautifully pigmented, finely milled powders that for me were the stars of the line, along with the primer.  
More photos after the jump!

If you’ve already got a Tarina Tarantino counter near you (and you’ve seen the Sephora employees dressed up in horrible hot pink wigs that look nothing like the glorious one featured on the model above) definitely run to check out the line.  I’m seriously tempted to go back for the Dollskin blushes in Charm and Parasol (the shimmer is multi-dimensional and really lust-worthy) and to maybe get a backup of the primer I love it so much.  I’ll be reviewing both for you soon!

Sephora V.I.B. Event Haul

November 21, 2009

Happy Friday everyone! Sadly I’ll be working the weekend but I hope that you all will have nice, relaxing Saturdays and Sundays.

So last weekend Sephora had their V.I.B. 20% off shopping event, and I figured it was about time to pick up a few more items to review on the blog. I picked up Smashbox’s new Halo eyeshadow duo, Clinique’s Superbalanced Powder Makeup (requested by a reader and I do aim to please here at ABS), and Cover FX’s SkinPrep primer (it was only $8 and of course they stacked them by the register to tempt me – I couldn’t resist). Plus I got this great clutch full of samples in addition to my 20% off.

Check out the contents of my clutch after the jump!

Guerlain ‘Imperial Holiday’ Goodies!

October 23, 2009

Look what arrived on my doorstep today ~ some holiday 2009 Guerlain ‘Imperial Holiday’ pieces for me to share with you! I’ve been itching to play with everything, but I’m begin a good little blogger and waiting to photograph everything before sticking my fingers into everything.

So what did I get? Meteorites Perles Imperiales (of course!), Ombre Eclat 4 Couleurs in #407 Bal de Minuit, KissKiss Gloss in #80 Perle de Lune and Rouge G de Guerlain in #11 Grace. So excited to play with it all, and of course to put together some fabulous FOTD’s for you to draw inspiration from. Review/swatches/looks to come in the next few days!

A Glimpse Inside the Jill Stuart Boutique & My Haul

October 3, 2009
The Jill Stuart ‘counter’ at the boutique in SoHo.

I know many of you have been dying to see and hear about the Jill Stuart Cosmetics currently available at the Soho Greene Street JS boutique, so here I am bringing you all the info!

Upon stepping into the boutique I seriously had the hardest time finding the cosmetics ‘counter.’ Took a brief glimpse upstairs and no luck, so I headed downstairs and again no luck. I ventured back upstairs, feeling a little silly, and saw this tiny little glass display case standing next to the register – and there stood the entirety of the US Jill Stuart release!

So what have they got? 2 types of glosses, lipsticks, eye jellies (you know from my review that I love these), mix blush compacts, eyeshadow palettes, a mascara and fragrance. I was so disappointed to see that they weren’t carrying any of the loose powder blushes or powders that come in the most gorgeous pots (check my Jill Stuart powder review to see more photos), nor were they carrying any skincare like the yummy smelling cleansing oil.

They did have a few testers, although everything was literally dumped into a small box behind the register that you had to dig through. That’s not to say I didn’t come home with a few goodies though ~ and I do plan to go back for more!

Check out close-up shots of my haul and hear about the prices after the jump!

I picked up a Mix Blush Compact not because I was particularly wowed by the colors, but more because it was just too gorgeous to resist! I loved the surprisingly soft little blush brush attached by a delicate chain to the compact, and of course the compact itself was pretty irresistible to begin with. The prices for all this beauty? $48. I cringed a little at the price but I can live with it!

I also picked up a Jelly Eye Color for $24. It seems that Jill Stuart has changed the packaging on these and they’re not cuter than ever! This was definitely one of the more reasonably priced items of the bunch.

And I almost missed this as they didn’t have it on display – a Jill Stuart mascara to call my very own! So this cost me a whopping $32 which really pained me, but I just couldn’t resist – it’s got the coolest looking applicator!

Reviews and close-up photos of the interiors of everything to come (you’ll just have to wait! =P) soon ~ everything is just as spectacular on the inside as they are on the outside. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Sephora Samples and a Mascara Rave!

October 2, 2009

The nice UPS man dropped off a small Sephora box yesterday, and along with the Stila Barbie palette for my giveaway and a few other items I got to give as gifts were these fabulous samples! I chose the new Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Foundation SPF 20, Lancome Genefique, and Clinique SuperFit.

I also redeemed my 500 points for the Kat von D palette (more on this at a later date – I’ve got reviews and swatches for you, but if you’re contemplating it you may not want to waste your points as I was really disappointed) and then another 100 points for Clinique’s High Impact Mascara.

But the highlight of all these fun samples was by far the BareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara which I got by using code: BEFLAWLESS at checkout. I was expecting this to be decent but not any better than Buxom Lash, but (at least based upon my first impressions) this stuff is pretty awesome! I won’t say anything else until I’ve given Flawless Definition more testing, but if you’re planning to place a Sephora order anytime soon be sure to get your deluxe sample!

Mini China Glaze Haul: OMG, IDK, 2NITE

October 2, 2009
China Glaze Polishes in OMG, IDK and 2NITE

I’ve had these China Glaze polishes on my “want it” list pretty much since they were released but could never find them until Nicole pointed me towards ~ I was a little afraid to order from them but she’d had success with them in the past and had heard only good things, so I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier.

My polishes arrived within 2 days of ordering via FedEx (shipping was pretty expensive so I was glad that it was at least fast) and my polishes are even more beautiful than they looked online, so I’ve got no complaints.

Look at that gorgeous holo shine!

Close-up of OMG. I actually got two of these ~ one for me, one for a friend.

Close-up of IDK.

Close up of 2NITE.

I’ve heard that these holographic China Glaze polishes work fantastically well with the Konad, so expect a bunch of cool holo Konad looks comings your way in the near future!

MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics Mini Haul w/ Reviews & Swatches!

August 26, 2009

I’ve been attempting to stay as far away from MAC as I can get, as every time I step foot in a MAC store I seem to walk away with a bunch of things I hadn’t intended to buy, but last night I decided to indulge in a little MAC-therapy, mostly because I really wanted to check out the MAC Make-Art Cosmetics As Seen By Maira Kalman collection. I really loved how whimsical and fun all her shades were!

I came home with Crest the Wave eyeshadow (a shimmery yellow the color of sunshine) and Colour Matter Technakohl liner (a bright lime shade that’s already sold out online and pretty much sold out in stores as well) from the As Seen by Maira Kalman line and a lipglass in Peresonal Taste (a dirty pinky rose with pink and gold shimmer – heavy on the shimmer) from the As Seen by Richard Phillips collection.

Review, swatches, and close-ups of everything below!

I’ve been looking for that perfect yellow for a long time, and hopefully I’ve found it in Crest the Wave. It has a beautiful satiny texture, nice pigmentation and shimmer, and really brightens my eye area.

Close-up of Crest the Wave in the pan (this one I definitely recommend clicking to enlarge – it’s beautiful up close!).

This is my first MAC Technakohl Liner and definitely my first lime green eyeliner. They didn’t even have the tester of this out anymore, but I decided to give it a shot since this was one of the last two Colour Matters my MAC store had and my SA promised I’d love it. I wasn’t fully expecting to like it, nor was I expecting it to be as wearable as it is. Who knew that lime green liner is actually pretty easy to pull off? It’s not fluorescent/super bright but rather gives the eyes a nice bright yet not too crazy pop of color. Love this for my waterline.

Close-up of Technakohl Liner in Colour Matters.

I had absolutely no intention of picking up anything else, but then I had a sudden urge to purchase a gloss, which is how this happened =X. Not that I’m complaining, since Personal Taste is different enough from the other glosses I own that I can justify the purchase. It’s a soft rose shade interspersed with copious shimmer that’s beautiful on its own for a soft shimmery lip (it’s a little paler than my natural lip color so tones everything down a bit) or over a pink lipstick for an extra burst of shimmer. Regardless of how you choose to use this shade, under the right lighting the multi-dimensional shimmer will really captivate you.

Swatches: Crest the Wave (top left), Colour Matters (top right), Personal Taste (bottom)

Have you picked up anything from the trio of MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics releases?

Three Free Zoya Polishes

August 20, 2009

After what felt like forever, my three free Zoya polishes (that I got as part of their 5000 Twitter followers promotion) arrived a few nights ago. I picked up Malia (top), Barbie (middle), and Zara (bottom).

Zoya Malia is a light purple/lavender cream that’s got a slight cloudy gray tinge to it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and opaque in just one coat – just the way I like it! Absolutely gorgeous.

Zoya Barbie is a bright barbie pink (this photos doesn’t capture the brightness) with some barely there hot pink shimmer.

And Zoya Zara, which has been on my wishlist for months now, is a lavender/purple shade with copious amounts of gold glitter. Amazing when the sun hits it just so.

I’ll be posting photos of all of these polishes on nails at some point so stay tuned!

Sephora Haul w/ TEMPTU, Illamasqua and Lots More!

August 6, 2009

I know many of you have been as excited about my Sephora haul as I’ve been, so here it is at last! UPS has this terrible habit of just dumping my packages on my front porch in plain sight of the street rather than off to one side, so you can believe that I was suffering some minor anxiety wondering if this would still be there when I got home.

Inside my package was:

  • TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System
  • TEMPTU foundation pods (2)
  • TEMPTU blush pod
  • TEMPTU highlighter pod
  • Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Smog
  • Illamasqua gloss in Indulge
  • Illamasqua polish in Lament
  • Urban Decay Brightening Primer
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara
  • Givenchy Phenomen’eyes Effet Extention mascara
  • And my bag of five samples!

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Indulge and Polish in Lament

So per the usual I’ll be reviewing everything individually with tons of photos for you to enjoy, but I just wanted to quickly note that Illamasqua has far exceeded my expectations (which actually weren’t that high)! The nailpolish is beautifully pigmented and opaque and dries quickly to a beautiful finish. Plus the square bottle shape is really comfortable to hold when applying your polish.

I was a little afraid to order the Intense Lipgloss as Indulge is essentially a hot neon pink, but these are seriously amazing and I’d definitely recommend checking them out. They’re super pigmented so you only need the tiniest dab, and leave a stain of color on your lips so that you have some residual color even after the gloss itself is long gone.

And what I know a lot of you have been waiting for — the TEMPTU stuff! I love this photo of all the TEMPTU pods out of their boxes. From left to right you have the foundation pod, blush pod, and highlighter pod. I was running late to work this morning (had to be in by 8a.m. to get some work done but I overslept but a little) but I managed to quickly throw together the TEMPTU device because I just had to tell you at least a little something about it today, and I love it! It’s like my SK-II Air Touch Foundatin on steroids! The foundation is wearing incredibly well, and all in all I can tentatively say that I’m happy with my purchase. More details on this to come — no worries you’ll be hearing more then you probably ever wanted to about TEMPTU in the coming days!

So what do you think of my Sephora haul? Have you tried any of these items for yourself?

ABS Shops Nordstrom’s Beauty Exclusives!

July 20, 2009

You’ll be getting more in-depth info on the products in upcoming posts, but here’s my tiny restrained haul!

So here’s my favorite purchase of this year: Lancome’s ‘Declaring Indigo’ Brush Set (see it on Nordstrom’s site HERE). I’ll be posting a review on these tomorrow or so but let me just say that if you haven’t already, you need to get your hands on these! Not only are they simply stunning, but they’re also an amazing value, exceedingly soft and plush, and just so much fun to own.

Plus it didn’t hurt that my purchase qualiied my for a great gift with purchase (GWP). I chose the indigo tote to go with my new indigo brushes and was delighted to see that the set included a Color Fever Shine lipstick in Pink to the Club (you get a choice of two shades), a bright pink that’s heavy on the golden flecks, which I’ve actually been meaning to purchase.

Can you believe I only made two purchases during this year’s Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives event? But that’s pretty much all my wallet would permit, and I’m proud that all of my purchases were relatively practical ones.

Purchase #2 was Clarins’ UV Plus Day Screen SPF 40 Double Edition (see it on Nordstrom’s site HERE) which I raved about on the blog HERE. This is seriously my HG sunscreen and it’s one amazing product that I don’t think that I can be without.

And lucky for me there was yet another GWP! While you technically have to purchase two separate Clarins products to receive this gift, the salesgirl was sweet enough to let me get away with just puchasing the UV Plus duo. How amazing is this set? I can’t believe that it was free!

I’ve already taken a bunch of rather beautiful close-ups of the Lancome brushes so you can expect those to be up Tuesday (hey a little suspense is good for you!) but in the meantime I’ll be posting a bunch of swatches that I know you’re going to love!