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Testing Out the New Flip

December 30, 2009

I haven’t had the chance to put together any cosmetics-related videos using the Flip just yet, but I took a few seconds last night to play around with my new toy (one of my fab Christmas gifts) so you get a quick video of Chloe, our unofficial blog mascot!

Quick Video Review of Lancome Oscillation PowerFoundation

October 31, 2009

Again with text review and lots of photos to come at some point in the coming week! I’m just doing a quick YouTube experiment to see if I actually do like it (and to see if you guys actually want videos since honestly at this point I’m not a big fan) – I seem to be losing my voice though which stinks!

Quick Video Review of Guerlain Perles Imperiales Holiday 2009 Meteorites

October 31, 2009
I’ll be updating tomorrow with a text review and some gorgeous close-up shots of the Guerlain’s 2009 Holiday ‘Perles Imperiales’ Meteorites, but I thought you might enjoy a quick video in the interim. It’s my first on YouTube so be gentle!

Caron Poudre Libre Classique Review and a Video!

October 23, 2008
Caron La Poudre Libre Classique in Gitane ($45)

Everything that comes in that magical little box.

Years ago, Caron invented a unique world-class manufacturing process for its powders. Natural ingredients are ground, blended and sifted several times to achieve an outstandingly fine, lightweight texture. Developed in a state-of-the-art workshop, Caron face powder is recommended by dermatologists, chosen by the most discerning women and used by professional make-up artists for its long-lasting effects. It is sweetly scented with the fragrance of natural Bulgarian Rose, distilled by the in-house perfumer.

“Classic,” the formula that gave Caron face powder its legendary reputation, provides excellent coverage and a unifying, mattifying finish for normal or combination skin. It is ideal fora sophisticated, natural “powdered” look.

Such a lovely sifter…clumps begone!

For reference I’m MAC NW 15-20ish, and Gitane works rather perfectly for my skintone. After typing up that little blurb above for you guys I feel like there’s nothing really left for me to say about this powder! It’s beautifully finely milled and oh so light, and no matter how much of this stuff I apply to my face I can hardly tell that it’s there.

While this powder can be used similarly to a mineral foundation since it can provide anywhere from light to medium coverage, I still prefer to use Gitane as a finishing powder simply because I love the look of a flawless complexion and I have stubborn redness in my cheeks. And Gitane really does work wonders for making my skin look absolutely perfect-even, smooth, and soft. Plus after powdering up with my Caron products, I smell great to boot!

I will say that for those of you with very very dry complexions, Caron’s classic formulations may dry your skin out a tad as they are “powdery,” but their Translucent formulas would probably be perfect for you!

So rather than go into a long spiel about how this stuff is meant to be applied using Caron’s swansdown puff (Diane kindly explained the whole process to me multiple times), I’ve made a (not so great) video showing the whole process. Please don’t laugh this is the first time I’ve attempted to edit a video, and I did the best that I could!

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