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Thierry Mugler Beauty Now Available at Saks

July 22, 2008

Products I’m interested in so far:

Thierry Mugler Lip Lacker (Plexi Gloss)-$40
This gloss creates a holographic effect on the lips, and for a little something different, has a flexible spatula-like applicator (more common to Japanese glosses than our American ones).

Thierry Mugler Face Perfecting Mask-$140
I think I just want this because it comes with the cute little applicator brush! From the looks of it it seem s to be some sort of overnight treatment.

Thierry Mugler Vinyl Gloss for Eye Lashes-$49
A “vinyl gloss” for the lashes that can be worn over mascara or on its own. Based on what I’ve heard, this doesn’t come with a mascara wand, but rather has a brush applicator much like the ones that come with liquid liner. I’m interesting in trying this out just for the novelty factor.

Overall the collection seems very modern and innovative but whether they live up to their prices remains to be seen. I’m curious to see whether the Cooling Effect Concealer has any affect on my redness, how the Vinyl Gloss works, and of course to play with the spatula-applicator of the Plexi Gloss. Sadly, the prices are a little high for my wallet ($40 for gloss, $45 for concealer, etc.) so we’ll have to see if they really wow me when I have a chance to make it down to Saks.

Have you seen Thierry Mugler Beauty at your local Saks counters? Had a chance to try the products? Please share!!