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Guinot Crème Red Logic – My Miracle Product?

August 27, 2009

So a few weeks ago I arrived home to find a mysterious little envelope awaiting me on my kitchen counter. In it I found a little clear sample pot cradling a dab of what looked to be mint green putty. Ever curious, I dug through the remnants of the now torn envelope and found a slip of paper which disclosed that the mysterious green substance (which my mother swore was some type of dangerous substance LOL) Guinot’s new Crème Red Logic, meant to reduce the appearance of redness ad irritation on the skin.

I’m always highly skeptical when it comes to brands that I’ve never heard of. Nevertheless I gave this a shot as I’m always looking for that miracle product that will cure the redness on my skin, and honestly I’m in awe. I used waaaay too much of the cream that first night and basically looked like a shiny ball of wax, but awoke the next morning to find a noticeable reduction in redness. For the next few nights I used this exclusively on my cheeks (I’ve been told I have minor rosacea) and even the SO noticed a difference – my redness was reduced to the point that I no longer had to pile on the foundation. I stopped using Crème Red Logic once my sample ran out and the redness slowly began to return, but for those few days I was seriously in heaven.

Two of the primary reasons people experience facial redness are (1) a thin and delicate epidermis, and (2) sensitized blood capillaries. When I get flushed/flustered/warm, my face turns an unpleasant shade of tomato red and gets very very hot, so anything that helps even a little is much appreciated. Crème Red Logic contains aloe vera to moisturize, calendula to soothe and comfort, a Guinot complex called Veinoderm to promote microcirculation and Arnica Extract to reduce redness.

The green tint of the cream does contribute a little to the redness reduction factor, but honestly to me this product is simply the stuff of my dreams as I noticed a dramatic reduction in redness even after I’ve washed the cream off, and although it’s a little thick/oily for my liking, I couldn’t care less given the results I was able to achieve with it.

Guinot’s Crème Red Logic launched this month in spas/salons nationwide (you can check out to find a location near you), and at $40 a tube I definitely plan to pick one up for myself!