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Royally Pissed Off at Bliss at the Moment

January 9, 2009

So remember how I was going on and on about how excited I was that Remede was on sale at Bliss (in this post) and that I’d purchased a bunch of items? So I placed three orders on January 30th. The first order was 2 eye creams and a face mask for SO’s mother, which arrived January 31st. The second order, which I placed all of 30 minutes later, was for an eye cream and 2 face products; and the third order, placed 5 minutes after the second (I decided I wanted another eye cream).

So the next day I see that Bliss has a 25% off promotion going on but I suck it up and deal since I’m getting the products at a good discount and I’m excited to receive them. I wait and wait–no sign of the packages. I repeatedly check my order status online–nothing. So I call Bliss customer service on January 5th and speak to customer service rep who apparently blatantly lied to me and told me that my package had been packed up that day and would be shipping out that day–some lame excuse about how the mask I’d ordered had been out of stock and had just come back in stock. She assured me that both packages would be shipping out that day.

Last night I get an e-mail from Bliss letting me know that my first package has shipped finally out–but I check the invoice and see that I’ve only been charged for 2 items intead of three. Mind you this is a full week and a half after I placed my order! I call customer service and they tell me “Oh we’re sorry the eye creams sold out, so you won’t be receiving them. We’re notifying people in the sequence that orders were placed so you should be receiving your notification eventually.” Excuse me? It’s been 10 freaking days!!! How long does it take to send an e-mail? And how do you not know that something has been out of stock for ten days?

I’ve had issues with Bliss’s shipping and processing time before, but this is the last straw–incompetence, outright lying, and horrible customer service are huge no-no’s in my book. You can believe that I’ll never be shopping with Bliss again!

Remede Blowout Sale at Bliss!

December 30, 2008

Bliss’s Laboratoire Remede comes at the perfect time since I only yesterday launched my search for that perfect eye cream. Remede’s High Energy Eye Contour has been at the top of “must try” list for some time now, but for one reason or another I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet, and now I’m glad that I waited since it’s marked down from $98 to only $39!

Remede High Energy Eye Contour ($39 from $98)
A wake-up call for tired eyes everywhere, this ingenious mix of high-tech and sea-sourced energizing extracts includes 24-hour hydrators, micro-collagen, anti-wrinkle molecules and — attention all puffy eyed Pams, Paulas, and Peters — Caffeine, which not only acts as a diuretic (for flushing out excessive under-eye fluid) but has been proven to trigger lipolysis (to melt down frustrating under-eye fat pockets). Hey, it works on thighs. Why not try it on eyes?

I picked up two for me since this gets nothing but fabulous reviews and I’m confident that I’ll like it, and two for SO’s mother since she’s currently on the hunt for a new eye cream.

Remede Alchemy Line Minimizing Mask ($26 from $65)
Armed to the teeth with advanced antioxidants, this 10-minute mask is mandatory for anyone over 35 or skin that’s regularly stressed, sunned, sapped by travel or subjected to city life. True to its name, it lessens the look of lines, and helps brighten instantly and over time, hydrate, plump and re-energizie skin.

Picked up two of these–one for mommy, one for SO’s mother. They can both use all the moisture they can get!

Remede Post-Peel Skin-Calming Balm ($16 from $42)
A deep-penetrating plant-based soothing formula with aloe, bisabolol, panthenol, shea butter, sodium hyaluronate and willowherb extract, that instantly calms and conditions skin sensitized by peels, microdermabrasion, regular use of retin-A, or repeated bouts of rosacea. A winter weather ‘must’ for those who participate in more ‘serious’ skincare.

And last but not least I got one of these for my mom to use after her weekly at-home microdermabrasion treatments. She used to use a set from Prescriptives that came with some type of after-treatment lipid cream, but has since stopped repurchasing so I think this will serve as a very nice alternative.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask

July 21, 2008


With all the stress of the upcoming bar, lack of sleep, and taking care of an orphaned bird (more on this later), my undereyes could definitely use some de-compressing and these Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Masks ($54 for four) seem like they’d do the trick. Now if only I had the time to actually go out and get these, I’d be set!

Have you ever gotten the Oxygen Facial from Bliss? That’d be a no for me since I’m still a poor student (well at least I was until a few months ago-now I’m just poor), but I’ve heard amazing things about it. I had, however, tried Bliss’ Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask ($52) and found it to be nice but nothing amazing. It supposedly mimics the effects of Bliss’ famous Oxygen Facial-call me skeptical but how can a five minute mask mimic the effects of a much longer (and more expensive) facial?

The mask does leave my skin super-soft and with a nice glow, but for some reason I just haven’t been wowed by it (and I’ve had it pretty much since it’s release). We’ll have to wait and see if it ever really grows on me!