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Kate Somerville Micro-Glycolic Polisher

July 16, 2008

Kate Somerville Micro-Glycolic Polisher-$90
Yet another Nordstrom-exclusive to tempt me!

“Peel away the years with this Kate Somerville Clinic favorite: a professional-strength treatment peel that resurfaces and restores skin.

– Dual-acting glycolic and lactic acid work together to promote surface cell turnover, gently and effectively.
– Enriched with complex anti-aging ingredients to promote a youthful glow.
– Long revered by the ancient Egyptians for its therapeutic properties, blue lotus extract delivers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to calm skin and fight against free-radical damage.”

I’m a big fan of Natura Bisse’s Glyo-Peeling 50% ($170) so if this product is anything like it, it’d be a great cheaper alternative!