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It’s Snowing!

December 20, 2009

There is currently an honest-to goodness snowstorm raging outside my bedroom window, and having waded through at least a good 5 inches of snow while wearing 4 inch heels (not the smartest idea I know!), I can attest to the fact that it’s pretty darn cold outside! Nights like this make me think of sipping hot cocoa in front of a warm fireplace, and of course, festive holiday makeup.

So how’s your weekend been treating you thus far? I spent 11 hours Christmas shopping – can you believe it?! Of course some of that involved playing with makeup (it’s a hard task but somebody’s gotta do it =P) and I took a quick moment to test out Armani’s new Rouge D’Armani’s, which in a word are FABULOUS! It boasts 8-hour wear time and is just a gorgeous gorgeous formula ~ non-drying, long-wearing, pigmented, creamy, amazingly packaged.

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Vogue editors chose Rouge d’Armani in shade #600 selected as a favorite, while Harper’s Bazaar declared Rouge d’Armani #500 a “must-have” – which is why I’ve ordered it for myself using my Saks Mystery Money. It was all of $20 this year, but that still meant I only had to pay $12 and change for my new lipstick, which I haven’t even swatched. Hopefully I love the shade!

Celebs who’ve been spotted in Rouge d’Armani include Rihanna (shade #401) and Kerry Washington (#100).

From what I remember, shade #503 was my favorite, but sadly it was sold out at Nordstrom and not available on the Saks site. I hope to get my hands on it soon though!

Get The Look: Leighton Meester’s Red Lips

December 2, 2009

You all know I’m a big fan of L’Oreal’s Infallible Plumping Lipglosses, and apparently so is Leighton Meester! According to the multi-talented starlet, “L’Oreal Paris Infallible Plumping Lipgloss in Plumped Red gives me that extra little color boost when I really want my lips to pop.” The Infallible Gloss formula contains a patent-pending shine polymer that creates a long-lasting, supple film of color on top of lips to give you color and shine that lasts for hours on end.

Don’t remember my review of these? Check out the original post and swatches (including Plumped Red) and be sure to head over to your local drugstore to test them out for yourself!