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Fun Things On Sasa

January 21, 2009
Kokuryudo PRIVACY UV Face Mist SFP28 PA++ ($9.30)
Unlike other sticky-textured UV care products, KOKURYUDO Privacy UV Face Mist SFP28 PA++ is so refreshing that it does not leave any trace to skin. Instead, it mists with pleasant sensation. ”UV Cut” particles block harmful UV rays while Hibiscus extract and Ectoin prevent moisture loss under sun light.

Curious about this? No need to beg me to review it for you since it’s on its way to me as we speak! Hopefully it arrives sooner rather than later since I seem to be having the first luck with online orders as of late.

B&C Love Clover Popchu Gloss ($10.60)

B&C Love Clover Popchu Gloss ($10.60)
B&C Love Clover Popchu Gloss contains royal jelly essence and collagen that nourish the delicate texture of lips. With a “pop-candy” design, the lip gloss is a must-have make-up item for young girls.

Who doesn’t love a gloss in lollipop form? This makes such a cute goody-bag gift!

Who Knew?

January 14, 2009
Mario Badescu Neige Care O3 Magnetic Facial Device ($64.50)
Mario Badescu Neige Care O3 Magnetic Facial Device decomposes oxygen in the air and obtains O3. O3 has a strong sterilizing effect on germs and bacteria.It reduces inflammation and balances the pH value of your skin to prevent acnes. It also provides deep skin cleansing and oxygenates for revitalization.

Who knew that Mario Badescu made such cool skincare gadgets? I don’t believe that these are marketed to the MB’s US audience although I really don’t see why not since the Neige Care O3 Magnetic Facial Device looks to be an affordable alternative to the Zeno. I really wish cosmetics companies would give us as many cool products as the Asian shoppers seem to get!

Brightening Rejuvenating Facial Set ($181)

There isn’t much of a description as to what exactly this is, but I’m assuming it’s not the glorified electric razor that it looks to be! All those little buttons sure do look complicated though.

ABS Wants: So Many Things From Sasa!

January 5, 2009

I’ve never heard of Innisfree, but their Oil Free BB Mousse SPF 30 ($14.90) and Oil Free BB Concealer ($12.70) caught my eye while I was browing Sasa and are now at the top of my wishlist.


I’m a sucker for packaging and this is the only BB cream I’ve seen that comes in a spray canister. The BB cream contains botanical nutrients and essence from organic plants to correct various problematic skin types–you can expect that I’ll be reviewing this at some point since I’m finding it ridiculously hard to resist!



Shiseido FITIT also has an assortment of cute-looking mascaras up on Sasa that are in the $10ish range. One of the them is a mascara base, and since it is by Shiseido it has me wondering how it compares to their $22 Shiseido “The Makeup” Mascara Base.


One of my giveaway entrants mentioned that they had Elisha Coy’s Always Nuddy BB Cream ($30.80) on their wishlist, and now it’s on mine as well! From what I’ve heard, it dries to a powdery consistesncy, making it better suited for oilier complexions, and like every other BB cream promises whitening, brightening, and an all-around improved complexion.


And finally I’ve got my eye on CLIO’s Shimmer Glosses which are a bargain at $9.50 each. They seriously impressed me with this absolutely stunning blush, and so I’m interested in trying out their other products to see if they can live up to their predecessors.

Clio Professional Art Blusher in #2 Pink: Review and Swatches

July 23, 2008
Clio Professional Art Blusher in #2-$20.80

Click here for a little background info on Clio Professional.


Clio’s Art Blusher was part of my Sasa order from awhile back, and while it’s gorgeous it just hasn’t been receiving the attention it deserves with my crazy schedule lately!

First things first-as always the packaging is beautiful, but like their eyeshadow kit, relatively clunky and thick (not ideal for traveling). Also, the closure isn’t as secure as it would like, since it (at least mine) doesn’t pop into place-it’s more of a weak snap that’s likely to open on its own at any moment.

After my experience with the horrible brushes included with the Bourjois blushes (click here to read more) I was expecting much of the same from Clio’s, but it’s surprisingly soft and usable. I don’t like to apply blush using a half-moon brush because it’s not accurate enough, but if I did I’d definitely use the included brush.

On a side note, Clio’s Art Blushers remind me a lot of MAC’s Mineralize Blushes from Sonic Chic but prettier and more pigmented!


Like most of Clio’s products, this is baked for 24 hours resulting in a supremely pigmented product that glides on beautifully. The surface of #2 Pink is a strawberry pink marbled/veined all over with touches of white, bronzey gold, and a deep maroon/rose shade. They all swirl together to form a gorgeous pink/rose shade that has an iridescent quality to it. While the result isn’t glittery, it does impart a certain luminous quality that I know some people don’t like (it’s not matte). I personally LOVE it! My only difficulty has been the fact that it’s sooo pigmented-I end up with way too much blush on half the time (using my MAC 187). But when I get it right it’s gorgeous!


What would you pair this with? Think you would use it? Tell me in the comments!

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