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Bare Escentuals Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick + Lip Shot

July 28, 2009
Bare Escentuals Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick ($18)
Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick works three full-time jobs—it defines the shape of lips like a liner, fills them in with creamy velvet color, and then plumps them to their full buxom potential. It’s a three-in-one lipstick that’s quick and convenient for defined, colorful, buxom lips anytime, anywhere.

Swatches (left to right): Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo

After having viewed this online I figured Bare Escentuals’ Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick would be an emaciated looking skinny little thing, so imagine my surprise when I was greeted by the sight of this big, fat, pencil the size of a small Sharpie! Sadly my Sephora only had these three shades in stock, but other than Milan these look to be the prettiest of the bunch so I guess I’ll survive.

  • Brooklyn is a harvest fig shade – a mauvey berry color with slight brown undertones. Not my usual type of shade and probably not something I’d purchase.
  • Las Vegas is my favorite of the bunch – a vibrant, milky medium pink that’s totally me.
  • Monte Carlo is a bright, hot magenta that’s much brighter than the lippies I’d usually go for, but the shade has such a beautiful clearness to it, if that makes any sense, that I actually found myself drawn to it. A seriously gorgeous hot pink!

Lip Swatch of Las Vegas

So the verdict? I’m absolutely loving these BE Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Sticks – they’re like fun, creamy crayons for your lips! They’re pigmented, long-lasting and provide some gorgeous color pay-off, plus they also create this fun minty/tingling sensation (I guess that’s the plumping part) on your lips akin to that of BE’s Buxom Glosses. The Big & Healthy pencils are semi-matte since they are meant to be usable as both lipstick and lipliner, so they’re gorgeous either worn on their own or coupled with a glossy lipstick or a gloss. The retractable pencil packaging makes these easy to travel with and great for touch-ups, and I’m thinking Las Vegas would make a great addition to my lippie collection!

Have you tried BE’s Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Sticks for yourself? Any thoughts?

Calling All Twilight Fans: Limited Edition Twilight Lip Venom V!

July 4, 2009
DuWop’s Twilight Lip Venom V ($16)

This special limited edition Lip Venom is a sneak preview of our highly anticipated Twilight Venom, debuting this Fall. Lip Venom V is not your typical DuWop venom. Instead of a gloss, Lip Venom V is a shimmering crimson lip stain suspended in a venom-laced liquid lip conditioner with a super potent bite (watch out!), and contains argan, avocado, olive oils and vitamin E.

This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds and applied repeatedly until lips are plumped, revitalized and the desired intensity of color has been reached.

Only a limited number of Lip Venom V have been produced. Vampires may live forever, but this offer won’t. Due to limited quantity and exclusivity of this offer, limit 2 per customer.

Despite the fact that I find much of the description to be incredibly cheesy and I happen to not really like DuWop’s Lip Venoms, the idea of a plumping lip stain does sound pretty clever to me, and being a massive Twilight fan I can’t seem to stop myself from wanting the limited edition Twilight Lip Venom.

Use US Weekly code: Venom54U at checkout (haven’t tried it myself) to receive 20% off your Twilight Venom order. Now if only I could get past the nearly $7 shipping fee!

Etude House Plumping Lip Tint Review & Swatches

May 26, 2009
Etude House Plumping Lip Tint in #1 Red
(6,500 won = approximately $5.25)

Colorful lip plumping tint supplies smooth moisture.

Directions: Twist to dispense. Use silicone tip to apply to lips. Apply extra layer for added volume.

I almost didn’t purchase Etude House’s Plumping Lip Tint while I was in Korea, but like so many times in life, managed to be talked into by the perky and oh-so-helpful salesgirl (she was really sweet! she followed me around the store fanning me because I was overheated) and it would’ve been a serious tragedy if I hadn’t, as it’s quickly become my favorite everyday gloss!

The main reason that I purchased this was for the packaging–the fat, stout tube of gloss just seemed so fun and different, and I adored the silicone-tipped applicator. Unlike other silicone/spatula-type applicators that I’ve tried, this one has the perfect amount of flexibility and give, making for perfect gloss application every time.

Top view of silicone spatula applicator.

The Applicator: I’ve raved about the benefits of a silicone-spatula applicator on the blog before, but I’m again to start again! A spatula applicator allows you to have much more control over the amount of gloss you pick up and apply initially to your slips, makes for smoother application as you just slick it on and there’s no fuzziness to absorb the gloss (meaning the gloss actually ends up on your lips), makes for even application, and ensures that you don’t end up with waaay too much gloss on your mouth making for unattractive goopiness.

Side view of the silicone applicator.

The Gloss: The gloss itself is also pretty rave-worthy in my opinion. It’s a light, not-too-thin yet not-too-sticky gel type gloss that has a pleasant bubblegum minty hybrid scent and flavor and imparts a refreshing cooling sensation to the lips when applied (with no stinging I promise!). I usually hate reds, but the shade is bright, clear, and simply beautiful–it makes my lips look lightly tinted (like I’m wearing a great lip stain with some clear gloss on top), and while there isn’t any major plumping action, my lips do look a bit fuller and poutier post-application.

Lip Swatches:

My sole regret is that I only purchased one of these fabulous little glosses, which are a serious bargain at $5 and change. If I were back in Korea, I think I’d stockpile at least 5 of these in both shades (I think it also comes in pink), as I know this gloss would keep my lips pouty, moisturized, refreshingly cool and beautifully tinted throughout the sweltering summer months.