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Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer Review & Swatches

March 8, 2010
Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer ($70)

The Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer has been on my lust-list for the longest time, but $70 for a mere 0.17 ounces of product can be a little hard to stomach. Lucky for me, I’ve got wonderful friends like Nicole who send me products like this for Christmas.

Cle de Peau Beaute’s Concealer is a makeup-artist and celebrity favorite and one highly editorialized product – it’s an In Style Award winner and it’s nearly impossible to miss it being featured in various magazines. And while I’m not usually one to buy into product hype (nor was I much of a concealer user in the past), this concealer has made a believer out of me. Check out the rest of the review and additional photos after the jump!

Packaging: While nothing spectacular, the minimalistic sleek black tube accented with Cle de Peau’s logo and capped with q gemstone-like blue accent is extremely portable (I was a little shocked by just how small this was for $70 – I guess I was expecting something more along the lines of a stick foundation) although it can tend to get lost amongst my glosses and lipsticks. It’s chic and simple – nothing gaudy or ostentatious here!

The Formula: So we’re finally getting to what I absolutely love about this product – the formula. Looking at it initially, I was worried about dryness and skin drag, but Cle de Peau’s Concealer is wonderfully creamy and really blends like a dream as long as you’ve moisturized well underneath. The pigmentation is pretty fantastic, meaning a little really goes a very long way and you won’t need to layer and layer to achieve the coverage that you desire, and what’s really fantastic is that this works for both the undereye area (no nasty creeping or crepiness) and the rest of your face. I use mine to conceal dark circles, blemishes, redness in my cheeks, and pretty much anything and everything else.

Other than the price there’s very little not to love about this product, but I should warn that if your skin is very dry or you don’t moisturize really well, this can drag and look a little dry/chalky. However, it’s by far the best concealer that I’ve ever tried and I see myself using up all of my petite little stick.

Check out the swatches of Cle de Peau’s Concealer in shade Ivory below:

See isn’t the coverage just dreamy? I know that a $70 concealer really isn’t within a lot of people’s budgets, but if you’re like me and like to splurge on a beauty product every now and then, this one is really worth it. I love mine so much that I’ll even use it as an all-over foundation on occasion (I know I’m crazy and this is waaaaaay to expensive to use that way lol) when I’ve got nothing else in my purse.

Have you tried this yourself? Thoughts? I’m thinking I’d love to try La Mer’s new (rereleased) concealer at some point to compare since I’ve been hearing that it’s HG material.

This product was a gift from the always amazing Nicole – I’ve gotten to try so many incredible products thanks to her generosity and thoughtfulness!

A Belated Merry Christmas to You All!

December 29, 2009

Hey everyone! So I’m back from my little holiday hiatus (which really wasn’t much of a hiatus – I just couldn’t find the time to blog as work has been a madhouse) with some amazing new products and fun new ABS developments (including a big giveaway) coming your way very soon.

The lovely Nicole sent me the most amazing Christmas package and of course I had to share! She included:

  • Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon (seriously the most gorgeous red I’ve ever seen)
  • OPI DS Nail Lacquer in Reserve
  • Cle de Peau concealer (this has been on my wishlist for YEARS!)
  • Amore Pacific Clarifying Mask (smells yummy)
  • and a bunch of fun Hello Kitty goodies that really brighten up my office space

My other big Christmas gift came from the SO in the form of a Flip, which will finally enable me to post some (hopefully) great quality videos up on the ABS YouTube channel.

More photos (and details on my cute Flip skin) after the jump!

I’ve been lusting after the OPI Designer Series polishes since receiving DS Fantasy (photos here) and know that Reserve is going to be just as drool-worthy.

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laques have a wonderfully creamy formula and are amazingly long-wearing – I loved Ming (photo here) and Dragon is one of the most stunning reds I’ve ever seen and pretty much universally flattering. My dear friend Cathy gave it a shot last night and it looked stunning on her.

I love Amore’s Treatment Enzyme Peel and I now have this Clarifying Masque which leaves my face looking toned, smooth and radiant. And it doesn’t hurt that it smells delicious to boot.

Cle de Peau’s concealer has long been hailed as the holy grail of concealers, and thanks to Nicole’s generosity I finally have it in my hands. It’s painfully small for something that’s so painfully expensive, but I’ve been playing with it for the past few days and it’s definitely living up to the hype thus far.

And now for the Flip! 🙂 I’ve been wanting one for the longest time so that I could post some HD videos for you on YouTube (I’ve been thinking of doing videos of my favorite pink lipsticks, product reviews, demonstrations, swatches, etc.) and the SO was kind enough to oblige. I ordered myself a skin from DecalGirl and now I’m good to go!

How have the holidays been treating you? Share with me in the comments!

Cle de Peau Beaute Lip Gloss N (Brillant a Levres N) in 2 Review & Swatches

May 28, 2009
Cle de Peau Beaute Brillant a Levres N in #2 ($47)

Cle de Peau’s luxurious lip gloss formulation combines the drama and vibrance of gloss with enduring deep color. It contains the exclusive Cle de Peau Beaute advanced moisutirizing ingredient, Hydro-Wrap Complex, along with Argan Tree Oil for smooth application and wear.

Nicole sent me Cle de Peau’s Gloss N 2 as part of my wonderful birthday package (see the rest of it HERE). I’m quite the lucky girl as she also gifted me Cle de Peau’s absolutely gorgeous Touche de Rouge on a previous occasion (review and swatches HERE)–Nicole’s the best!

Shade 2 is a stunner; it’s everything I’d wished Laura Mercier’s Lip Glace in Bellini would be but wasn’t. It’s a peachy shade that reflects pink in certain angles (just barely) and it contains a heavy heavy dose of super fine gold shimmer throughout that makes for a dazzling effect.

Close Up of Applicator

The gloss is a little on the sticky side, but it’s only sticky enough to make it extreme long-wearing and doesn’t leave your lips feeling at all gummy or tacky–thanks in part to the uniquely angled applicator of the gloss. This applicator is longer and more angled than your conventional applicator, and it’s actually ideally shaped for slicking just a thin layer of gloss over your lips so that you end up with the perfect layer of gloss each and every time. And a sheer layer is all you need thanks to the beautiful vibrancy of the golden shimmer–any more would be overkill.

Swatch of Cle de Peau Beauty Gloss in 2
(Check out additional swatches HERE)

I’ve fallen asleep with this gloss on my lips and woken up after a good 6 hours of tossing and turning to still find remnants of gloss on my lips ~ gross I know, but a testament to the lasting power of Cle de Peau’s glosses. As an added bonus, the gloss is beautifully moisturizing and leaves my lips feeling soft and supple.

Lip Swatches of Shade 2:

Super close-up of the shimmer on lips.

While I’m not so in love with the $47 price tag on these, I think that I can live with it as I really don’t use much gloss each time I apply since with Cle de Peau’s glosses I never feel the need to apply layer after layer to build shimmer and shine–one thin coat is always more than enough. This Gloss N has become a warm-weather favorite for me and it’ll definitely be going into heavy rotation com Summer 2009!

Cle de Peau Le Natural Absolu Spring 2009 Collection

February 3, 2009

Eye Color Quad ($75)

Intensifying Cream Eyeliner ($60)
Saw this online on the Neiman site the other day and I’m dying to try it out!

Volume Mascara ($45)
Cle de Peau and mascara–obviously I need to try this!

Brilliant Enhancer ($62)
I’ve never tried YSL’s Touche Eclat as I’ve never been all that inclined to spend that much money on a concealer I won’t use, but I’d still love to try this. Mainly becaus eI love all things Cle de Peau.

Smoothing Base ($72)

Extra Silky Lipstick ($50)
I’m already a fan of these ultra-moisturizing glossy slim tubes of goodness–check out my review HERE. Also on my CDP wishlist are these glosses which I swatched recently.

Cle de Peau Beaute Lip Gloss Swatches

December 23, 2008

I’ve always been fascinated by Cle de Peau Beaute, in large part because of their rather exorbitant prices. When something costs an arm and a leg, you can’t help but wonder if the product is so expensive because it really is that great, or if you’re paying mostly for branding and exclusivity. While I’m still not sure if the products are worth their high price tags, I must admit that I’ve been impressed thus far. I happen to love their cleansing foam, cleansing cream, and Touche de Rouge lipsticks, and I see a gloss purchase in the very near future, although at around $50 a pop I should probably be running as far from a CDP counter as I can get!

I only swatched what looked to be the three prettiest glosses to me, but sadly the third one I swatched had the number rubbed off so I don’t know what shade t is. The first two are CDP glosses #2 and #3 respectively–I’m leaning towards #2 myself since I don’t own anything quite like it and I love all of the gorgeous gold running through it.

I may pick one up as an after-Christmas treat if somebody doesn’t smack some sense into me before then!

Cle de Peau Beaute Touche de Rouge Extra Silky Lipstick: Review and Swatches

November 21, 2008
Cle de Peau Touche de Rouge Extra Silky Lipstick in 108 ($50)

Say hello to what is quite easily one of my favorite lipstick formulas ever: Cle de Peau’s Touche de Rouge Extra Silky Lipsticks. These slim sticks of glossy color contain a superbly soft and gentle formula that seems to literally melt over your lips, leaving your lips not only looking soft and lusciuos but also supremely hydrated.

Formula: Touche de Rouge contains Cle de Peau’s advanced moisturizing ingredient, Hydro-Wrap Complex, along with Argan Tree Oil (I mentioned my Argan Oil lust here–who knew it was in my lipstick all along?) to keep your lips smoothed and soothed all day long. Like I mentioned, this is a soft lipstick but thanks to the packaging you don’t have to worry about breakage since you only click up the precise amount that you need to use. For such a glossy formula the Touche de Rouges are surprisingly long-lasting; I can wear mine for hours at a time and it continues to cling tenaciously to my lips.

Packaging: The packaging for this sleek little tube of magic has both its pros and cons. While I love the look of the subtely luxuriuos packaging consisting of a shimmery deep blue exterior and a beautiful gold topper, I’m not qute as fond of the “clicks up but not down” feature. The fact that it’s non-retractable means you need to be sure to not twist up too much (say to play with your lipstick when you first get it) as you’ll never get it go back down. One other element of the packaging I’m not crazy about is the fact that the cap doesn’t click into place. I haven’t had any problems with it coming loose in my purse just yet, but I get the feeling one of these days it will.

But this slim tube does have one ingenious little feature: there’s a small window near the tip of the lisptick that indicates how much glossy goodness you have left in the container. When the bottom of the product gets higher than the window, you have approximately two weeks’ supply left (when used three times a day according to the packaging) meaning time to restock soon!

Pigmentation: Shade 108 is a cool slightly rosy pink shade that really is the perfect soft pink lippie on me. Looking at the product in the tube I was worried that this wouldn’t show up at all on me (my issue with many pink lipsticks), but it actually has gorgeous pigmentation.

Verdict: While I do hate that I end up using 2-3 clicks of this product since it’s rather pricey and I want it to last as long as possible, I can safely say that I will definitely be purchasing more at some point in the future. Touche de Rouges are everything I want from a lipstick: they feel absolutely amazing on the lips (slightly glossy and ridiculously smooth), leave my lips feeling soft and hydrated upon removal, and have beautiful color pay-off. Thanks so much Nicole for sending me this as part of my fantastic Christmas package!!! ❤


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Cle de Peau Beaute Cleansing Cream (Creme Demaquillante) Review

September 18, 2008
Cle de Peau Cleansing Cream (Creme Demaquillante)
($70 for 125 mL)


Cle de Peau’s Cleansing Cream is a lightly (and pleasantly although I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like) scented ultra gentle cleanser that helps your skin to retain vital moisture while effectively removing all traces of makeup (well other than my stubborn waterproof mascaras which require a separate cleanser). It contains Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid (a hydrator that provides intensified moisturizing benefits) and really does leave my skin feeling soft and supple.

The Cleansing Cream has a hybrid gel/cream consistency that melts into an oil of sorts once rubbed in, but unlike many cleansing oils this rinses completely clean, taking all your makup with it. It can also be tissued off, but I’ve never really been one to tissue anything off my skin since I feel like it causes too much tugging, so I’ve never actually attempted this method.

Bottom line–is it worth the $70 it costs? Probably not, but if I had a wad of cash lying around this would most definitely be on my short-list of items to purchase. On the plus side, Cle de Peau counters are very generous with their samples, so definitely stop by and give this a try if you’re on the market for a great gentle and and moisturizing cleanser.