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NOTD: Random Maybelline Polish with Hearts

February 18, 2009

I’d initially purchased this review right around Valentine’s Day, but honestly it was such crap that I forgot all about it after one use. The hearts are impossible to get out of the bottle, and once you manage to get one there’s so much goopy polish on the brush that you get this disgusting, lumpy layer of crud on your nail that looks gross. Avoid it!

Mascara Series Part 17: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara Review & Photos

January 14, 2009
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara ($7-9)

I know I’ve been promising you this review for well over a month (see this post with my matching manicure!), but as you can see I’m seriously backed up on my mascara reviews! I also have that Givenchy mascara review I’ve been telling you about, along with a few others. But better late than never, as I seem to be saying so often lately.

The Claim: Seductive length, a shiny patent finish, and strengthening + conditioning.

The Reality: I’d say that Lash Stiletto delivers pretty well on its promises. I don’t really notice the promised “shiny patent finish,” but overall this is a pretty great mascara that gives slight volume and really nice buildable length.

The Brush: Maybelline states that its Grip & Extend Brush can grasp each lash and coat it from every angle to achieve extreme length and shine. It just looks like a regular, albeit a little narrower, mascara wand to me! I’ll admit that this is great for reaching each and every lash though thanks to its skinny shape, and I find that I can indeed reach all the inner and outer lashes that I just can’t get to with some other mascara wands.

The Formula: One of my favorite aspects of Lash Stiletto is how it manages to stay put without smudges or flakes for hour after hour, yet removes easily with just a little cleanser and water. I’ve worn this for 15 hours at a time and haven’t experienced a single flake or smudge; and all the while Lash Stiletto feels feather-light and looks great on. It gives a little volume (nothing mind-blowing) and not so much curl, but the length is really beautiful since you can build and build this stuff without it getting spidery. At some point you will start to get a few little clumps but for the most part this stuff is pretty great and sooo much better than the disaster that Maybelline’s Colossal was!

The Verdict: If you’re already pretty happy in the volume & curl departmnet (or you have a great msacara base) and want a drugstore mascara that will give you gorgeous length (and you’re sick of your Max Factor mascaras) I’d definitely give this a try. I will say that I like my Max Factor Volume Couture more than this, but Lash Stiletto definitely wins in the “no flake or smudge” department. Oh and the cute packaging! Who doesn’t want a mascara that looks like a pair of Christian Louboutins?


RATING: 3.75/5

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Mascara Series Part 16: Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara Review and Photos

January 5, 2009
Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara ($7.29)

The Claim: Colossal’s MegaBrush will give you 9x the volume in one stroke with zero clumping.

The Reality: Not so much. Yes the mascara doesn’t really clump and it does give decent volume (although 9x my butt!), length, and separation making it an all-around good mascara in terms of appearance, but read on to see why this one’s a dud in my book.

The Brush: One of the things I do like about Maybelline’s Colossal Mascara is the MegaBrush/Colossal Brush. As the name indicates, it is rather large but because of its tapered shape I don’t find it all that difficult or messy to work with. There’s nothing all that unique about it but it does work quite well to distribute mascara evenly throughout the lashes while also separating and building length.

The Formula: The formula is where Colossal begins to go south. When I purchased this some time back I was all excited to try it thanks to the bright yellow tube and the metallic purple lettering, and for the first five minutes or so I was thinking, “Wow this stuff is actually pretty good…”-but only for five minutes! That’s when the massive and incessant flaking begins. Little flakes, big chunks–basically all sorts of bits and pieces of mascara fall into my eyes throughout the day when I wear Colossal, driving me bonkers due to the irritation. Colossal also smudges a ridiculous amount under my eyes; I noticed raccoon in eyes in a record 10 minutes after application!

The Verdict:
I really wanted to like this since it was both affordable and looked really nice on; Colossal gave me good length, volume and separation, and a nice wispy-lashed look but the ridiculous flaking and underye smudging were just deal-breakers for me. I most definitely would not repurchase!


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