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J. Lynne Mineral Cosmetics Review, Swatches, and a FOTD

January 9, 2009

J. Lynne Cosmetics is an indie beauty and mineral makeup company specializing in natural cosmetics that launched in January of 2005. Having recently been introduced to their mineral makeup line I decided I’d give a few of their products a spin, and color me impressed!

While all of the products were great, I’d have to say that what I absolutely LOVED was the eyeshadows from their Japanese Garden Collection. With names like Mimoza, Sakura, and Fuji I couldn’t resist trying a few samples, and here are the shades that I ended up with:

J. Lynne Cosmetics Japanese Garden Collection
Top Row:
Middle Row: Kuzu, Mimoza
Bottom Row: Nashi, Sakura, Tachibana

Swatches (dry)
Top Row: Fuji (icy silver-violet and my favorite!), Kuzu (a pinky plum), Mimoza (creamy pale golden yellow)
Bottom Row: Nashi (golden wheat), Sakura (pinky salmon), Tachibana (golden peach)

Pigmentation: There honestly wasn’t a shade that I didn’t love and I’ve been wearing these J. Lynne shadows nearly daily since receiving them! They’re probably agmonst the most pigmented mineral eyeshadows that I’ve ever used and give great color pay-off applied either wet or dry. Plus the shades in the Japanese Garden Collection are seriously stunning–I can’t wait to try the rest!

FOTD’s Using J. Lynne Eyeshadows:

Unfortunately being the clumsy oaf that I am, I managed to knock the entire sample jar of my favorite shade, Fuji, all over the sweatpants I was wearing while doing my makeup the other day. A tragedy I know!

Fountain of Youth Blush Collection
Top Row: Innocence, Poise
Bottom Row: Serenity, Sweetness, Virtue

Swatches: Innocence, Poise, Serenity, Sweetness, Virtue

I think everybody knows by now that I’m a shimmer kinda girl but I thought it’d be interesting to try out a few matte blushes just for the heck of it, and so these were my picks! Innocence is a nude peachy shade, Poise is a neutral soft pink, Serenity is a cool pinky lilac shade, Sweetness is a dusty cherry pink, and virtue is a neutral peach shade.

I’d have to say Serenity and Sweetness are my favorites of the bunch. Serenity just gives me this otherwordly glow that looks amazing when my skin is cooperating and decides to give me the china-doll look I’m always trying to achieve. And while Sweetness looks rather pinky in the jar, once on it gives me the best “just came in from playing in the cold” flush I could ask for. See a photo of J. Lynne herself wearing it here!

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J. Lynne Cosmetics Goddess Collection Mineral Glow Powders
Clockwise from top left: Aurora (sheer yellow), Fauna (sheer beige), Luna (ivory pink), and Flora (sheer peach)

I’ll admit that I felt compelled to try out the Goddess collection solely for its name–what woman doesn’t want to fee like a goddess? The Goddess mineral Glow Powders are available in a range of four sheer, luminous shades that really give your complexion a soft glow.

Swatches (L to R): Aurora, Fauna, Flora, Luna

Of the four shades Aurora and Flora are probably my favorites. While Aurora is definitely a bit on the yellow side, I love to use it on my cheeks to golden sun-kissed glow and I love how multi-functional it is–lately I’ve been using it dr to highlight my brow bone, or wet as a gorgeous yellowy gold eyeshadow. As for Flora–well who doesn’t love a touch of peach shimmer on their cheeks?

And last but not least the lip creams! I own these in Greta and Ingrid, and Ingrid is definitely my Benetint’s soulmate! While I wouldn’t really call these creamy, I absolutely love the berry-stained look that Ingrid gives me–once on you really can’t feel these at all on your lips and it’s just like wearing a stain. They’re sheer but the color is definitely buildable and rather than attempting (and failing) to stain my lips with Benetint I’ll be reaching for Ingrid from now on!

Swatches: Greta, Ingrid