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Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Pearl Shine Make Up Base: Review and Swatches

September 10, 2008
Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Pearl Shine Makeup Up Base ($14)

All the photos in this post can be clicked to be enlarged, so have fun!


If you’re feeling too lazy to click on the photo to enlarge the text: “The shine base has hologram pearl that makes your rough skin more even and brightening by excellent light reflection. And Coenzyme Q10 keeps the skin firm and volumized while various herb extracts keep your skin revitalized and hydrated all day long.”

LOL at the Engrish! No in all seriousness it’s pretty good, since I was actually able to understand this one!


Isn’t it pretty?

What do I love about this primer? Well to begin with, the price! Korean brands are often hard to find in the US, and even if you do manage to find a retailer, the prices are usually hiked up so that they’re double or triple retail–meaning what may have been cheap at one point in Korea isn’t cheap for you! Thankfully, there’s a little store by me that stocks Beauty Credit at pretty much the original prices =D

Beauty Credit’s range of primers includes a green shade, lavender shade, and this pearl shade. I decided to go with the Pearl Shine because I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that I can’t resist shimmer! The Pearl Shine Makeup Base is a pale peach shade that contains a multitude of golden microshimmer suspended throughout it. The shimmer is fine enough that it’s not noticeable unless the light hits you just so, but it’s really beautiful. I love this primer because it makes my skin feel soft, and lightens and brightens my complexion enough that on a good day I can go without foundation.

My favorite way to use this, however, is not as a base but as a luminizer mixed into my foundation. A squirt or two of the Pearl Shine base mixed into my favorite foundation is glowing perfection!

Can you see the hints of shimmer?

Click to enlarge and check out the shimmer (especially on the right half).
I know it looks eerily white in this photo, but I promise it’s not! It’s more of a peach shade.

Half my hand has Pearl Shine Base on it, the other doesn’t–can you guess which half does? =P

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