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TEMPTU AIR pod™ Foundation Review & Swatches + Before & After Photos!

August 19, 2009

Welcome to Day 2 of the TEMPTU-athon! As promised, you’ll be getting more TEMPTU information than you ever thought you needed or wanted. Still coming at you are reviews of the TEMPTU RETOUCH products (meaning the foundation, blush and highlighter pens – woohoo!) and swatches of every single one of the twelve foundation shades currently available for the system.

TEMPTU AIR pod™ Foundation ($55 for 2 x 0.28 pods)

My biggest concern when purchasing the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System (review HERE) wasn’t that I wouldn’t like the system itself, since TEMPTU is pretty well known for its airbrushing devices, but that I wouldn’t be crazy about the foundation. I’d say that I’m rather picky when it comes to my foundations and I expect quite a bit, so of course I was worried that TEMPTU wouldn’t deliver.

But I’m happy to admit that I was oh so wrong, the foundation formula is darn near perfect! This foundation was formulated to provide a flawless, soft-focus finish; it contains a smoothing complex to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, color-correcting pigments to camoflauge imperfections, and moisturizers to hydrate the skin.

The airbrushing system evenly mists a super fine layer of foundation particles across the surface of your skin, and once the foundation settles there it dries rather quickly (unlike my SK-II Air Touch which took forever to dry!) to a dewy finish. So you’re thinking dewy = terrible for oily skin, right? Wrong! I avoid dewy-finishes like the plague because usually it’s just asking for trouble (hello oil-slick on my t-zone!), but TEMPTU’s foundation, set with just the smallest amount of their RETOUCH Powder literally lasts all day and night on me, which just astounds me. I’ve experimented with wearing the foundation with primer, without primer, with different moisturizers underneath, with and without powder, and the result is always an extraordinarily long-wearing finish.

Plus the foundation really doesn’t settle into any lines you might have. One issues that has always plagued me is how my foundations would settle into the crease connecting my nose to my face (no matter how good the foundation, it can’t help but slide around on my face towards the end of the day), but this has never once happened with the TEMPTU.

So you know I don’t do the before/after photos, and these aren’t the best, but they were demanded! =D

Before (gross ruddy skin w/ some breakouts)

After TEMPTU foundation in Shade 003 Warm Ivory

And with a tiny bit of TEMPTU blush in Washed Rose on top.

I like to tell my friends that TEMPTU’s foundation seems to form this tightly-knit network of foundation particles that stretch across my skin and adhere like crazy without being irritating in the slightest – I feel as though i’m not wearing any foundation at all and my skin never develops those unpleasant hives some other foundations give me at the end of the day. The airbrushed finish is natural enough that you’ll never suffer from “two-tone face/neck syndrome” ever again and seriously I just love it so much.

For someone whose skin is as oily as mine, it’s nothing short of a miracle that I can go out on a day when it’s 100+ degrees and ridiculously humid without piling on the powder and have my makeup look better than it ever has at the end of the day.


Can’t get enough TEMPTU?

  • See my review of the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System HERE.
  • Plus I’ve reviewed and swatched TEMPTU’s blush and highlighter pods for you HERE.
  • And be sure to check back in the coming days for reviews of TEMPTU’s RETOUCH products and swatches of all the available foundation shades!

TEMPTU AIR pod Blush & Highlighter Review & Swatches

August 19, 2009

TEMPTU AIR pod™ Blush in #403 Washed Rose ($30)

I figured if I was going to give the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System (review HERE) a shot, I might as well try everything including the blush and highlighter pods in order to properly assuage my curiosity. I picked up Washed Rose thinking that it would give me a nice bright pink flush (it’s described as petal pink) but sadly I was a little disappointed with the shade.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a very nice shade of subtle, soft pink, I was just expecting a brighter more vibrant pink – I probably should’ve gone with 404 Sheer Berry. The blushes themselves are really easy to use – you just load them in place of the foundation pod on your device and spray away. You can actually feel where the blush is going thanks to the strong air flow (you should set your device on “Less” for this) and of course color is buildable.

Sheerly applied swatch of Washed Rose.

I’m hoping that TEMPTU will release a few more fun/dramatic shades in the future. The AIR pod Blush was wonderful for the convenience factor and for sheer, very very natural flush but I Just happen to prefer my powder blushes to this one.

TEMPTU AIR pod™ Highlighter in 301 Champagne ($35)

I generally don’t wear highlighter but again decided to try this for the sake of experimentation and was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful subtle glow I could achieve using TEMPTU’s highlighter pod.

Champagne is a sheer metallic golden nude shade that’s perfect for highlighting your cheekbones and browbones. I like to lightly sweep this in a C motion around the sides of my face to contour along my cheekbones and right along the browbone for some barely there shimmer and glow, but you can definitely build more shimmer.

Swatch of TEMPTU Highlighter.

Some of your had expressed concerns that this might be way too metallic after having seen the model in the TEMPTU video on Sephora’s site applying this to herself, but I believe that she was using a pretty heavy hand in order to get anything to show up on camera, and it really won’t look that frighteningly metallic on you!

I love that TEMPTU has these accessories available for us to use with our TEMPTU AIRbrush Systems – when you spend a significant chunk of change on a product, it’s always nice to have some flexibility and options!

TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System Review

August 18, 2009
TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System ($225)

I know this has taken longer than some of you had hoped (and thank you for waiting so patiently! I promise you’ll be rewarded with more TEMPTU info than you’d ever want) but I’m finally ready to introduce you to my new favorite makeup gadget – the TEMPTU AIRbrush System!

TEPMTU’s Airbrush Makeup System represented the next generation of makeup – for years pro makeup artists have used TEMPTU products to achieve flawless airbrushed results, and now TEMPTU has brought us a compact unit that we can (afford) to use in the comfort of our own homes!

What you get in your TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System:

  • A trigger-activated AIRbrush which you can use to achieve sheer, medium or full coverage.
  • An AIR Compressor that’s compact enough to travel with and easy to set up.

The AIRbrush trigger with no foundation pod connected.

Closer look at the trigger. You can pull this back to varying degrees so that you can achieve various degrees of coverage (controls the air flow).

There’s also an on/off switch and an adjustable pressure dial (which you’re looking at right here) to enable you to have even more cutomization and control.

What I Love: I decided to test the TEMPTU Airbrush system one morning when I was running really late to work and didn’t have time to read over length instructions, but the system literally took me all of 30 seconds to set up. You connect one end of the air hose to the AIRbrush, and the other to the AIR compressor, open a pod, pop it on and you’re set! The photo below illustrates how you open one and attach one of TEMPTU’s blush pods:

You should actually be holding down that little round button while attaching the pod!

So what else do I love about the TEMPTU? Well the coverage! My SK-II Air Touch Foundation was pretty great, but it was a small handheld system and so could never really achieve the high pressure needed for a decent spray stream which would give full coverage. The TEMPTU allows me to achieve a full coverage finish that looks and feels natural (my skin can actually breathe!) with a gorgeous luminous finish and lasts and lasts. The steady stream of foundation blended with air across my face feels incredibly refreshing on a hot summer’s day, and I even like to cut off the foundation flow and just use the air across my face post-application to help everything dry and set.

The foundation is actually released from a needle-like point at the tip of the foundation pod which gives me incredible control over where the foundation ends up – plus it’s hygienic since you never have to touch your face! This is also a major pro for me because I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate applying an expensive face cream and then feeling like I’m smearing it all away by applying primer and foundation right over it.

Not So Much: Following my first two uses of the system I ended up with a little foundation in my hair, eyebrows, and all over my lashes (unlike the SK-II you will notice a little bit of this on hairs if you spray for long enough – i.e. to achieve full coverage), but with a few uses I learned to be more precise with my application, focusing on the areas that needed more coverage, and now I’m virtually mess-free! My other tiny gripe is that for me, full coverage takes a good minute or so of continuous spraying as I need a a lot of coverage, but that’s only because I have a lot of redness to cover. Oh and the fact that the pods are rather hard to remove from the AIRbrush trigger – it takes a good deal of maneuvering and strength to get that thing off!

The Verdict: Honestly I really don’t think that $225 is bad at all for an entire airbrushing system, particularly one of this quality – I mean who doesn’t want to look like they have naturally gorgeous glowy skin? Have I mentioned that I love love love LOVE mine? It really is like having a pro airbrushing device at home and you’ll love the amazing results you can achieve with this. Whether you intend to reserve it as a finishing spray to achieve a flawless finish for those special occasions, or plan to use it on a daily basis like I do (airbrushing your foundation each morning is such a refreshing way to start the day), this is a worthy investment to me. Plus TEMPTU offers not only foundation pods, but also blush pods, highlighter pods, and a myriad of touch-up products that coordinate fabulously with the system itself.

Nonetheless I know that this is a rather significant investment, so if there are any other aspects of the TEMPTU you’d like to see covered in this review just e-mail me/leave a comment and I’ll incorporate it! Before & After photos using the system, plus more in depth reviews of the foundation, blush & highlighter pods and all of the touch-up accessories to come!

ABS Wants: TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System

July 30, 2009

Finally in the comfort of your own home, you can achieve long-lasting pro results every day. The innovative TEMPTU® AIRbrush Makeup System’s sleek, compact design delivers power and control, giving you steady, precise application that’s completely adjustable and results that are truly flawless. The unique hybrid trigger is designed to give the user complete control over application and delivers pinpoint, mess-proof application every time. The hygienic spray of the airbrush means that no tools come into contact with the skin, so there’s no need to clean dirty brushes that can harbor pore-clogging bacteria. The user-friendly instruction guide and how-to DVD will steer you in enhancing your complexion to it’s true flawless potential.

Say hello to my current obsession: TEMPTU’s Sephora-exclusive AIRbrush Makeup System ($225), a petite little at-home airbrushing device! While I love my SK-II Air Touch Foundation, I’ve always wanted my own at-home airbrushing system to use with blushes, highlighters, and all that other good stuff, and it looks as though my dreams are about to come true.

Yes the device is a little on the pricey side, but if it really is any good I’m thinking it could be worth it since I actually hate touching my face. Can you imagine being able to mist on foundation, blush, and foundation in the morning, all without any needless tugging at your poor face?

Naturally the TEMPTU System needs to be used with TEMPTU brand pods which aren’t cheap. The AIR pod foundations are $55 for a scant 0.29 ounces and only last two months!

This easy-to-use foundation is applied with the innovative TEMPTU® AIRbrush Makeup System for flawless, soft-focus-finish results. The breakthrough TEMPTU AIR pod™ provides precise makeup application and is mess proof and extremely hygienic. This ultra-lightweight formula contains a smoothing complex to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, color-correcting pigments to camouflage imperfections, and moisturizers to help hydrate the skin. The result is long-lasting, natural-looking, versatile coverage and the look of truly perfected skin. Finally, the art of airbrushing and high-definition skin is at your fingertips.
AIR pod™ Blush ($30)
This easy-to-use blush is applied with the innovative TEMPTU® AIRbrush Makeup System for flawless, soft-focus-finish results. The breakthrough TEMPTU AIR pod™ provides precise makeup application and is mess proof and extremely hygienic. This ultra-lightweight formula contains a smoothing complex to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, color-correcting pigments to camouflage imperfections, and moisturizers to help hydrate the skin. The result is a smooth, dewy, and color-enhanced complexion that lasts all day. The mistake-proof application and universally flattering hues provide a natural glow to accentuate any skintone. Finally, the art of airbrushing and high-definition skin is at your fingertips.

AIR pod™ Highlighter ($35)
This easy-to-use highlighter is applied with the innovative TEMPTU® AIRbrush Makeup System for flawless, soft-focus-finish results. The breakthrough TEMPTU AIR pod™ provides precise makeup application and is mess proof and extremely hygienic. Take your complexion from dull to radiant in an instant with this shimmering and enhancing highlighter. These universally flattering hues provide a luminous, healthy glow to your complexion. The lightweight formula blends seamlessly to provide all-over color as well as subtle accents and sheer contouring.

Is it silly that when I think about investing in pricey gadgets that require refills/continual replacement parts, one of my main worries is that the company will go out of business/decide to discontinue the item at some point, leaving me stuck with a device and no way to continue using it? I just can’t seem to help myself! Nonetheless I can’t stop thinking about this, and if it impresses me when I check it out in person tomorrow at the Sephora 5 Times Square grand opening, I’ll definitely be bringing it home with me!

Drugstore Discoveries: Carmindy Natural Beauty Airbrush Spray Makeup Review

March 7, 2009
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Airbrush Spray Makeup ($13.99)

Back when Dior first released their Dior DiorSkin Air Flash Spray Foundation I was one of the first people in line to buy it. Thing was, it was a total rip-off. It had the same $60 price tag, but it was a scant 1 ounce or so, whereas its current incarnation is 2.3 ounces. I guess they heard people’s complaints that the stuff only lasted for a month or so!

Years later SK-II’s Air Touch foundation system was released. It was the first truly portable and accessible to the masses airbrush system, and I was hooked~and still am. The thing is, refills can get rather pricey and the inordinate amount of time that it takes to dry can get a little annoying.

Enter Carmindy’s take on the airbrush foundation craze. I’m sure all you What Not To Wear watchers have seen makeup-artist extraordinaire Carmindy reach for her trusty Classified Era airbrush foundation to fix many a blotchy copmlexion, and I guess she figured it was finally time to come out with her own.

My one major gripe with this product is that it’s not actually meant to be sprayed directly onto your face, but rather into your hand and then applied to the face like a regular foundation. Check out what happens if you do actually spray this directly onto your face (the Dior AirFlash gives you the same result, but a little less messy for some reason):

Not a pretty sight huh? Regardless, I insist on spraying this directly onto my face because to me that’s what an airbrush foundation is. I’ve used it both ways, and here are my thoughts.

  • The first two ingredients in this product are butane and isobutane–not so into that. Butane can be horribly drying for our delicate complexions, and I really can feel that this dries my skin out, especially when you spray it directly onto your face (but even when applied to the hand then face).
  • There’s a refreshing cooling sensation upon spraying, but it turns to an uncomfortably cold sensation that you just know is a result of all those chemicals in the product.

Quick spray of product prior to blending.

BUT the coverage of this product is rather beautiful in that you can get sheer to full full coverage pretty quickly. It dries very rapidly (probably thanks to all the funk stuff in there) to a matte, somewhat drying finish and is great for keeping the oilies at bay, plus it stays put really well.

Color-wise I picked up LIGHT, and I happen to think that it’s a little too dark and too yellow for my NW 15-20 complexion. I can definitely pull it off, I’m just not 100% happy with it.

Post blending and completely dry after all of 5 seconds.

All in all I have mixed feelings about this one. You do get a gorgeous, smooth, somewhat airbrushed looking finish that dries rapidly, but the color range is very limited, it’s a little pricey for a drugstore item at $14+ after tax, and most significantly I’m a little leery of the butane and other chemically-sounding products on the ingredients list.

ABS’s Favorite SK-II Products (Cleansing Oil and Air-Touch Foundation Reviews)

April 26, 2008

SK-II’s Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil is the one item in my skin-care regimen that I couldn’t do without. I know people have differing opinions on it, but for me it’s a lifesaver. It’s the only thing that keeps my pores clean and keeps my blackheads at bay, so I’m more than happy to dish out the $50/bottle (plus one bottle lasts forever)!

I’ve always had a hate/hate relationship with the pesky blackheads on my nose. The evil little things take up residence and refuse to budge! I’ve tried everything out there, from strange chapstick-like Japanese devices to Biore nose strips, scrubs, blackhead extraction devices that look like Medieval torture instruments, and aspirin masks-but nothing fazes my blackheads. I scrub and I scrub, but when I look in the mirror the darn things are still happily staring back at me from my nose.

I purchased the SK-II cleansing oil one year from duty free on a whim. I honestly don’t know what possessed me to, since I have oily skin and why would you think to put oil on oil? But it’s really worked wonders for my skin. Every night I take a good pump of this and work it into my skin, giving myself a mini facial. I concentrate on my nose area, working it into my pores and applying slight pressure. If you have blackheads, you should eventually be able to feel them slide right out and voila, you’ve given yourself a deep clean!

The one complaint I do have about this cleanser is that I feel the need to follow up with a foaming face wash since this leaves an oily residue behind. The oil has pitera in it so is supposed to be good for you, but I wouldn’t leave the oily remnants on my skin as my skin is oily as is.

Now there are tons of other great cleansing oils out there-Shu Uemera, DHC, Amore Pacific, etc. I haven’t tried all of them, nor am I inclined to as I’ve found one that works great for me, but if this doesn’t fit into your budget remember that there are cleansing oils for any and all price ranges!



SK-II Air-Touch Foundation

What is it? SK-II Air-Touch foundation is the first of its kind. A portable air-brush foundation system that fits in the palm (well not really) of your hand. It’s compact and delivers on each and every promise it makes. And as an added bonus, it contains Pitera, SK-II’s famed anti-aging ingredient.

How it works: The initial unit ($150) comes with one foundation packet, and after you’ve gone through that, the refills are available in sets of two for $80. While the price is a bit steep at first glance, remember that you’re in essence paying for two foundations at once-hopefully that makes it a bit more palatable! I know the foundation packets seem ridiculously small, but this is an airbrush system, meaning you’re really only using a tiny amount each time, and that small slim packet will last you quite awhile!

Once the unit is locked and loaded, you switch the device on and spray your face in a zig zag motion. I like to focus on my cheeks and under my nose, as those are areas where I tend to have redness. You can go as sheer or as heavy as you want, as this’ll never look cakey, but the longer you spray, the longer the foundation will take to set, meaning you face will be sticky/prone to smudges for awhile.

Comparison to other spray foundations: Prior to the SK-II Air-Touch, DiorSkin AirFlash was my spray foundation of choice, but having tried the SK-II I can never go back. The Dior gave me great coverage and was fun to use, but I could always feel it sitting on my skin. The biggest issues I had with the Dior was that it would get everywhere-all over my hair, my clothes, and my eyebrows. I had to resort to using this right out of my shower, with my hair completely covered with a towel. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it at the time, but the fact that the SK-II foundation’s ionized particles don’t stick to anything but my face is a deal-clincher for me.

Pros: Air-Touch provides beautiful natural looking coverage that leaves your skin with a dewy glow (scroll down to see how this looks on). The spray mechanism obviates any need to touch your face (aka no pulling/tugging/bacteria), is fun to use, and doesn’t get any foundation where you don’t want it.

Cons: The foundation takes a good amount of time to dry if you don’t set it with powder, and if you do set it with powder and you’re not careful, the powder will stick in a giant clump to one spot and refuse to budge. Also, if you touch the foundation before it’s completely dry, it’ll leave a noticeable smudge/streak. If you haven’t the unit in a while, the foundation will separate a bit so you must use the droplet setting on your unit to expel some foundation in order to have it operate correctly. And finally, the unit’s a bit heavy and hence not as portable as you’d hope

Conclusion: Yes it’s a bit arduous to use, but really what foundation isn’t? This is much faster and easier than applying foundation with a brush, and gives you an unbelievable finish. On those days when I don’t feel like bothering with this, I use a regular foundation or tinted moisturizer and then just use this as a finishing spray, as you still get the same flawless finish. I think this is really a must-have for every woman’s makeup arsenal, even if it’s reserved for those special occasions when you need to look perfect.

Saks had a promotion going on where you could get the spray unit for free with the purchase of $300 worth of SK-II products. I don’t know if it’s still going on, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

Left: Before applying anything (straight out of the shower)
Right: After Air-Touch but before setting with powder
{don’t mind the fact that my face halves don’t match up. it’s hard to crop two separate photos into a whole face!}

Have you tried the cleansing oil or the Air-Touch foundation? Been curious about them? Have questions about colors? Let me know what you think! (and please no comments on how terrible my skin looks before makeup!)