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Korres Love Your Lips Set Review & Swatches

April 13, 2010
Korres Love Your Lips ($63.00 value for $34.50)

 I happen to love products that come packaged together – palettes, GWP makeup bags, face in a box sets, etc. – as they just make life so much easier, and lucky for us Korres has brought us all the essentials to whip your lips into prime-puckering shape with minimal effort in the form of the Korres Love Your Lips gift baggie.  Check out the full review, photos galore and some lip swatches after the jump!

Your $34.50 gets you two of Korres’ Cherry Oil Lip Glosses in Naked Rose 22 and Naked Beige 30, a Lip Butter in Jasmine (LOVE their Lip Butters – see my review HERE), and their Lemon Lip Scrub – a great value considering that each and every one of these products is one I’d use regularly.

I’d actually planned on purchased Naked Beige (a sheer neutral beige shimmer) at some point prior to receiving this set from Korres as it’s a great neutral shade that can pull together any dramatic eye look, but what really tugged at my heartstrings was the gorgeous golden shimmer in Naked Rose (a golden rose shimmer with light to medium pigmentation).  I’m a sucker for gold in my glosses, and so of course I proceeded to spend a good ten minutes or so just admiring the shade in the sunlight (weird I know).

Korres’ Cherry Full Color glosses have an addictive light cherry scent and nice color pay-off (although some shades are definitely sheerer than others), but what I really love about them is that they stay put remarkably well despite the fact that they’re not sticky or tacky.  Admittedly the shade range is rather limited, but I like to think that the selection is well-edited and hope that Korres will bring us more shades in the future!

As for the Lip Butter, well you need only read my initial review of Korres’ Lip Butter in Quince for my thoughts.  The Lip Butters are smooth, creamy, delicious, and slip right on like butter.  On me Jasmine is pretty much invisible making it much more of a balm than a tint, but it does make a great lipstick underlayer.

So having been continually disappointed by Lip Scrubs that don’t actually scrub over the years (I’ve tried so so many and they really don’t do much of anything for me), I was expecting more of the same from Korres’ Lemon Lip Scrub, but lo and behold this product actually leaves my lips feeling soft, supple and exfoliated.  I was a little disappointed at the lack of lemony scent and the fact that it didn’t get rid of all of my lip flakies, but I did love how fine the exfoliating granules were, which I’m pretty sure is what made this so much more effective than products I’ve tried in the past.

Swatches (from L to R): Jasmine Lip Butter, Naked Rose, Naked Beige
And a close up of Naked Rose and Naked Beige for your viewing pleasure (you know you love the shimmer as much as I do!).
And lip swatches as promised!  Naked Rose on top, Naked Beige down below.
The Verdict: All in all I’d have to say that the handy little package that is Korres’ Love Your Lips set is pretty great value and would make somebody a nice, simple all-in-one gift.  Next time your lips are in need of a little pick-me-up, definitely check this out!
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Lipstick Queen Mystery Chinatown Pencil Review & Swatches

March 18, 2010
Some weeks back Gilt had a Lipstick Queen sample sale, so naturally I hauled a few items including this Lipstick Queen Chinatown pencil.  This line isn’t too widely carried (I’ve pretty much only seen it at Barney’s), which is a small tragedy considering all the fun items they make, but I was more than happy to pick up this pencil for only $12!  
Lipstick Queen’s Chinatown pencils are sheer, moisturizing glosses in an easy-to-use draw-on pencil form and Mystery was love at first swipe for me.  Check out the full review and more photos after the jump!

So what’s to love?  Well pretty much everything – my inner child loves cosmetics that come in big fat pencil form – maybe I feel like I’m being naughty and drawing on my face, maybe it makes me think of coloring books and crayons – either way, there’s just something so pure and innocent about it all :).  And to top it all off, the Chinatown pencils come boxed with their own fat pencil-appropriate sharpener, meaning you won’t have to go hunting all over the place for something that’ll be the perfect fit.  Gotta love it when cosmetics companies take practicalities into consideration for us!
The formula is sheer so if you’re looking for color that’ll pack a punch, look away.  If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a lightweight, semi-sheer kiss of color with a glossy finish minus the stickiness of a conventional gloss, you’ve found your product.  
Mystery looks to be a dark, vampy, kinda scary shade of deep purpley brown, but on the lips it’s this gorgeous berry stain reminiscent of the “I just had a popsicle” look.  It’s a subtle look with buildable pigmentation, and a great option for those who’ve to add a little non-scary color to their makeup arsenals. 
Please ignore the splotchiness in the lip swatch – these photos were taken awhile back and I’d actually just burned my lip (long story short I bit into an extremely hot dumpling that dripped scalding liquid onto my lip, resulting in several raised welts).  
So while the Lipstick Queen Chinatown pencils aren’t the longest lasting (non-sticky = not too long wearing) as I’d say they disappears in about an hour or two, they really do make for some good clean fun and are definitely a nice addition to my lippie collection. 
I purchased this product myself as I’ve been dying to own some Lipstick Queen for years now.  Next on my list of things to do – to meet Lipstick Queen creator Poppy King, who I’ve heard as absolutely AMAZING and seriously just a gem of a person.  

Guerlain Perle de Lune KissKiss Gloss Review, Swatches, Lip Swatches and Tons More Photos

October 30, 2009
Guerlain ‘Kiss Kiss’ Gloss in Perle de Lune #807 ($29)

Ahhh the beauty of the holiday season – crisp cool weather, ice skating in the park, snuggling up against that special somebody while sipping a mug of hot cocoa (all this assuming you live somewhere that actually gets cold in the winter LOL) – and best of all, the holiday collections! There’s nothing I love more than a good holiday beauty release, and Guerlain’s 2009 ‘Imperial Holiday’ Collection is definitely a stunner.

Guerlain really outdid themselves this 2009 holiday season with stunning black lace reminiscent packaging and elegant shimmering hues.

See my thoughts on the limited edition KissKiss gloss in Perle de Lune after the jump!

Guerlain ‘Kiss Kiss’ Gloss in Perle de Lune #807 came rather beautifully packaged, the always elegant gold-lidded tube dressed in black lace for the holidays. Perle de Lune is a pale champagne base interspersed with predominantly gold shimmer. The formula is non-sticky and hydrating, and coverage is sheer but scintillating. The KissKiss glosses all have a light florally rose scent to them that I actually quite enjoy as it seems to add to the elegance of the whole experience, and they last for a good 4-5 hours meaning you should be good for a night out on the town without having to constantly reapply.

Perle de Lune is the kind of shade that gives lips a shimmering gilded elegance when worn alone, but really comes to life when layered over darker shades that need that extra something to dress them up for a holiday soiree.

My favorite aspect of the KissKiss glosses? The dazzling shimmer which sadly is ridiculously hard to capture on camera. But if you enlarge the two lip shots down below, you’ll see what I mean ~ multi-dimensional shimmer that really is something special.

Since people having been asking me what my lips look like prior to applying lipstick/gloss, I’ve included a shot up top. The second lip shot is what Perle de Lune looks like over nude lipstick, and photo three is a shot of the gloss on its own sans flash.

I wouldn’t say Perle de Lune is a must-have as I’m sure many of you already have several glosses that are quite similar or just aren’t a fan of the sheerness, but if you’re looking for something to add a little pizazz to your holiday lip collection, definitely give the Guerlain KissKiss glosses a gander!

This review contains a press sample sent to ABS by the brand’s PR representative for blog consideration. Although this probably isn’t a shade that I would have chosen for myself, that’s what I love about press samples – getting to try (and being able to review) shades I probably wouldn’t have purchased on my own

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Swatches of Heidi Klum’s Exotic Jewels Collection on Me

October 22, 2009
Swatches: Perfect Lipstick in Exotic Spice, Lip Gloss in Passion Fruit, Glitter Liquid Liner in Majesty

I decided to split the last post into two since I had a million photos to share with you – so here are my lip swatches of Heidi Klum’s Exotic Jewels Collection for Victoria’s Secret!

Lip swatch of Perfect Lipstick in Exotic Spice – see that yummy creamy opacity I was telling you about? This lipstick really is full-coverage and smells delicious to boot (who doesn’t love the scent of hot chocolate?), but I’m still not entirely sold on the shade. I’m a creature of habit and it’s hard to drag myself away from the pinks!

Lip swatch of Lip Gloss in Passion Fruit. Love how this gives my lips a pretty smoothed-over look that eliminates all the little nooks and crannies on my lips, but I do wish this had more pigmentation to it. It’s a nice light non-sticky gloss with golden shimmer, but I was hoping it would have a bit more of a wow-factor to it.

Nonetheless these are two pretty wonderful holiday lip options and I’ve been getting plenty of use out of both!

3 Easy Steps to a Plumper Pout

October 21, 2009

While this won’t literally give you a plumper pout, the following method will help you feign the appearance of fuller lips in 3 quick and easy steps.

  1. Apply your lipstick/lipgloss of choice all over your lips. In this photo I used my DEX Gloss in Fifth Avenue Merlot.
  2. Take a contrasting lighter-hued shimmery gloss (ie. an almost clear gloss with silver or gold shimmer, a pale pale pink with heavy shimmer) and dot a small amount at the center of your upper lips (right below your cupid’s bow) and blend a little.
  3. Do the same for the center of your lower lip (I used DEX Gloss in Columbus Avenue Copper).

And voila you’re done! I personally prefer to implement this method using two glosses, but you can fiddle around with the mechanics to suit your lippie inclinations.

DEX Modern Minerals Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

October 20, 2009
DEX Modern Minerals Lip Gloss ($16.00)

I know I raved about how wonderfully pigmented, long-wearing and crease-free the DEX Mineral Pressed Eyeshadows are, and while they truly are phenomenal, I’d have to say that my true loves from the Modern Minerals line are the glosses and blushes (more to come on those in a few!). These glosses are like nothing I have felt before ~ mainly because they feel like nothing at all once on! No sticky, tacky, gooey messiness to contend with, just gorgeous, glossy lips that wear fantastically.

Columbus Avenue Copper (top); Fifth Avenue Merlot (bottom)

See swatches and lip shots and read the rest of the review after the jump!

Swatches: Fifth Avenue Merlot; Columbus Avenue Copper

  • Fifth Avenue Merlot scared me a little in the tube (it’s this dark red, almost burgundy-looking shade that intimidates non-red wearers like myself) but oh my goodness is it gorgeous once on! On the lips it’s a bright clear cherry red that essentially looks like the perfect glossy lip stain. Love it so much!
  • Columbus Avenue Copper is a coppery bronze that lends lips some pretty golden shimmer when used alone, but where this particular gloss shines is in its pairings with others. Check it out layered over DEX’s Atlantic Ave. below.

Lip Swatch of Columbus Ave. Copper

Lip Swatch of Fifth Avenue Merlot

Lip Swatch of Atlantic Avenue with a coat of Columbus Avenue Copper

I’m perpetually on the hunt for smooth glosses that can achieve that happy medium between being too watery and being so tacky that the upper layer of skin on your lips is being dragged off, and these DEX glosses are it. Once on you seriously won’t even notice that you’ve got anything on your lips (other than the gorgeous pop of color of course) and you’ll be good to go for hours on end.

Availability: DEX Modern Minerals are available online at as well as at the Dex Beauty Atrium flagship location in NYC (224 West 30th Street). The line is also carried at select Maria Martin boutiques around the country and at PIR in Canada.

This review contains a press sample sent to ABS by the brand’s PR representative for blog consideration. If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please feel free to contact me at

ABS Wants: Lipstick Queen ‘Fame’ 5-piece Pop Art Lipgloss Collection

October 20, 2009
Lipstick Queen Five Minutes of Fame Pop Art Gloss Set ($55 value for $25.56)

Lipstick Queen creator Poppy King recently released a range of Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pop Art Glosses meant to embody each minute of the fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol believed each individual would have in the future. These glosses are clear, bright, unadulterated color sans shimmer or glimmer.

QVC’s set brings us five of these minutes at what I think is a bargain price:

  • 0.04 oz gloss in 3 Minutes, an apricot pink
  • 0.04 oz gloss in 5 Minutes, a pale peach
  • 0.04 oz gloss in 11 Minutes, a vibrant purple
  • 0.04 oz gloss in 12 Minutes, a deep rose
  • 0.04 oz gloss in 13 Minutes, a raspberry hue

This set is currently topping my wishlist – my lips definitely want their 15 minutes of fame!

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Luminous Satin Lip Lacquer in #76 Ming Review & Swatches

September 29, 2009
Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Luminous Satin Lip Lacquer in #76 Ming ($32)

Chanel’s newest addition to their lippie family is a lipstick/gloss hybrid liquid lacquer that provides rich color payoff and gorgeous shine along with a creamy, long-wearing texture.

It was a little tough for me to bite the bullet and plunk down the $32 + tax for this one, but I’m actually glad I did as the Rouge Laques are absolutely gorgeous, chicly packaged and perfect for someone like me!

Check out the rest of the review, more photos and swatches (including a lip swatch of course) after the jump!

Packaging: The bottom portion of the Rouge Laque tube is comprised of this black glass/ceramic-like substance that’s reminiscent of Chanel’s J12’s ~ it’s really chic-looking and pleasant to the touch. It’s got some nice weight to it as well, which I always like to see in a product that I’ve paid a hefty sum for.

The Shade: Ming is a soft medium pink that for most of us will be less of a pop of a color and more of a subtle enhancement of our existing lip shade. I love it for a creamy pink-lipped look that lasts and lasts, and I appreciate that admist the creaminess is a bit of sparkle and shine so that my lipcolor doesn’t look too flat. You know I’m all about the pinks, and this is currently one of my favorites.

The Formula: You all know I’m a skeptic when it comes to claims about long-wearing color ~ long-wearing products are either horribly drying, or just not long-wearing at all. Rouge Laque strikes a happy medium between these two in that it’s beautifully hydrating feeling on the lips and leaves your lips looking beautifully coated in creamy, glossy color while being able to last for a good 5-6 hours with minimal eating.

You get medium to full color-coverage from these so if you like sheer glossy glosses these won’t be for you, but if you love the look of a lipstick combined with the subtle shimmer and shine of a gloss you’ll love these. The formula is relatively thin, non-sticky, long-wearing and looks beautiful on the lips ~ I really couldn’t ask for much more!

The Verdict: I hope to collect more shades in the future, budget permitting!

MAC Dazzleglass Creme Swatches

September 28, 2009

More gorgeous swatches from the wonderful Charm Candy, aka Tori, this time of the hot new MAC Dazzleglass Cremes ~ her photography skills are fabulous, I nominate her as the official ABS photographer!

As labeled, we have swatches of Do It Up, My Favourite Pink, Perfectly Unordinary and Soft Dazzle taken with and without flash.

I can’t review these for you as I haven’t yet had a chance to check them out myself, but from the looks of these photos I think My Favourite Pink is definitely calling my name! Seriously, how can you resist a gloss with a name like that? It’s making quite the claim and hopefully it loves up to it.

Have you tried any of the Dazzleglass Cremes yet? Any favorites emerging?

On a completely unrelated note, I finally had a chance to stop by the Jill Stuart boutique to check out the US launch of their cosmetics line this past weekend and of course I hauled a few items to share with you. Photos to come at some point this week!

Barbie Loves Stila Collection Swatches & Mini Review

September 26, 2009
A shot of the picked-over Barbie Loves Stila display in Sephora ~ all the palettes were gone!

I stopped by Sephora a few days back to check out the Barbie Loves Stila collection for you all (and to pick up a Barbie Loves Stila All Doll’d Up Palette to giveaway) only to find that a lot of the collection was already gone! The hot sellers are definitely the palette and the Smudge Pot in Purple Pumps ~ definitely check out this limited edition collection before it’s gone!

Swatches: Cobalt Clutch (left); Little Black Dress (right)

  • Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pots ($20): I was initially a little distracted by the fact that the Purple Pumps testser was missing, but my sadness was long forgotten once I’d dipped my fingers into Little Black Dress, which was seriously stunning! It’s a jet black base which contains a ton of purpley fuchsia shimmer and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in awhile. I must have it! Cobalt Clutch is also gorgeous and definitely something that’ll make the whites of your eyes pop.

Check out the rest of the reviews & swatches after the jump!

Close-up of the All Doll’d Up Palette tester.

  • Barbie Loves Stila All Doll’d Up Eyeshadow Palette ($28): The All Doll’d Up palette is beautifully pigmented and the shadows are almost creamy to the touch ~ it’s seriously gorgeous! I love that the palette contains a nice variety of shades meaning there’s something for everybody, and considering the range it’s quite literally a look (or 50!) in a box. Such a great value for only $28.

The Verdict: All in all I’d say this is definitely one of my favorite Stila releases to date and is worth checking out if you happen to be near a Stila counter! I’ll definitely be purchasing my first smudge pot or two in the coming weeks.