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Note To Self: No Threading During Lunch

June 23, 2009

I decided to take my lunch break a little early today; I needed to stop by the post office and had a bunch of errands to run. On the way back I passed a threading salon that a friend of mine frequents, and for some strange reason I made the spontaneous decision to get my eyebrows threaded.

Now keep in mind that my eyebrows have never been touched by anyone other than yours truly (well and the SO who’ll occasionally pluck them for me LOL)–I’ve never been waxed or threaded, primarily because I’m a huge wuss when it comes to pain.

So the result? Well, I’ll definitely remember not to get threaded towards the end of mylunch break when I’ll be seeing clients immediately afterwards. My eyebrows do look nicely groomed and I’m rather pleased with the results of my $6 threading foray, but the resulting redness just isn’t all that flattering.

On a happy note, the procedure wasn’t nearly as bad I’d been led to expect! I actually think it hurt a good deal less than plucking, plus it was nice to just sit back while someone else took care of my brows for once.

Shu Uemura Hard Formula Long-Lasting Brow Pencil Review & Swatches

April 30, 2009
Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil ($22)
Natural finish and shape. This unique eyebrow pencil only releases color pigment when it interacts with the oils in the brow hairs. The result is natural, defined brows. Smudge-proof and long-lasting.

Shu Uemura’s Hard Formula Long-Lasting Brow Pencil is my new HG brow product. While I thought that I loved my Anastasia brow pencil, the Shu has made me realize that that was mere puppy love–but this my dear readers is the real thing!

First of all check out my “swatch” of this product. No I haven’t lost it, that’s really the swatch! In the center of the photo you’ll see an ashy kind of reddish spot-that’s from vigorously rubbing the pencil on my skin. The cool (and great) thing about Shu’s Hard Pencil is that the color is only released by the natural oils in your face, and you therefore don’t have to worry about ending up with drawn-in looking Sharpie brows!

This long-lasting oily-skin resistant pencil provides a natural, soft look that never looks drawn in while providing great definition. Starting from the center of your eyebrow work outwards, then go back and fill in the inner portion of your brows, working in short feathery strokes, and voila instant gorgeous brows that never look over done no matter how over-zealous you may get with the pencil.

I’m wearing the pencil in shade Seal Brown, which is basically the default shade for all skin and hair tones. It quite literally works for everybody, so if you have a chance do check it out, it’ll rock your world!

ecoTOOLS Brow Grooming Set Review

April 30, 2009
ecoTOOLS Brow Grooming Set ($9.99 give or take a dollar or two)

After letting my brows grow wild for a month or so, I decided that since I’d be leaving for Korea soon (well by the time you guys read this I’ll be gone =P) it was about time to tame the ilttle beasties. My trusty Tweezersmans had been stolen by my brother (he stole BOTH!!! my silver pair and my pink pair grrrrr!) and I couldn’t find my cute little pink Japanese brow strimming scissors that had attached comb guides, and in my desperation I happened upon this little set sitting unused on my dresser.

This cruelty-free, recycled set consists of brow scissors, an adorable mini tweezer, a spoolie brush and angle brow brush, and a 5x mirror with suction cups on the back. This set is quite literally my solution for perfect brows in an eco-friendly bag. The straight edge of the scissors made trimming my overgrown eyebrows a piece of cake, and the tweezers were actually almost as good as my Tweezermans. And of course it doesn’t hurt that this whole set costs less than one pair of Tweezerman tweezers!

Also, let me just say that if you don’t own a magnifying mirror, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! I never knew how helpful a 5x magnification mirror could be in plucking my brows, but trust me it’s might helpful!

Look for ecoTOOLS products at your local drugstores (Rite Aide, Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc.), they’re great!

My Bergdorf Gift Card Event Haul!

April 27, 2009

I’ve literally been waiting months for Bergdorf’s gift card event. You get $25 off your purchase of $100 or more and most SA’s will split up your purchases so that you get $25 off every $100 if they can, plus Bergdorf has the best GWP’s. Bergdorf’s event was going on last week, so I definitely got my shop on!

I had zero intention of picking up anything Guerlain, but they had free engraving on their new Rouge G de Guerlain lipsticks (see a few swatches HERE) and I just couldn’t resist picking one up so that I could get my name on it. Silly I know!

You’ll get to see photos of it in a few days. I also stopped by the Shu counter and picked up their #18 foundation brush and their Hard Eyebrow Pencil (at the suggestion of Nicole). Now I’ve been a devoted Anastasia eyebrow pencil user for years and never thought I’d stray, but this pencil is seriously awesome and blows my Anastasia pencil out of the water. Plus it’s so ridiculously long. See a photo of it on me at the end of this post!

And my Shu Uemura GWP. What’s great about Bergdrof’s GWP’s is that the samples are always much much larger than the samples that come in the gift bags at Bloomingdales, Saks, etc. I got a sample of cleansing oil, Depsea Water in Bergamot (I love these–I have a review of them somewhere on the blog), Phyto-Black Lift Night Cream, and (not picture) Phyto-Black Lift Eye Cream.

I’ll be making an official announcement in a separate post at some point, but I’m leaving for Korea on Wednesday and I’ll be gone for 10 days. I’m planning on taking all these great samples with me so that I can keep my complexion in tip-top shape while I’m away. Plus the Shu Depsea Facial Mists are fabulous for in-flight use; they keep your complexion from succumbing to the dryness of the recycled airplane air.

And as promised, a photo of my brows after having used the Shu Hard Pencil. I know it doesn’t look all that impressive, but keep in mind that I have very very sparse eyebrows that need a lot of TLC. (And please excuse the fact that I’m not wearing any makeup other than the eyebrow pencil.)

I’ll be doing an in-depth review of what makes the pencil so great pretty soon so stay tuned for that. All in all I had a pretty stellar Saturday. The SO even surprised me by getting me an early birthday gift from Louis Vuitton!!! ❤ But you'll have to wait until I'm back from Korea to see photos of that.