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MAC Tendertones Review and Swatches

June 1, 2008

So dutiful blogger that I am, I dragged myself over to Nordstrom today to get some swatches of the newest MAC Tendertones (not to shop for myself 😉 -I’m so selfless I know). I love the way MAC’s Tendertones feel, so cushiony and plush, and of course they smell delicious, but I was disappointed by how sheer most of the shades were once applied. The Tendertones swatched beautifully, but it’s not like you’re going to be applying a super-thick layer of this stuff onto your lips!

Unfortunately my counter was out of E-Z Baby, so no swatch of that, but enjoy the others!

Top Row: Hush,Hush; Pucker; Honey Bare; Sweet & Nice
Middle Row: Take a Hint; Hot N’ Saucy; Deep Sigh; Sweet Tooth
Bottom Row: Tread Gently

My favorites after the swatching were Hush, Hush, Honey Bare, Take a Hint, Sweet Tooth, and Tread Gently but I after swatching them more sheerly on my other hand I realized that Honey Bare and Sweet Tooth were virtually indistinguishable, Tread Gently completely disappeared on me, and Take a Hint was a pretty pale pink but nothing special. I’m going to pop by MAC again in a few days to take another look at these, but as of yet I’m not so into them. BUT I did try a MAC Slimshine in Funshine that looks beautiful-I may be back for that!

Have you tried any of the latest Tendertones? Loved them? Hated them? Tell me all about it!

MAC Tendertones Now Online :)

May 28, 2008

The Summer 2008 Tendertones are now available through MAC and Nordstrom. Hurry on over and grab yours now!! Hopefully I’ll have a chance to head to MAC this weekend so I can check these out in person (along with the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator!).

Let me know what colors you end up with in the comments! I’ve never actually tried these, so have no idea what they look feel like but they look absolutely delicious!