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Kanebo SENSAI Eyelid Base Review & Swatches

May 20, 2009
Kanebo SENSAI Eyelid Base ($26)
Moisturizes and protects, while a natural-looking pearly radiance keeps eyeshadow colors bright and clear.

Now you all know that I’m a huge lover of pretty much all things Kanebo Sensai, and they can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes. Their shimmery Moist Shine Rouges (review and swatches HERE) are the perfect complement to a neutral makeup day, the intense pigmentation of their Lasting Treatment Rouges is truly stunning (review and swatches HERE), and I could just rave on and on about their foundation (seriously close to HG material! – review HERE) and Smoothing Water Makeup Base (review HERE).

So after the slew of great Kanebo Sensai products that I’ve been playing around with, the Sensai Eyelid Base was sadly a bit of a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong it has its uses and it’s not terrible, but it just didn’t have that wow-factor that I was expecting.

I was expecting something along the lines of MAC Paint Pots or Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, but Sensai’s Eyelid Base has more of the consistency of a light eye cream. What’s great about it is its lightness; you feel this refreshing cooling sensation as it’s applied, and the base has a pearly radiance to it that’ll lighten and brighten your eye area, leaving your looking bright-eye and bush tailed.

Small blob of SENSAI Eyelid Base.

While I love to use this as an eyelid brightener on those days when I’m not wearing any shadow, what disappointed me about Sensai’s Eyelid Base was the fact that it didn’t help to increase the longevity of my eyeshadow–it creased as though I wasn’t wearing any base at all. The Eyelid Base does help to slightly brighten and intensify any shadow you layer over it, but if you’re looking for something to prevent creasing and to provide all-day wear, this isn’t going to be it.

Partially blended.

All blended in–see the pearly radiance and slight brightening?

I do actually love wearing this to work, since most days I only wear some foundation, powder and mascara and need something to both soothe my tired eyes and give them a brighter appearance. I don’t think I’d repurchase, but I will enjoy using up the contents of this cute little frosted glass container.