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Jo Malone Skincare Brushes

November 4, 2008

While I have several friends who adore Jo Malone fragrances, can you believe I’ve never tried a single one of their products? However I’ve finally been tempted by these skincare brushes!

A brush that helps invigorate the skin and boost circulation through massage. A vital form of exercise for the skin, massage helps exfoliate and remove dead cells on the surface to promote a healthy, glowing complexion.

Yes I know that I have a Clarisonic that probably does the same thing, only better, but this just looks so low-tech and fun at the same time!

Jo Malone Face Mask Brush ($30)
A brush used to mix and apply masks. Made of easy-to clean, synthetic material, it feels soft and soothing to the touch.

I could probably use the million and one foundation brushes I have sitting around on my vanity collection dust to do the exact same thing, but I don’t see the label “face mask brush” anywhere on them, do you?

And I’m thinking the Jo Malone brush might work fabulously with their White Nectarine & Honey Nourishing Face Mask which just sounds like it would smell heavenly. I feel a Jo Malone order coming in the very foreseeable future!