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ReVersital 3-in-1 MicrodermaStick for Body Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Stick Review

November 2, 2009

ReVersital’s 3-in-1 Microderma Stick for Body
($80 for 3 oz.) packs a triple punch, combining the microdermabrasion product, applicator and after-care products into one fabulously simple resurfacing stick. This is one of those products that I never knew that I needed, but now can’t seem to live without.

ReVersital was created by Margaux Levy, founder of Freeze 24/7 which I’m sure many of you have heard of, and the product (which is also available in a face version) is meant to provide anti-aging benefits by improving everything from wrinkles and age spots ot overall luminosit.

See the magic of this stick in action and check out the rest of the review after the jump!

Step 1: Moisten skin and the surface of the MicrodermaStick. Then use the stick to gently massage the skin in circular motions for approximately 10 seconds.

Step 2: Rinse off, activating hydration and leaving a moisturizing shield on the skin.

While ReVersital for Body is meant to be used on the hands, elbows and feet I’ve found it to really work wonders for the stubborn bumps I have on the backs of my arms. While the stick doesn’t ‘cure’ them per se, their apperance is drastically ameliorated and this is the closest thing I’ve come to a fix in a long time, so pricey or not I’ll take it! I love that the stick is actually exfoliating and I’m not left wondering where all the scrubby beads all, and it’s oh so convenient not to have to moisturize after stepping out of the shower.

My only gripe? The price. No two ways about it, $80 for a 3 ounce stick is really quite pricey, especially when I’m rubbing the product away on my arms and legs. I can’t imagine being without it though so once my sample is depleted I may have to pony up the cash and get another stick for myself.

Availability: At Henri Bendel in New York, The Plaza Beauty by Warren Tricomi (One West 58th Street) and at

This review contains a press sample sent to ABS by the brand’s PR representative for blog consideration. I’d actually never heard of the brand before but it’s been a serious lifesaver for the rough patches on my body. I think I’ll cry when I run out because it’s so pricey though! If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please feel free to contact me at

Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash & Beauty Bar Review

August 6, 2009

Come summertime I’m always looking for ways to get my skin glowing, which is no easy feat considering how much I neglect it during the winter. Caress’ Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash, which quite literally smells like the inside of a Sabon boutique (think burnt sugar and vanilla infusing the air around you), helps me to maintain my glow by providing some light exfoliation in body wash form.

I’m rather lazy when it comes to exfoliating/moisturizing my body, so I appreciate a body wash that allows me to do both in one easy step. The Exfoliating Body Wash contains burnt brown sugar and karite butter to moisturize and exfoliate, as does the Beauty bar.

I love to use the Beauty Bar to really focus on those areas that need a little extra exfoliating, although I do wish there more scrubby bits embedded throughout the bar (like Lush’s Buffy) so that I could get a deeper exfoliation.

A word of warning for those who are sensitive to scents – these are two very strongly scented products, so I definitely recommend that you sniff before you buy. I happen to love having this scent infuse my bathroom as I shower in the morning, but you may not!

Body Wash available in 18 oz. ($4.49) and 12 oz. ($3.50) bottles.
Beauty Bars available in 2 bar ($2.99), 4 bar ($4.49), 6 bar ($6.49) and 8 bar ($7.99) sets.

AmorePacific Moisture Bound Introductory Collection for Normal/Dry Skin Review

May 12, 2009
I’ve been meaning to post and respond to comments, but honestly I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the Twilight saga that I just haven’t had the time LOL! I purchased the boxed set two days ago and I’m in the final book, Breaking Down, at the moment. I should be done by tonight and then no more distractions! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this review that I’ve been working on for what seems like forever.

AmorePacific Moisture Bound Introductory Collection Vitalizing Essentials for Normal to Dry Skin ($118 value for $50)

What it is: A travel-friendly skincare quartet. AmorePacific Moisture Bound Introductory Collection Vitalizing Essentials for Normal to Dry Skin is a limited-edition ensemble of handy skincare must-haves. These luxurious products are all you need to make your dry skin healthy, resilient, and age-resistant. Keep your complexion youthful and glowing—at home and on-the-go!

This set contains:
– 1.0 oz Moisture Bound Vitalizing Creme
– 1.0 oz Treatment Toner
– 0.25 oz Treatment Enzyme Peel
– 1.0 oz Treatment Cleansing Oil

If you look closely at the photo in this post, you’ll spot items from AmorePacific’s Moisture Bound Introductory Set scattered amongst the myriad of other makeup and skincare goodies I packed for my Korea trip. One reason I decided to pack these was of course because everything was just so perfectly travel-friendly, but more importantly these products when used together make up a great skincare regimen that I knew would soothe my travel-ravaged complexion.

AmorePacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Crème
harnesses the power of bamboo sap, a blend of Asian botanicals, and red ginseng to nourish and intensively hydrate the skin, restoring its protective barrier and promoting strong resiliency and optimal moisture balance so skin is prepared to withstand environmental aggressors. The appearance of fine lines is minimized and skin becomes comfortable, age-resistant, soft, supple, and luminescent.

I had every intention of loving this rather pricey creme which runs $150 for a mere 1.7 oz, but alas it just wasn’t for me. AmorePacific may have taken the whole “protective barrier” bit a little too literally, as the Moisture Bound Vitalizing Creme never quite seemed to absorb into my skin; rather, it just sat on the surface feeling rather sticky and a ltitle uncomfortable. I will say that for what’s supposed to be a heavy-duty hydrator it’s surprisingly light and almost gel-like in consistency which I quite enjoyed, but rapid absorption is key for me.

AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel is a water-activated non-abrasive exfoliating formula that delivers radiant, smooth, youthful results for all skin types. This product was one of my primary reasons for ordering this set, as I’d read such rave reviews of it on MUA, but for some reason I had absolutely no idea that the product would essentially be a powder face wash much like the one I reviewed HERE. While I’m a big fan of Kanebo Sensai’s Silk Peeling Powder, I just may have a new favorite. This isn’t at all abrasive feeling, unlike conventional exfoliators, but you’ll notice an immediate smoothness and luminosity to your complexion, even after just one use. I definitely need the full-size!

AmorePacific Treatment Toner Alcohol-Free Freshener
is a soothing complex that utilizes red ginseng extract in lieu of distilled water for revitalizing benefits, completing the cleansing process, balancing pH, reducing redness and irritation, and priming skin to receive treatment. I’m not too big a fan of moisturizing toners in general as they tend to clog my pores and give me hives for some reason, but this one’s soothing without being irritating. Great for those of you with dry, sensitive skin.

And my other reason for wanting to try this set, the Treatment Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes. I love oil cleansers because they gently and effectively dissolves makeup and impurities, leaving skin soft, hydrated. This formula is much lighter than my much-adored SK-II cleansing oil, making it great for warmer weather, but it’s just as good at removing my makeup and leaving my skin thoroughly clean yet balanced.

While there wasn’t item in this set that I really disliked, if you had to choose just one to try I’d say go for the Treatment Enzyme Peel, I think you’ll love it!

Kose Cosmeport Softymo Powder Wash Review

October 3, 2008
Kose Cosmeport Softymo Powder Wash (~$10)

Powder face washes may be foreign territory to some of you, but for me they’re just a way to change up the tedium and monotony of washing my face with the same products every day. While the ultimate powder wash is Kanebo Sensai’s Silk Peeling Powder ($60), Kose’s version is a passable alternative for those on a budget.


You pop off the blue top, open the inner seal and then pour a good amount of this into the palm of your hand (I’d say two teaspoons or so); apply to an already damp face, work into a lather and you know the rest!


The granules are on the coarse side, which means that you get a gentle exfoliant and a foaming face wash in one product. Powder face washes are also a great alternative when you’re traveling and don’t want any liquids in your bag.



While this is a decent facial cleanser, my face never feels quite clean when I use this on its own, and it just doesn’t give me the amazing results that the Kanebo does. Plus the granules are a little coarser than I’d like. But it is a lot of fun to use and therefore will have a permanent spot on my vanity-at least until I can pick up another of the Kanebo!

I purchased this at my local Japanese supermarket, but should you be interested in giving this a try there’s something very similar currently available through Sasa. Click on the photos above to be taken there!


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Clarisonic Skincare Brush System Review

September 29, 2008
Clarisonic Skincare Brush ($195)


I purchased my Clarisonic Skincare Brush pretty much right around when it was first released way back when, and to be honest I didn’t love it so much at the time. I don’t know if it was simply that I was too lazy to use it, or that the brush heads that I was using didn’t work for me, but whatever the reason I used it on and off for a few weeks and then it just sat there for well over a year, unloved and essentially forgotten.

In the meantime I kept purchasing the various Clarisonic brush heads (they need to be replaced every three months or so with regular use, and run $25) as they were released-first the normal, then the sensitive, and finally the delicate. A few weeks ago I got this urge to pick my Clarisonic up again, and it’s been love ever since!

The brush claims to give your skin a deep clean (it oscillates more than 300 times a second), to clarify, reduce the appearance of lines/wrinkles and pores, amongst a multitude of other things, and it really does deliver! I’m not saying you’re miraculously going to have smooth poreless skin (if only), but with everyday use you will notice that your pores have a tighter more toned appearance, and you skin will be as soft as a baby’s bottom.


My brush head of choice is the delicate (pictured above). I tend to toggle between the high and low power settings, because on low I always feel that I don’t get a deep enough clean, whereas on high my skin can become a little irritated, even using the delicate brush head!


The cons? It’s rather bulky/heavy and so a bit cumbersome to use, but that may have something to do with the fact that the brush is entirely waterproof and so safe for shower use, which is definitely a plus! And of course the price is a major deterrent!

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely if you have an extra $200 or so lying around! Since I’ve started using this on a daily basis my skin has never looked better-my pores look tighter, my complexion is brighter and clearer, and my skin really is so ridiculously soft. And there’s also a marked difference in terms of how the rest of my products absorb into my skin after using this.

Stop by your local Sephora or Nordstrom to check this out! It’s available in a range of great shades (black, blue, white, pink) and with all the Friends and Family events coming up, may make a great splurge purchase! Now if only I had it in pink…

RATING: 4.5/5

ABS’s Favorite Facial Treatments Part II: MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Review

June 30, 2008
Who knew that MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator from its Future Earth collection would sell out so quickly? Heck if I’d known I would’ve stocked up as soon as it was released!

See the sludgy oily black goodness? It’s happiness in a leaky plastic tub.

The Exfoliator is a mixture of Volcanic Ash and sugar crystals from the islands of Vanuatu. And for those who love a multi-taking product, this works great on both face and body.

See the sugar crystals?
Rub this on your face or body and you’re left with what looks like a layer of greasy soot. Attractive, no?

MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator has to be once of my favorite MAC products of all time. It’s a multi-tasker, fun and easy to use (c’mon you can’t tell me it isn’t fun to smear black goo all over your face!), relatively inexpensive, pleasantly scented and non-irritating–all of which make me hope that MAC will make this a part of their permanent line at some point!

Basically you wet your face (or body), take some your Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, smear it all over the place and rub away until all of the fine sugar crystals have dissolved. You’d think the stuff would be difficult to remove but it rinses right off, with the added bonus of a cool foaming sensation. Once everything’s been rinsed away you’re left with baby soft skin!

I think it’s pretty self-evidence that I love this product, so if you can find this at your local MAC counter, I’d definitely grab it and hoard it as if your life depended on it!

Two little gripes though. #1 while it’s a great exfoliator and leaves your skin feeling very soft, the sugar crystals aren’t super fine and therefore won’t really give your pores a deep deep clean. If you’re looking for a thorough pore-cleansing scrub, look elsewhere! And #2 is my one major issue with this product-the packaging absolutely stinks!! I really don’t know what MAC was thinking with this one. The jar’s leaky (the oil leaks out the sides and gets everywhere as you can see in my first photo) and messy, and I’ve heard it gets gooey during shipment as well. Not pretty!

Have you tried MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator? Loved it? Hated it? Thought the packaging stunk? Tell me about it!

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ABS’s Favorite Facial Treatments Part I: The Aspirin Mask

June 12, 2008

Remember when I promised to go through my favorite scrubs, masks, and other facial treatments over a month ago? Well it’s been sitting on the back-burner for weeks, but I’ve finally gotten around to doing it! 🙂

First up is a super cheap and effective at-home DIY treatment, the aspirin mask. When I feel a break-out coming on, or my complexion just needs a quick pick-me-up, this is what I turn to. Because aspirin is a derivative of salicylic acid, this mask is absolutely amazing for keeping your skin clean and clear!

So how exactly do you make an aspirin mask? Read on to find out!!

1. Shake out 4-5 uncoated aspirin tablets onto your hand or a small mixing dish.
I use these cheap ones from Walgreens-500 tablets for $3.99!

2. Place a drop or two of HOT water onto each tablet.
Cold or lukewarm water won’t work here!

3. Once the tablets are melted through (if your water was warm enough, it should only take a few seconds), crush them the rest of the way with your fingers. You should end up with this aspirin paste.

4. Add the mix-in ingredient of your choice. I like Cetaphil because it’s gentle and gives my aspirin mask an exfoliant-like consistency without being too runny. Other favorites are honey, yogurt, and Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask.

5. You can use the resulting mixture either as an exfoliator, a mask, or both!
I tend to smear it all over my face, exfoliate with it for 30 seconds or so, then leave it on while I’m brushing my teeth.

6. Rinse off and you’ve got instant baby-soft skin!!

One minor caveat: If you’ve got aspirin allergies, obviously this may not be the best mask for you!

Have you tried the aspirin mask? What’s your favorite variation?

ABS’s Favorite Scrubs, Masks, and Other Facial Treatments

May 7, 2008

To make up for the lack of updates I’ve decided to tease you with a quick glimpse at things to come 🙂

Now that your skin’s survived the icy winter (well if you live somewhere that has cold weather), you’ll want to pamper it and make sure it’s in tip-top condition for the coming beach-weather! And I’ll be showing you my favorite products for doing this. So stay tuned for a more in-depth look at some of my favorite skincare products 🙂

In the meantime, make sure to enter my Giveaway for the Month of May!!