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Lush Godiva Solid Shampoo Review

December 8, 2008
Lush Godiva Solid Shampoo ($9.25)
Godiva shampoo’s luscious blend of exotic oils and cocoa butter leaves tresses so beautifully conditioned, silk would be envious! Though the legendary beauty who rode naked through Coventry is the inspiration for this bar, please exercise restraint if you find yourself a bit carried away and tempted to give a similar performance. (Though, a naked horseback ride would be quite a novel and somewhat environmentally-friendly way to dry your hair…) Horse not included.

Nicole sent me this yummy-looking Lush Godiva solid shampoo bar a few months back and I’ve been happily using it ever since. How bad is it that when I see the name Godiva I don’t think Lady Godiva, but rather of Godiva chocolates? Lush needs to stop confusing us with their delicious-looking concoctions! My mother, who’s never been to or even seen a Lush in her life, saw my Buffy body bar sitting in my room in its cellophane package and took it downstairs to eat, thinking it was a bar of white chocolate. Then came the lecture on how I shouldn’t be hiding chocolate in my room!

I was pretty skeptical as to how well a solid shampoo would lather in my hair–since I don’t know if you’ve tried washing your hair with soap (hey desperate times call for desperate measures) but it doesn’t work out so well–but one of my favorite aspects of this shampoo is the beautiful beautiful rich lather. Per the instructions I grab my bar from its tin (okay I actually use the top of a pomade container since I don’t have one of Lush’s shampoo tins), run it along the length of my wet hair three times (once along each side, and the back), then work Godiva into a wonderful lather and rinse.

Godiva leaves my hair looking and feeling clean, clarified, shiny, and all-around healthy. I tend not to use is every day simply because I have a few other shampoos in rotation, but it’s perfect for those days when my hair is starting to feel a little weighed-down or finicky–a quick wash with Godiva really does the trick. As an added bonus this little bar is highly portable and according to the people at Lush, good for 90 uses.

A word of warning–the scent is rather strong and if you’re not a fan of jasmine, probably won’t be to your liking at all. But scent aside this is definitely worth a try, especially if you travel a lot!

I’m Such a Lush

October 19, 2008

So thanks to Nicole I feel like I have a mini Lush boutique in my bedroom! She sent me the yummy Ghost shower gel which is a special Halloween release (it has shimmer!), a fun fizzy bath bomb, limited edition Godmother soap which smells heavenly (there’s also a little check of it holding Ghost in place lol), a piece of a massage bar, and samples of Big shampoo, I Love Juicy shampoo, Retread conditioner, Mask of Magnanimity and Sexy Peel Soap.

I know I haven’t even gotten to review the Godiva shampoo bar for you all yet, but I promise to have it to you by Monday!

Nicole also sent me a sample of Kanebo Sensai’s Fluid Finish foundation to test out and some La Mer Moisturizing Gel Cream since she knows I’m waiting for my stash to be replenished.

Thank you doesn’t even begin to express how appreciative I am of how wonderful you’ve been to me over the past few months! *Sigh* I think I’ve found my makeup soulmate!! ❤

Lucky Lucky Jen!

October 15, 2008

This really must be my lucky month, because in addition to amazing packages from Nicole (here and here) and a wonderful surprise package from Digital Angel (see here), I also received a massive package from the fabulous Taryn! This is far from the first time that she’s sent me a package, and while I’m not even close to having made it through my past goodies, I now have a million new things to play with! Thanks Taryn I feel so loved!!! ❤

~Testimo Palette: You should see how this thing sparkles! It’ll be perfect for an icy winter look. See below for a photo of it open.
~Etude House Palette: This adorable pink palette has shimmery strips of pink, green and purple. The pink case is just darling and the shadows are so soft and pretty.
~Bobbi Brown Lip Tint in Punch Tint: I love lippies with SPF!
~Kaito oil-controlling product according to Taryn. I can’t read this one so I guess that just means I’ll have to try it!
~Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes in 01 Pink Quartz: I think everybody knows I love my pinks, and that I’ve been dying to try some Jill Stuart, and OMG I LOVE this so much! It’s like a little jewel!
~Laneige The Secret of Snow Crystal Snow Palette 2: This is easily the most beautiful palette I’ve seen in a very long time! See below for a photo of it open.

Testimo Palette and Laneige Palette Opened

~Canmake Cheek Gradation 01: Four strips of pretty shimmery goodness and an adorable little brush.
~Excel Blush in G2: It’s a shame the blush is concealed by the brush in the photo (this is the square gold-packaged one) because it’s gorgeous! This has a ton of super-fine shimmer and I can’t stop staring at it.
~Kiss 01: So I think this is a highlighting powder-it’s a pale pinky shimmery shade that almost disappears onto my skin, leaving behind a pretty subtle shimmer. This one will be traveling with me since I love the compact so much!
~Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Gleamer: Oooh finally something in English that I can read! I just swiped my finger across the surface of this and it creates such a soft pretty gold. Can you sense that by now my hands and fingers are completely encrusted with shimmer? =D
~Nouba Earth Powder #3: Such a pretty shimmery domed blush!

~Lovely Girl B.B. Cream: I can just tell from the packaging that I’m going to like this one.
~Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune: I couldn’t resist a little spritz and it’s so refreshingly citrusy!
~L’Occitane Ultra Comforting Serum: I know that this will be comforting my dry, tired skin all winter long.
~Skin Food Pore Minimizing Base: I’m ridiculously excited to test this out tomorrow morning, since it smells deliciously peachy and comes in an absolutely adorable tube.
~Besame Cashmere Powder Compact: Quite possibly the prettiest and daintiest compact I’ve seen. Everything from the drawstrong bag to the compact itself is drop dead gorgeous–see below.

~Daisy Cakes Soap: I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but I’m sure it’s wonderful.
~FX Silk Drops: I’ve been wanting to try this for such a long time now so thank you Taryn!!
~Alberto Sleek & Silky Conditioner: I’ve been needing a new conditioner since my Garnier just hasn’t been cutting it, so this will be going into the shower with me in the AM.
~Bumble & Bumble Styling Lotion: I’m a complete hair-styling newb so this is a great place to start.
~Bumble & Bumble Prep: My stubborn hair has been needing something like this.
~Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Repair Conditioner: After reading Taryn’s review of this stuff (here) I’ve been dying to try this, and now here it is right before me like a dream. Okay so maybe I’m a little sleepy and that’s the delirium talking, but regardless I can’t wait to try this!

Thank you thank you thank you Taryn! I’m seriously excited to go to bed tonight so that I can wake up in the morning and pile at least 15 of these products onto my face and hair in an over-zealous attempt to test everything at once!

Some Caron And Some Sharing

October 15, 2008
Check out Nicole‘s Caron haul below!

Caron overload! She got loose powder in Gitane, a travel loose powder compact, kabuki brush, and a peach swansdown puff plus lots of samples!

Ooooh shiny!

Fluffy pink goodness! (okay technically peach but I say pink)

AND…Nicole also sent me along some great lush stuff! Now greedy little monster that I am I tore into the package and used most of the items before I got to photograph them (which may or may not be why the shampoo bar below looks a little loved) but I grabbed what was in my room and took a photo for you! There was so much more good stuff in there!

La Prairie powder sample (love), Lush Godmother Soap (yummm!!!) and Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar (I’ll be reviewing this for you at some point)

Thanks for the photos and the wonderful package Nicole! xoxoxo

Who Has Fabulous Readers?

October 5, 2008

I do!! Imagine my surprise when I go to check my mail Friday afternoon and see two packages crammed in there! One was from the wonderful A Digital Angel (currently on blog hiatus), and the other was from the gorgeous Nicole.

Goodies from Nicole:

Such beautiful colors! It was almost too pretty to rip into…almost.
Nicole sent me a million different Lush goodies to try (I haven’t gotten to them all yet but let me just say I’m obsessed with the Dream Cream and Lemony Flutter now), some great products to help tame my misbehaving hair, and of course a ton of fabulous stuff for my face as well. She even sent me some Guerlain Meteorites Primer to temporarily sate my desperate need for this stuff! I can’t wait to work my way through every single item!

And Goodies from Digital Angel:

I totally wasn’t expecting this package at all–I can’t believe you kept it a secret! Nobody ever manages to surprise me!

The lovely Digital Angel sent me some yummy yummy Korean sweets, an adorable Hello Kitty backpack clip and two Castle Dew eyeshadows (pink of course) that I will be reviewing for you all shortly! I was ridiculously excited to see the shadows since I’d been wanting them since reading about them on Alyssa’s blog.

And some Skin Food and Etude House samples–two Korean brands that I’m currently loving!

Thanks so much to both of you beautiful ladies for being such fabulous readers and wonderful friends–you totally made my week!