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MAC Flirt with Fall Lash Collection Now Live

August 25, 2009

We’re dramatically lashing out with the help of a pre-eminent authority on the subject: Academy Award-nominated Hollywood makeup artist, Christina Smith, who’s developed this innovative collection of glamorous Silver Screen lash looks just for M∙A∙C!

DUO Waterproof Dark-Tone Eyelash Adhesive Review & Photos

July 1, 2009
Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Dark Tone ($6.29)

After years of using the same ‘dries to a clear finish’ Duo Eyelash Adhesive, I decided it was time for a change. My false lash application tends to be on the messy side, which for me means stray bits of glue and other gunk on my eye area. Couple that with the fact that clear actually means an almost clear, kinda-looks-like-an-eye-boogie shade and obviously I wasn’t happy.

It was also just time for me to pick up a new tube of eyelash adhesive, since my last tube of Duo had gone rancid–I opened the tube to be greeted by a smell akin to rotting fish. Fast forward to Jen strolling through the aisles of Walgreens on the hunt for a new tube of lash glue and voila–I’m home with Duo’s Eyelash Adhesive in the Dark Tone.

Upon squeezing out the first glob I was pretty disappointed at the oddly-hued light gray stuff that came out of the tube, but I decided to go with it since I didn’t have any other glue lying around. Luckily that black-flecked gray stuff dries to a clear, rich black color if that makes any sense, and given my brunette coloring and affinity for black liner, it blends perfectly.

This is what the adhesive looks like once dry. I squeezed it onto the back of my Stila palette box–sorry for the mess!

I used the dark-toned glue in my recent false lash post (see it HERE and I’ve also repasted a photo from that post below) and I’ve really grown to love it.

If you have darker-colored lashes and you’re in the market for a new false lash adhesive, give the dark tone a shot, it may work better for you than the clear stuff. It certainly did for me!

Falsie Fun!

June 30, 2009

I know I’ve been terribly naughty, neglecting the blog the way that I have been, but I promise to be better! It’s not that I don’t love you ~ I literally just got home from the office a few minutes about and it’s almost 11 pm =X.

Is anyone watching the QVC beauty special that’s on tonight starting at 10pm? I heard that they’re going to have some amazing deals on some fabulous products. So sad I missed out on most of it already!

But back on topic, this is a quick and dirty look I did on Friday for a night out with friends. It’s a bit on the sloppy side, but I swear it looked pretty hot in person!

I was dying to try out the new falsies that my gorgeous friend Cathy had given me, so I picked up some DUO glue (my previous tube went bad and smelled like rotting fish) from Walgreens and went at it. I decided to try out the tinted/dark kind as I always end up making a mess with the clear kind, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really love the tinted DUO glue.

The falsies are demis (a half strip) which I love since they don’t overwhelm the shape/size of my Asian eyes. I decided to keep everything else simple with some liner and silver shadow to really make the lashes pop, and I paired the eyes with my MAC lipstick in Calironia Dreamin’, which really can’t be beat when it comes to the perfect pale pink lippy to pair with a smokey eye.

And since tonight seems to be all about rambling incoherently (sorry for the terrible writing!) and bouncing from topic to topic, here’s a bottle of Mountain’s Dew’s World of Warcraft soda–it’s fruit punch flavored I believe! I’ll proudly to admit that I’ll drink pretty much anything blue, and the whole WoW aspect of it kinda appeals to me. I blame the SO who was obsessed with this game for the longest time!

Fantasizing About My Own Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar

June 8, 2009

So I’m sitting here at work feeling stressed and fantasizing about lashes–is that normal? It suddenly occurred to me that while I have a good number of false lashes, I don’t really have any that would qualify as whimsical or just pure fun. Which then brought me to this thought: How amazing would it be to have your own Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar in your powder room?

Here are my choice to start off my ‘fantasy’ Lash Bar:

Slant Back False Eyelashes ($20)
Flirty yet functional, this full set of dramatic lashes with alternating lengths and delicate wispy lashes adds a touch of subtlety for a voluminous and feminine finish.

Premium Velvet Feather False Eyelashes ($50)

The extra-long design of these premium, hand-crafted, soft feather lashes creates a bold, unforgettable statement reminiscent of J-Lo’s mink eyelashes a la the 2001 Oscars.

Premium Velvet Feather Deep Forest False Eyelashes ($50)

Go for glamor and drama with these hand-crafted, soft feathered premium eyelashes in dark green and black. These would have looked amazing with my Wicked-inspired Halloween look.

Premium Black Gown False Eyelashes ($50)

These uniquely elegant falsies are made with black lace to cast mysterious shadows on the eyes. I know there aren’t many occasions that call for lashes like these, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting them!

Lucent Rainbow False Eyelashes ($27)

These multiple loops of translucent rainbow-colored wires lined next to each other are admittedly crazy and verging on unattractive, but I’d get them for the sole reason that they make me smile :).

Swirl Couture False Eyelashes ($95)
I just about fell over when I saw the price on these falsies, but then again they are from Shu’s collaboration with Viktor & Rolf and I guess you’re paying for the designer name. The Swirl Couture lashes come encased in a luxurious white box complete with a masquerade eye mask, blending Viktor & Rolf’s artistic and conceptual approach to design with shu uemura’s avante garde vision.

Mini Indigo False Eyelashes ($18)

Subtley accent your eyes with this subtlely playful mixture of indigo blue, sandy yellow and black.

Mini Star Glitz False Eyelashes ($22)

Small-sized, night sky-colored eyelashes are adorned with small stars to quite literally bring a twinkle to your eyes.

Dazzling Sapphire Diamante False Eyelashes

Black and blue eyelashes bejeweled with dark blue crystals, these lashes are classic with a twist. And much easier than attempting to glue crystals directly onto your eyes!

What lashes would you include in your own Fantasy Lash Bar? It’s nice to do away with all things practical for awhile and to indulge in silliness! 🙂

Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Lush and a Beaded Konadicure

May 28, 2009

I was headed out to an engagement party this past Memorial Day Weekend, and I didn’t really feel like wearing any mascara or curling my lashes, so I whipped out my trusty false lashes which did the trick. I only used two little clumps of lashes from Revlon’s Fantasy Lashes in Lush on the outer corners of each eye, and I was set. Instant lush, thick lashes that give a little drama without looking unnatural.

What do you think?

While I have a bunch of Revlon’s Fantasy Length Lashes (see my collection HERE), Lush is one of my faves because I can customize the look that I want to achieve and don’t have to bother with a full strip of lashes if I’m not so inclined.

And I’m terrible with the nailpolish photos for some reason (with flash there’s just so much glare!) but here’s one of my latest Konadicure using plate # 62 (which I purchased solely for this stamp). The base color is Revlon’s Fruitful Temptations Fruit-Scented Nailpolish in Not So Blue-berry (review HERE–and the color looks much better with flash) topped with Konad’s special polish in purple. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on this one–loving it!

Revlon Runway Collection Nails and Fantasy Length Lashes!

April 29, 2009

I haven’t played with artificial nails in well over a decade, but with my upcoming trip to Korea coupled with the fact that I had managed to break nearly every single one of my fingernails had me reaching eagerly for a box of Revlon’s Runway Collection Nails.

Starlet Close-Up

Revlon’s Runway Collection Artificial Nails come in a range of 12 sizes and are light and sheer enough that they successfully replicate the look of your natural nails, a nice feat for little pieces of plastic! I have these in the MEDIUM length and I should warn that these really are quite short–I’ll hopefully be posting photos of the full set of these nails on my fingers within the next week or so.


For my Korea-trip I decided to go with Starlet–I love the subtle swirl of pattern on the French tips, and the fact that they’re beigey rather than white. I have them all laid out on my table by size like so:

…so that come tomorrow morning I can slap these on before heading to the airport. I figured it would be better to apply these after showering since I’d like for them to last as long as possible. I’ll be updating with how well they wear/how they look/how long they last when I get back from Korea!

And just to tide you over, here’s a photo of one of the Starlet nails on my thumb–isn’t it pretty?

I also got a bunch of Revlon false lashes that I’m so ridiculously excited to experiment with. I feel the urge to do some fun and crazy EOTD’s using these! My favorite pair is the Lush–I love that I can create a custom look using these, as I sometimes find a full lash strip a bit hard to pull off.

And all my other lashes! I promise that you’ll be seeing photos of all of these on at some point.

Stay tuned for reviews, EOTD’s and more using these products as soon as I’m back from Korea. I miss you all already! And if you can’t wait until I get back, head to your local drugstore and check these products out for yourself–they’re very recessionista friendly at under $5 each!