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ABS’ LashFood Chronicles Part I

February 20, 2009
LashFood Eyelash Conditioner ($129)

I’ve decided to chronicle my LashFood experiences here on the blog with weekly photo updates (hopefully) and comments on my experiences throughout the process so that you can all stay updated on my progress or lack thereof with this product. Of course I’m highly skeptical, but optimistic nonetheless!

By the way, has anybody else ever noticed how disgusting it is to view your skin up close? It wasn’t nearly as traumatizing with my older camera since the photos weren’t nearly as clear and therefore much more forgiving, but it really isn’t a pretty sight with my new Sony.

But back on topic, I’ve used LashFood two or three times so far, so this is pretty much a “before” photo of my lashes. I’ll probably update with new photos next Saturday or so stay tuned! The people at LashFood state that results can start to appear at anywhere from 2-4 weeks, so hopefully I’ll be able to stick with this that long. I’m also using this on my ridiculously sparse eyebrows so will post eyebrows photos next week as well (if they’re in any shape to be photographed). Wish me luck!

ABS’ Pre-Valentine’s Day Giveaway! <3

February 4, 2009
LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner

I am having the most stressful day at work today, but since there’s little I can do about my mid-week woes, I thought I’d do a little something to brighten your Wednesday–namely hold a fabulous pre-Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Before we get to the giveaway itself though, let me just say that I’m so jealous of this giveaway item as I’m dying to own it for myself–so whoever wins this has to promise to review it for my eyelash-obsessed self. Pinky-swear!

Up for grabs is one tube of LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner ($129), a five month treatment formulated with the highest grade all natural ingredients available, designed to condition, repair, restore, and create longer healthier and more beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows in just 2-4 weeks. What woman doesn’t want longer, fuller lashes? Apparently even The Closer’s Kyra Sedgewick has purchased a tube of LashFood for herself!

LashFood’s breakthrough natural ingredients, including Biotin an essential vitamin, Arginine a natural amino acid, and herbal extracts, helps promote the natural growth and strength of eyelashes and eyebrows. The result: your lashes become thicker, darker, and longer with this revolutionary conditioner.

Leave me a comment by midnight February 10th:

1) Promising me that you’ll tell me all about your experiences with LashFood should you win my giveaway, and;

2) Spelling out your e-mail address (ex. a.beautyful.sentiment at gmail dot com) so that I know where to reach you.

Double your chances of winning by signing up to receive A Beautyful Sentiment updates via e-mail! If you’re already signed up via e-mail, please be sure to either tell me in your original comment, or to leave me a second comment telling me that you’re a subscriber.

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PLEASE NOTE: Giveaway open to US residents ONLY!