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My Sephora Haul & A Little Avon

March 28, 2009

You can read more about my order HERE–check out all that I got for only $50 plus tax! Well free actually since I had a gift card =D.

I used the AmorePacific Starter Kit for the first time last night and my skin is so incredibly soft this morning. I’ll definitely be reviewing this kit for you after the appropriate testing period, but so far so good!

I also entered code: GONATURAL at checkout to receive 8 free natural-product samples (check out what’s inside below), and redeemed my 500 Beauty Insider points for the most fabulous Korres gift set–scroll down for more details!

Lena Korres’ Favorites (500 point redemption = FREE!!):

The set includes:

The gloss (in shade nude) and the mascara are full-sized, and I’ll be wearing them both in a half hour or so for a fun day out. I may just test the 24-Hour Moisturizer as well–may as well go all Korres this morning!

I took photos of the tag for you in case you were interested in reading more about the products and why creator Lena Korres loves each one so much.

And the 8 free samples I got:

Click to Enlarge (as usual–you can enlarge all the photos!)

And part of my Avon Haul:

I picked up Avon’s latest Spectra Lash Mascara. The purple part on the bottom is actually a dial that you click to amp up the volume–we’ll have to see how it works. In the middle we have a Big Color Glossly Lip Pencil which I’m eagerly anticipating playing with, and at the bottom we have Jillian Dempsey’s newest Celestial Eyeshadow–pretty! Reviews of everything to come shortly of course.

Avon Charge Artist Transforming Nail Color Review and Photos

February 24, 2009
Change Artist Transforming Nail Color ($5.49)

I posted about Avon’s Change Artist Transforming Nail Colors HERE a little over a month ago, purchased them, and then never got a chance to post about them! *Sigh* such is the story of my blogging life~~so many wonderful products to review, so little time!

Check out how this cool concept works out in practice, along with some photos, after the jump!

Shimmering Steel

Shimmering Lavender

I was pretty pleasantly surprised by these polishes. The colors are very opaque and you literally only need one coat to achieve full coverage, making for a quick and easy manicure. The clear, “transforming” end contains a very fine-tipped brush that’s great for achieving fine detail. It looks all splayed out in the tube, but once you pull it out the bristles pull together and it’s really very nice for achieving a decent amount of detail or a basic french tip.

On the downside, I found the whole color transforming thing to be a bit messy. The clear polish had a tendency to wipe away some of the underlying polish, although that may just be because my polish was never quite dry enough. Also, this polish is a major pain in the but to remove thanks to its glittery texture!

I did enjoy the fun-factor, but I can’t see myself using these all that often as I just don’t really enjoy spending inordinate amounts of time scrubbing away at my nails.

Some More Avon Lippie Swatches

January 29, 2009

I got in a new batch of Avon lippes a week or two back, and since I’ve reviewed most of the products for you already I figured I’d just take photos and swatches to show you.

Avon Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick in Coral Goddess ($8)
(See my Glazewear Review plus swatches of Mauve Moon HERE)

Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipstick in Very Cherry ($2.99)
(See my review of the Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipsticks plus swatches of Delicate Pink HERE. These are currently on sale from $9 to $2.99,and I suspect that Avon is discontinuing them so please do take this opportunity to try them as they’re absolutely wonderful!)

Top Row:
Ultra Rich Color Mousse Lipsticks in Very Cherry and Apricot Nude
Bottom Row: Glazewear Diamonds in Coral Goddess, Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Sheer Pink

Lip Shots!

Ultra Rich Color Mousse Lipstick in Very Cherry

Ultra Rich Color Mousse Lipstick in Apricot Nude
Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick in Coral Goddess
Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Sheer Pink

Smashbox O-Gloss vs. Mark Glossblossom (Review & Swatches)

January 20, 2009
TOP: Mark Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint ($6)
BOTTOM: Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss ($22)

When I was in fourth or fifth grade I discovered the magic of mood lipsticks. They were these hideous, candy-scented, forest green sticks of ugly that would would change colors on your lips according to your “mood,” and apparently mine was always shocking fuchsia. The stuff looked absolutely horrendous on me, but for some reason I insisted on wearing it.

Fast forward a decade and a half (give or take a few years) and we’ve got these updated offerings from Smashbox, Mark, and a bunch of other companies–our old mood lipsticks in gloss form! The basic concept behind these glosses is that they go on clear, but then react with your body chemistry to develop into your own customized shade. Since one retails for $6, and the other for a whopping $22, I thought I’d compare the two for you! And FYI Too Faced almost makes a product that’s quite similar (and available in a fun shade of blue from their Smurfette collection).

Mark Glossblossom (left), Smashbox O-Gloss (right)

MARK: So up first we have Mark’s Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tiny, a veritable bargain at $6. This “ripens” into a very pretty soft pink on me, so it’s unfortunate that I’m not a fan. As you can see in the swatch above, the consistency is very runny, almost to the point of being watery, and it feels rather greasy on my lips, a sensation I’m not all that fond of. Couple that with its terrible lasting power and I’d say save for $6!

So how does Smashox’s O-Gloss compare?

Smashbox O-Gloss

Mark Glossblossom

SMASHBOX: Well Smashbox’s O-Gloss Intuitive Lipgloss definitely wins in the texture department. It has a slick, not too sticky but not too runny consistency, contains great ingredients like Goji Verry, Ginkgo Biloba, Pomgranate Seed, and Avocado Oil, plus it also transforms into a pretty shade of soft to bright pink (depending on the day). All in all I do like this one quite a bit, but I’m not sure I’d pay $22 for it.

Next on my list is to try their new plumping version of the O-Gloss!

ABS Wants: Avon Change Artist Transforming Nail Color

January 8, 2009
Avon Change Artist Transforming Nail Color ($5.49)
Dual-ended design contains colored base coat and clear shade-altering top coat. Transform nails with two-tone designs.

This should be switched from ABS Wants to ABS Got since I happened to pick two of these up in the Shimmering Lavender and the Shimmering Steel. After seeing this little blurb in the latest Avon catalog:

I had to test this out for myself! I haven’t had a chance to use them yet since I’m still wearing these Incoco strips, but as soon as they begin to chip (I’m attempting to see how long I can make them last) I’ll be switching over to the Avon. Although I also have a gorgeous purple Butter London polish that I’ve been dying to use since it looks a lot like Chanel’s must-lusted-after Vendetta polish from their Spring 2009 Bohemian Fantasy release.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ll be reviewing these eventually, but it may be later rather than sooner! Check out the shades below:

Have you tried these before? A similar color-changing nail product? I feel like they had these when I was in middle school.

Avon Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipstick Review and Swatches

December 10, 2008
Avon Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipsticks in 24K Pink Golden Rose, and Natural Gold ($8 but currently $4.99)

Avon’s new Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipsticks contain precious glittering flecks of actual 24K gold to give lips opulent shimmer and shine. They’re currently available in a range of 10 shades, and while most of them lean towards the brighter end of the spectrum, there should be something for everyone.

Close-Up of 24K Pink

I’ll admit that I was suckered in by the allure of having actual 24K flecks in my lipstick for the low low price of only $4.99! But per my last few Avon reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by these 24K lipsticks. They’re relatively creamy, apply smoothly, have beautiful pigmentation, wear well, and there isn’t a hint of unflattering frostiness to be seen. They’re pretty much of the quality that I’d expect from a department store product, and for the price I paid for them I’m one happy makeup junkie.

Swatches (L to R): Golden Rose, 24K Pink, Natural Gold

What I unfortunately wasn’t so into was the color selection. My one gripe with Avon is that their online color swatches stink! Half of them look the same, and the shades that you end up with never end up looking like the swatch. I would’ve preferred to have at least one lipstick in a soft pink shade, but it looks like they all lean towards being of the more eye-popping variety. Oh well! Onto the lips shots!

Natural Gold:
Probably the least 24K Gold Lipstick-y of the bunch. You see a few stray gold flecks in person, but it’s definitely the smoothest and creamiest of the bunch. It has the tinigest tinge of orange which I’m not crazy about, but all in all it’s rather pretty.

Golden Rose:
For some reason this one looks more silvery than gold in both the swatch and lip photo. Contrary to the name, I’d say this is more of a bright pink with rose undertones. Probably my least favorite of the bunch.

24K Pink:
Can you tell by all the photos that I absolutely love this one? If you scroll back up and check out the close-up of this lipstick you’ll see that you get the most gold for your $4.99! I absolutely adore the bright pink shade and the golden glow that this gives my lips.

Close-up of 24K Pink on my lips so you can see all the golden flecks. Isn’t it pretty?

I just had to photograph this–look at all the gold! 24K Pink of course.

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Jillian Dempsey for Avon Retro Rouge in Vintage Shimmer Review and Swatches

December 8, 2008
Avon Retro Rouge in Vintage Shimmer ($10)

I have to admit that I’ve been pleasantly surprised (well shocked actually) by the quality of the Avon products I’ve been testing out as of late. I don’t know if it’s that I’ve gotten better at choosing, or they’ve gotten better at producing, but either way I’m loving most of the products that I’ve been experimenting with!

So if it wasn’t obvious, Jillian Dempsey is the wife of Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy), a fabulous makeup artist, and a consultant for Avon. This Retro Rouge blush was released as part of her Retro Charm collection, and while I wasn’t particularly into any of the other products, the beautiful pattern on this blush caught my eye.


This Retro Rouge is seriously the most pigmented product in my blush collection at the moment! I went to swatch it using the amount of pressure I generally use for all my blush and eyeshadow swatches and came away with waaaaay too much pigment on my applicator. I had enough for the two swatches below, and probably 10 or so more. When using this product a light hand is definitely key, since there’s the definite possibility of ending up looking like a clown with this one.

Vintage Shimmer is a warm peach shade that doesn’t actually contain actually glittery bits, contrary to the name. It does, however, have a golden sheen to it that’s very flattering, and somewhat akin to what Nars Orgasm would look like if it would cooperate with me and be more pigmented.

Swatches: Blended a little on the left, not blended on the right.

Although I’m still experimenting with using just the right amount of product, I love this blush both for the pretty factor and the fact that it’s just a great product.

RATING: 4.5/5

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Avon Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipstick Review: A YSL Rouge Volupte Alternative?

December 1, 2008
Avon Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipstick in Delicate Pink ($8)

While I don’t have too much of a problem splurging on expensive department store products, I can be incredibly stingy when it comes to drugstore/inexpensive items. I just can’t bring myself to spend money on products I haven’t had the opportunity to swatch/play with, but since Avon’s Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipsticks seemed to receive decent reviews online I figured it was worth a shot.

Avon’s Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipsticks consist of a rich, moisturizing mousse core wrapped in luxurious color. The product is super-creamy and glides on like butter, leaving a gorgeous trail of color in its wake. It took me a second or two to put my finger on it, but I realized this lipstick reminded me quite a bit of my beloved YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick #1 Nude Beige. While the Avon Mousse Lipsticks don’t have the same extreme pigmentation that the Yves Saint Laurent ones do, with an additional coat or two you get nearly the same result: a super creamy finish with a beautiful sheen and lips that feel moisturized and wrapped in color.

Swatch of Delicate Pink

Delicate Pink is a soft shade that on my lips is more nude than pink and is ideal for an understated look. Since popping this tube open a few days back I’ve been wearing this literally every day and I’m still in love! I’ll definitely be checking out more shades in the coming weeks.


Avon Glazewear Lipstick in Mauve Moon: Review and Swatches

December 1, 2008
Avon Glazewear Lipstick in Mauve Moon ($8)

Avon’s Glazewear Lipstick is a lightweight gloss/lipstick hybrid with a color-gel formula that delivers decently pigmented color with a high shine finish. If you’re like me and love the look and finish of a gloss but hate how your hair is perpetually stuck to your lips when walking outdoors, you definitely need to give Glazewears a try. The concept and packaging are strikingly similar to MAC Slimshines, but I actually think I like these better: they have a thicker consistency (it really does feel like a gel going on and has a tiny bit of stickiness to it), more shine, and wear better throughout the day.

Swatch of Mauve Moon

I expected Mauve Moon to be more of..well a mauve shade I guess but either way I’m happy with it and will be wearing it often. On me it’s more of a bright berry pink with the tiniest hint of mauve undertones and some silver shimmer flecked throughout. I’m not crazy about the artifical fruit flavor but overall it’s a winner.

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EOTD: Two Marimekko for Avon Eyes

October 3, 2008
Marimekko for Avon Eyeshadow Palette in Poppy Bouquet ($8)

Look #1: While flipping through my Avon catalog (it came with my purchases) I noticed that pages 64-65 featured a gorgeous model wearing the Eyeshadow Palette in Poppy Bouquet and All Over Face Palette in Poppy Bouquet, and since they even included a “get the look” section I figured I’d attempt to recreate the look.


To get the look (taken from the catalog):
1) Start with a light blue (this is actually silver–not light blue at all!) halo all around eye–over entire lid to brow, under lower lash line and around corners.

2) Add lilac contour along crease, and blend slightly above crease toward brow.

3) Finish with dark teal along upper lash line, and under outer half of lower lash line, for dramatic definition.

Of course my version isn’t nearly as pretty as the one in the catalog, but I tried!

Look #2: A look that’s more my usual speed that I’d probably wear out to dinner. I do think I like Look #1 better though!


To get the look:
1) Begin by applying the light blue/silver shade on the bottom half of your lid and along your lower lash line.

2) Then pick up some of the lilac shade and apply where the light blue shade ends, blending the two.

3) Apply dark teal along outer V and inwards into your crease, and under outer half of lower lash line.

I paired both looks with my Poppy Bouquet All Over Face Palette (love this!) for some subtle lightly pigmented shimmer to highlight my cheek bones. I loved the softness of it all!