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SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour in 212-Sephora Review & NOTD

November 1, 2009

SEPHORA by OPI’s Nail Colour in 212-Sephora
($9) is a limited-edition shade that was launched for the opening of the latest Sephora Times Square location a few months back. 212 sold out quickly and was slow to come back in stock, but now that it’s back I had to get a bottle for myself. It’s a smoky black polish base with a myriad of iridescent gold, copper and other shimmery bits that’s opaque in two coats – be forewarned that this is one glittery polish!

A lot of you have been asking me what polish I was wearing in my first two YouTube videos (thank you so so much to everyone for checking them out and subscribing!), and this is it. 212 was my polish of choice for Halloween as the chunkier coppery/orange looking shimmery bits are nice and festive and definitely holiday-appropriate.

Check out my nail photos and the rest of the review after the jump!

One thing that I do feel needs to be mentioned is that 212 Sephora tends to look a little green under certain liking conditions. It’s not unattractive, just a little weird. The finish isn’t completely smooth due to all the glitter – it’s a little lumpy and chunky feeling, and definitely a major ordeal to remove, but all in all I’m kind of loving it.

It’s no OPI DS polish (really need more of these!) but constantly find myself admiring all the shimmer (there’s much more than you see in the photos – darn flash!) so it must be pretty nice, right?

I purchased this product myself. A fellow blogger, Charm Candy, introduced me to the shade and I spent weeks hunting it down. Needless to say I was ecstatic to learn it was back in stock!

Mini China Glaze Haul: OMG, IDK, 2NITE

October 2, 2009
China Glaze Polishes in OMG, IDK and 2NITE

I’ve had these China Glaze polishes on my “want it” list pretty much since they were released but could never find them until Nicole pointed me towards ~ I was a little afraid to order from them but she’d had success with them in the past and had heard only good things, so I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier.

My polishes arrived within 2 days of ordering via FedEx (shipping was pretty expensive so I was glad that it was at least fast) and my polishes are even more beautiful than they looked online, so I’ve got no complaints.

Look at that gorgeous holo shine!

Close-up of OMG. I actually got two of these ~ one for me, one for a friend.

Close-up of IDK.

Close up of 2NITE.

I’ve heard that these holographic China Glaze polishes work fantastically well with the Konad, so expect a bunch of cool holo Konad looks comings your way in the near future!

Nail Swatches of MAC’s Baby Goth Girl & A Few Others

October 1, 2009

More stunning close-up shots courtesy of Charm Candy aka Tori, this time of MAC’s Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer from their Style Black collection ~ you asked for nail swatches, she delivered, how great is she?

Baby Goth Girl is a black polish with lots of pinkish purple shimmer – according to Tori it’s hard to capture on camera but I think she did an amazing job. After having seen her photos I’m dying to get my hands on a bottle!

Left to Right: China Glaze Flying Dragon, China Glaze On the Prowl, Essie Sexy Divide, MAC Baby Goth Girl

And since purple is currently my “it” color, Tori was kind enough to send me a few shots of some gorgeous purple polishes. Check out some close-ups (and one seriously cool holographic polish) after the jump!

China Glaze in IDK

I’d actually been meaning to purchase this gorgeous purpley lavender holographic polish for the longest time but had never quite gotten around to it, but Tori’s photo lit the fire under me and I finally placed my order! I picked up a few other holographic polishes so be on the lookout for that post – my package is slated to arrive today. I’ve heard that China Glaze’s holographic polishes look AMAZING coupled with the Konad.

China Glaze Tantalize Me

I love that Tantalize Me seems to have a slight duochrome blue sheen to it, at least in the photo. Definitely a nice almost-but-not-quite-pink option for my pink-loving self!

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Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer in Barbie Review & Photos

August 27, 2009
Zoya Professional Lacquer in Barbie ($6)

Zoya Barbie is a true Barbie/bubblegum pink that’s relatively sheer upon initial application but is buildable to an opaque finish. It’s a little too Pepto Bismol pink for me to love it the way I wanted to on my fingers, but I do think that it would make a fabulous fun pedicure shade.

You may not have noticed as it’s very subtle, but Barbie actually has some fuchsia shimmer to it. Your best chance of seeing it is in the photo above – check out the bit of bottle right next to my middle finger. Honestly in person the only time that I’ve caught a glimpse of this shimmer has been under my office bathroom’s fluorescent lighting.

Barbie is a really pretty pink, but unlike Zara and Malia it just doesn’t pull at my heartstrings. I am thinking of dong a cute contrasting manicure with a brighter hot pink over it to jazz it up a bit. What do you think?

MAC Cosmetics Nail Trend F/W ’09 by Jin Soon

August 25, 2009

More than a colour statement, an of-the-moment approach that dazzles with innovation and style. How to do it? Enter Jin Soon, much-sought-after nail guru who has worked the shows, collaborating with us to create six nail colours exclusively for M∙A∙C.

Three Free Zoya Polishes

August 20, 2009

After what felt like forever, my three free Zoya polishes (that I got as part of their 5000 Twitter followers promotion) arrived a few nights ago. I picked up Malia (top), Barbie (middle), and Zara (bottom).

Zoya Malia is a light purple/lavender cream that’s got a slight cloudy gray tinge to it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and opaque in just one coat – just the way I like it! Absolutely gorgeous.

Zoya Barbie is a bright barbie pink (this photos doesn’t capture the brightness) with some barely there hot pink shimmer.

And Zoya Zara, which has been on my wishlist for months now, is a lavender/purple shade with copious amounts of gold glitter. Amazing when the sun hits it just so.

I’ll be posting photos of all of these polishes on nails at some point so stay tuned!

Illamasqua Nail Varnish Swatches in Baptiste, Jan & Phallic w/ Mini Review

August 17, 2009

So I’ve got some Illamasqua swatches coming for you, but please be forewarned that the photo quality/lighting is pretty terrible due to the fact that these were taken with my old Olympus – meaning these really aren’t up to my usual standards, so you’ll have to forgive me! But as Nicole pointed out, since Illamasqua isn’t available in that many Sephora stores, mediocre swatches are better than none at all!

I’m currently wearing 10 diferent Illamasqua Nail Varnish shades on each of my fingers – I love their polishes so much! These were applied over the chipping Lament manicure I’d given mysel some time back, so it’s just one coat over that fluorescent shade – this should give you an idea of how amazingly opaque this polish formula is.

Oh and you’ll also have to excuse the messiness – these were quick and dirty swatches done at Sephora!

  • Phallic is an amazing shade of midnight blue with blue shimmer. It’s everything I wanted Chanel’s Blue Satin to be and more, it’s got such depth and dimension to it, even with only one coat!
  • Jan is a fleshy pink with gray/lavender undertones and officially my new favorite neutral polish. It makes my hands look amazingly polishes and just looking at the shade makes me feel like I’ve got my act together. It’s perfection!
  • Baptiste is another stunner – a deep royal purple with purple shimmer. Like Phallic, it’s got amazing depth to it and is really gorgeous under direct light.

I’ve already reviewed Lament, which is a gorgeous neon corally pink shade – click the Illamasqua label below and it should pop up. A few other shades I loved are DWS (the perfect cement gray), Loella (not terribly unique but a fun sparkly bubble gum pink) and Grab (be warned that the swatch on Sephora’s site is horribly inaccurate – it’s more of a fuchsia/magenta shade with slight purple undertones).

Have you got your eye on any Illamasqua Nail Varnishes?

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Lament Review & NOTD

August 10, 2009
Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Lament ($14)
Leave your mark with bold, rich, vibrant colors that stand out. The formula is hard wearing and chip resistant and contains individual finishes from matte to high gloss. Apply two coats for high intensity and use with Illamasqua Nail Base Coat and Illamasqua Nail Top Coat for the perfect finish. Make a statement and talk with your hands!

Nail Swatch of Illamasqua’s Lament
(it’s actually a little brighter and pinker in person)

I was hoping that I wouldn’t love Illamasqua’s Nail Varnishes as $14 is more than I like to spend on my nailpolish, but what can I say, they’re pretty great! I picked up Lament, which is a shockingly bright, almost fluorescsent orangey/pink coral and I was so so impressed with the quality.

I’m a huge klutz when it comes to applying my nailpolish, so I could really appreciate how easy the square-topper was to grip and maneuver. The formula itself is thick and quick to dry meaning you don’t have as much working time as you might with other polishes, and too many brushstrokes might leave you with a somewhat streaky finish, but I’m all for fast-drying polishes as I always manage to mess up a perfect manicure by doing things before my nails are fully dry.

What really differentiated Illasmqua’s polishes from others I’ve tried is the opacity of the shades. I was able to achieve rich, creamy opaque coverage (Lament has no shimmer or sparkle to it but it’s wonderfully, lusciously creamy) with just one coat. I decided to go with a second coa to give them that luorescent creamsicle look and other than a little tip-wear, this polish has been wearing beautifully. I can easily see Illasmaqua’s polishes becoming a fast favorite of mine!

Konadicure: Flowers Over Chiffon

August 6, 2009

Thank goodness this week is almost over! It’s just been one horrendous day after another, and I can’t wait to start afresh next week and to put this one behind me. On the bright side, at least my nails were cute! I used Essie’s Pure Chiffon as a base shade (it’s a really pretty champagne/peach neutral) and some random Sally Hansen polish I had over it.

I’ve since moved on from this manicure (it ended up not wearing too well) and I’m currently wearing Illamasqua’s Nail Varnish in Lament (a fluorescent coral) on my nails.

Pink & Purple Argyle Konadicure

July 1, 2009

This has got to be my most commented-on Konadicure yet–literally every person who’s noticed my nails has stopped me to ask about them. I guess there’s just something about the metallic pink underlayer and the argyle pattern that catches people’s eyes :).

While it’s not the most work-appropriate manicure, I’ve been having a ton of fun sporting this look for the past week or so. Now I’m just trying to think up what to try next!