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Drugstore Discoveries: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review & Swatches

January 20, 2010

PhotoReady Makeup, Revlon’s latest foundation release, has been stirring up much buzz around the blogosphere as the drugstore alternative to MUFE’s HD foundation. Its wallet-friendly $13.99 price tag and its promises of a dewy, camera-ready complexion have helped it attain HG status with many, so you know I had to try it for myself. Check out the review after the jump!

I will say this – Revlon’s PhotoReady really is quite good for a drugstore foundation. It wasn’t love for me for a number of reasons, but it is one of the best drugstore foundations I’ve tried to date (good drugstore foundations seem to be few and far between), and even bested many department store foundations I’ve experimented with through the years.

So first for the good ~ the pump on this is pure genius! It enables you to precisely control the amount of foundation that you want and dispenses everything mess free ~ now you’d think this would be something too basic to even mention, but it’s seriously appalling how badly some foundations out there are packaged. Coverage is light/medium but buildable, and the formula is wonderfully light and glides nicely across your skin.

As for the bad? Well my main issues with this foundation are that shade #004 Nude is way too dark/yellow on me, and oxidizes throughout the day making me look like some sort of orange-faced troll. Gripe #2 is that PhotoReady emphasizes any flakies and dry spots you have, meaning moisturize well or don’t bother with this stuff. PhotoReady also has a tend to slide around on my oily forehead after 2-3 hours, and really has trouble staying put in the area around my nose (although I’ll admit most foundations do slide around for me in that area).

Now I know that most of you have heard complaints of the Twilight-esque sparkle in this foundation, but honestly I don’t notice it at all. I set mine with La Mer’s translucent loose powder which already has a healthy dose of shimmer to it, and seriously the only time you’ll notice shimmer is when you’re standing under direct sunlight, and really, what’s so wrong with a little shimmer? The bigger issues for me is the emphasizing flakies and pores and looking a little cakey when layered aspects of the foundation.

All in all this is one of those foundations that falls into the “good enough that I want to love but has enough flaws that I just can’t” category. Maybe I’m spoiled having found a few foundations that work magic for my complexion, but while PhotoReady really is quite decent, it’s a pass for me.

Revlon’s Version of MUFE HD? Peek at PhotoReady Foundation

December 21, 2009
(photo taken at my desk on my iPhone 2 minutes ago)

Say hello to the foundation makeup lovers have been touting as the drugstore alternative to Make Up For Ever’s nearly universally loved (other than by me – really don’t like the stuff) HD foundation. Revlon’s PhotoReady Foundation (with a nice SPF 20) isn’t slated to be released until March 2010, but it’s been popping up at various drugstores nationwide (I got mine at Duane Reade just now, but people have been finding it at CVS, Rite Aide, etc.).

Some proclaim its potential holy grail status, others complain of the Cullen-esque look they give them (too much sparkle), some raves it eliminates pores and lasts for 15 hours, others gripe that it emphasizes dry patches and imperfections and really isn’t all that – so of course I had to grab a bottle and try it for myself.

Expect a review (hopefully soon) on whether this $13.99 bottle of foundation really lives up to the hype (and there’s a lot of hype), or whether it’s just another dud for me. Oh and FYI I picked this up on shade 004 Nude which I’m praying isn’t waaay too dark on me!

Drugstore Discoveries: Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipcolor in Pink Indulgence Review & Swatches

August 14, 2009
Revlon Colorstay Soft & Smooth Lipcolor Pink Indulgence ($7.49)
Lipstick so soft and smooth you won’t believe it’s long-lasting. Exclusive formula with SoftFlex™ for hours and hours of luscious, feel good color in one smooth step. Stays gorgeous, stays creamy, stays on. In 30 full-coverage and 6 sheer shades.

I first saw Revlon’s ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipcolor in Pink Indulgence staring back at me from the cardboard lips of Beau Garrett at Walgreens, and it was instant love. Her lips were this creamy perfect shade of pink that I Just had to have. I put off purchasing Pink Indulgence for the longes time, worried that the lipstick might be drying, but when I saw these for 50% off some time back I couldn’t resist picking one up.

The formula on these is just amazing – they feel super soft and creamy and just melt onto your lips, yet somehow manage to be very longwearing as well! Pigmentation is also really beautiful; Pink Indulgence is that perfect milky soft pink that pairs well with pretty much anytihng and everything, but especially a smoky eye or a more dramatic eye look.

Swatch of Pink Indulgence

Lip Swatch of Pink Indgulence

My only regret is that I didn’t try these sooner – Pink Indgulence was well worth the >$4 I spent on it, and I’d say it’s definitely worth purchasing at full price as well. I plan to check out the other shades this is available in at some point ~ I’ve got my eye on Plush Peony and So Blushious.

RATING: 4.5/5

Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Lush and a Beaded Konadicure

May 28, 2009

I was headed out to an engagement party this past Memorial Day Weekend, and I didn’t really feel like wearing any mascara or curling my lashes, so I whipped out my trusty false lashes which did the trick. I only used two little clumps of lashes from Revlon’s Fantasy Lashes in Lush on the outer corners of each eye, and I was set. Instant lush, thick lashes that give a little drama without looking unnatural.

What do you think?

While I have a bunch of Revlon’s Fantasy Length Lashes (see my collection HERE), Lush is one of my faves because I can customize the look that I want to achieve and don’t have to bother with a full strip of lashes if I’m not so inclined.

And I’m terrible with the nailpolish photos for some reason (with flash there’s just so much glare!) but here’s one of my latest Konadicure using plate # 62 (which I purchased solely for this stamp). The base color is Revlon’s Fruitful Temptations Fruit-Scented Nailpolish in Not So Blue-berry (review HERE–and the color looks much better with flash) topped with Konad’s special polish in purple. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on this one–loving it!

Revlon Fruitful Temptations Fruit-Scented Nailpolish Review

May 14, 2009

Revlon gorgeous color collection of luscious nail enamels is comprised of eight shades inspired by the freshness of exotic summer fruits and infused with succulent tropical scents. Each fruit shade has a matching fruit scent when the enamel is dry.

I picked up Not So Blue-Berry, a fun, super-shimmery shade of blue with swirls of silvery lavender that everyone seems to love. The week that I wore this shade, literally everybody I know stopped to compliment me on my nails. Honestly it was a little frosty for my liking, but since everyone else seemed to absolutely LOVE it, I can’t really argue with that now can I? I’ll be posting a photo of it with a Konadicure on top at some point (hopefully–if I get around to it =P) in case you’re wondering what it looks like on.

The photo above is a super close-up of the shade on my nails–you don’t get the whole finger view because it was a particularly bad photo. If you can find these polishes near you, I do recommend checking them out. The colors are fun and summery and the fact that they’re scented makes them a bit of a novelty. My Sunday School kids loved sniffing my nails LOL, and the scent lasted for a good week.

New From Revlon: DOUBLETWIST Mascara

May 13, 2009

Has anybody checked out Revlon’s new DoubleTwist mascara? It caught my eye while I was browsing the aisles of Walgreens (but then again what mascara doesn’t?), and while I did manage to exercise some self-control, it has been on my mind as of late.

The brush reminds me quite a bit of Chanel’s Exceptionnel de Chanel applicator (check out my review and photos HERE)–they both implement the same concept of alternating brush and comb bristles, and since it appears to have worked quite well for Chanel, I’m wondering if this one is any good.

Revlon Runway Collection Nails and Fantasy Length Lashes!

April 29, 2009

I haven’t played with artificial nails in well over a decade, but with my upcoming trip to Korea coupled with the fact that I had managed to break nearly every single one of my fingernails had me reaching eagerly for a box of Revlon’s Runway Collection Nails.

Starlet Close-Up

Revlon’s Runway Collection Artificial Nails come in a range of 12 sizes and are light and sheer enough that they successfully replicate the look of your natural nails, a nice feat for little pieces of plastic! I have these in the MEDIUM length and I should warn that these really are quite short–I’ll hopefully be posting photos of the full set of these nails on my fingers within the next week or so.


For my Korea-trip I decided to go with Starlet–I love the subtle swirl of pattern on the French tips, and the fact that they’re beigey rather than white. I have them all laid out on my table by size like so:

…so that come tomorrow morning I can slap these on before heading to the airport. I figured it would be better to apply these after showering since I’d like for them to last as long as possible. I’ll be updating with how well they wear/how they look/how long they last when I get back from Korea!

And just to tide you over, here’s a photo of one of the Starlet nails on my thumb–isn’t it pretty?

I also got a bunch of Revlon false lashes that I’m so ridiculously excited to experiment with. I feel the urge to do some fun and crazy EOTD’s using these! My favorite pair is the Lush–I love that I can create a custom look using these, as I sometimes find a full lash strip a bit hard to pull off.

And all my other lashes! I promise that you’ll be seeing photos of all of these on at some point.

Stay tuned for reviews, EOTD’s and more using these products as soon as I’m back from Korea. I miss you all already! And if you can’t wait until I get back, head to your local drugstore and check these products out for yourself–they’re very recessionista friendly at under $5 each!

Subscriber Giveaway: Revlon Loose Powder Shadow and Marble-ous Liner

December 1, 2008

To celebrate the first day of December I have a short and sweet giveaway for my subscribers to enjoy! The first e-mail subscriber to comment in this post wins these fun Revlon goodies. Good luck (and if you’re not an e-mail subscriber don’t despair–I have another Revlon giveaway coming at an undisclosed point in time that will be open to everybody)!

FOTD Using My New Revlon Goodies

November 24, 2008

On my Eyes: I used the golden end of my Revlon Marble-ous match shadow/liner pencil in Made for Jade as a base then applied the purple shade from my Head in the Clouds Palette all over my eyelid. I lined my waterline with the green end and that was pretty much it–I was going for a super simple look.

For a pencil that cost me next to nothing this is actually really nice. It’s creamy, doesn’t tug at all and I love it much more than I did my waterproof Chanel liners which pulled at my undereye area like crazy!

Swatches of Made for Jade
(shadow end on the right, liner on the left [the green end has a black swirl to it as you can see])

Head in the Clouds loose shadow palette

On my lips I used: Revlon Mix & Mingle in R.S.V.Pink. When swirled together it combines to form a soft neutral pink with silvery flecks interspersed throughout. It’s not all that sticky and wore pretty well throughout the day, but it does have a bit of a funky taste.

Revlon Soft on the Eyes Sheer Loose Shadow in #765 Head in the Clouds: Review, Swatches, and an EOTD

November 18, 2008
Revlon Soft on the Eyes Sheer Loose Shadow in Head in the Clouds

So first of all guess how much I paid for this little palette Guess!!


I’ve had my eye on this for months but refused to pay $9.99+ for what I knew would be a mediocre, not-so-pigmented shadow palette and decided to wait it out until it went on sale–and of course it did! PLUS Walgreens was having a buy one get one half off sale on all Revlon, and so I paid $2.58 for this palette, and then picked up a second one to give as a small gift for $1.29! I may just go back and snap up all of the other palettes to test out.

The Soft on the Eyes Sheer Loose Shadow palettes are essentially what the name implies–palettes of four sheer loose shadows that come with a rather horrible-quality brush. But crappy brush aside I happen to really like the travel-friendly packaging.

The palette opens up to reveal a good sized mirror and four little pots of loose shadow that when closed are capped so as to make for mess-free travel. One downside is that in their effort to create less powder mess Revlon made the openings through which you access the loose powder shadows ridiculously small–as in so small no normal brush will be able to get at the shadows! You can use the enclosed brush (yuck!) or do what I did and just use a crease brush.

Look closely and you’ll notice two wells in front of the shadows that are meant for mixing the shades–how thoughtful!

Head in the Clouds Swatches
(dry on top, wet on bottom)

Head in the Clouds consists of four angelic shades: sheer lavender/purple, soft taupey gray, mermaid green, and an off-white shimmer. As the palette name indicates all of the shades are rather sheer, although they can be applied wet for a tiny bit (really not much) more pigmentation.

If you’re expecting MAC-quality pigmentation you’re going to be unhappy with this palette, but if what you’re looking for is a sheer wash of color, run out and get this palette today! To be honest I’d heard that this palette was horribly unpigmented and so was expecting the worst, but was pleasantly surprised to find that while the shades are sheer they definitely do show up (at least on my paler skintone) and look beautiful on.

All in all I’d say it was $2.59 well spent!

Head in the Clouds applied with a slightly damp brush over MAC Paint Pot in Fresco Rose.