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Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Repair Conditioner Containing Tsubaki Amino Review

January 13, 2009
Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Repair Conditioner ($7-10 for 220 ml)
Shiseido’s new luxuriously rich conditioner with a fresh aroma penetrates damaged hair with camellia oil’s own amino acids.

I was first introduced to Shiseido’s Tsubaki Golden Repair Conditioner by the wonderful Taryn through her Destination: Cosmetica blog post, and she was kind enough to send me a sample to use, along with a million other amazing products to play with, in this package that she sent me.

I was determined to not like this stuff since I’ve never been one to use expensive shampoos and conditioners, but unfortunately for my wallet I love it! It’s seriously one of the best conditioners that I’ve ever used which is why it was included in my “Favorite Products of 2008” post.

I have very fine, limp hair that tends to get very oily and weighed down at the roots throughout the course of the day, but my ends can also tend to be dry since I dye my hair pretty often, so it’s tough for me to find a conditioner that can address the dryness without aggravating the oiliness. Most conditioners that are moisturizing enough for my ends make me a greaseball (gross I know) by midday.

But the Tsubaki Golden Repair leaves my long hair shiny, softer than any other conditioner has ever left it, and best of all tangle and residue-free (meaning no flat hair and super greasiness). I’ve converted a few of my friend sover to the golden side, and they now swear by this stuff! I find mine at Mistuwa, but it’s available on Amazon (see my link above) and about a million other places online so definitely check it out!