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Mascara Series Part 14: Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara Review and Photos

November 29, 2008
Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara ($15)

The Formula: Bourjois’ Liner Effect mascara contains a kohl-enriched formula that’s supposed to intensely lengthen your lashes while accentuating the roots to define the shape of the eye and create the effect of wearing liner–hence the name. Because of the kohl in the formula this mascara (at least in the Noir stylist shade) really is a true deep rich glossy black that emphasizes the contours of your upper and lower lash lines, and while it won’t look like you’re wearing heavy liner, it does give the look of your having liner under your upper lash line (for those of you who do this you know what I’m talking about).

I love that the formula is nearly clump free, and doesn’t smudge or flake on me, even after a long long day, but because of the intense pigmentation I do find it a little messy to remove.

The Brush: Bourjois’ Liner Effect Mascara has an asymmetrical dual action brush that both lengthens the lashes and intensifies the roots. The ultra short bristles (the top end of the brush in my photo below) allow you to get directly under the roots of your lashes, creating that defined liner effect, and are actually also really great for applying mascara to the rest of your lashes. They create some decent definition although no real length–that’s where the other half of the wand comes in. The longer bristles pull the mascara along the length of your lashes for a more dramatic look.

While the applicator is all-around pretty cool, I have had some issues with it, the main one being that I’ve nearly poked my eye out on several occasions! I tend to flutter my eyes a little while applying mascara, and when your eyes aren’t all that large that can get dangerous with an applicator like this. If you flutter your eyes while using the stubby bristled-end on your upper lashes, the bottom half of the wand will stab your eyeball–let me tell you it’s not pleasant!

My gripes with the applicator are primarily with the spiky end. I find myself wishing the bristles were spaced closer together so that I would get more definition and better length, since the awkward spacing makes for potential clumps and messiness. As for the stubbier end, I love it! It actually gives me lower lashes which is pretty amazing considering I really don’t have any.

The Verdict: While this is an all-around good mascara it’s not my holy grail by any means. Liner Effect gives above average length and really nice volume, but it doesn’t give me that clean, defined look that I’m always looking for, nor does it hold a curl. However if you’re into the doe-eyed wispy-lashed look (which I do some days) this is the mascara for you. Would I repurchase? Maybe just to use on my lower lashes and at the base of my upper lashes.

This mascara will be available at Ulta in February ’09 so be sure to check it out! And if you can’t wait, HSN currently sells two of these for $22.79 here.

Look close…closer! See I do have lower lashes!

RATING: 3.75/5 (no photo for that one!)

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Bourjois Gloss Bijou Review and Swatches

November 29, 2008
Bourjois Gloss Bijou in Shade Rose Precieux

Bourjois’ limited edition Gloss Bijou is a weighty disco ball-esque pendant that contains a shimmering pink lipgloss with coral tinges enriched with light-reflecting micro-crystals.

The top half of the ball swivels outwards to reveal the shimmery gloss housed within. While not the most practical method of transporting gloss thanks to the fact that the pendant is solid metal and pretty ridiculously heavy, it is rather pretty! As for the pendant aspect of this, I’m not feeling so inclined to weigh my neck down with a heavy metal disco ball–but that’s just me! I would, however, pop the silk cord off this, replace it with a metal ball chain and you’ve got an instant keychain/bag charm with the added bonus of gloss inside.

And the gloss? Nothing to write home about. It’s a very attractive pinky coral shade that’s pretty much universally flattering, but its major detriment is that it has a slightly gritty texture thanks to all of the micro-glitter suspended in the gloss. Also, I’d say this has more of the consistency/finish of a shiny lipstick than a gloss.

Swatch of Bourjois’ Gloss Bijou

Overall I’d say that while this would make a nice holiday stocking stuffer (I can’t seem to find this online at the moment but I swear I saw it at Ulta for $16 or so), it’s not really something that I’d get for myself as it just isn’t all that practical. But that having been said I do love owning this for the pretty-factor and will be getting crafty with it. Stay tuned to see what I come up with!

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My New Bourjois Goodies!

November 28, 2008

I’ve got so many new Bourjois goodies to share with all of my lovely readers! Doesn’t it all look so pretty together? I’ve already reviewed the Gloss Bijou (see post above) and I’ll be reviewing the Liner Effect Mascara for you in a few minutes so stay tuned!

Aren’t the mini Bourjois products adorable? I love having these hanging off my phone for makeup emergencies–they’ve definitely come in handy on several occasions. I’ll be reviewing these newest addition to my collection at some point, but in the meantime check out my review of Bourjois’ mini lipstick, gloss, and eye shimmer here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving I hope that you’re off with your families enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and spending some quality time with your loved ones. I’ll be spending my day slaving over a hot stove attempting to whip up a delicious turkey supper…we’ll have to see how well that works out for me!

Here’s my Thanksgiving checklist:
~Sweet Potato Cheesecake (done and ready to be devoured)
~Honey Brined Turkey with Cream Gravy (turkey’s currently sitting in brine in a cooler outside)
~Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes (roasting garlic and mashing to be done in the AM)
~Marshmallow Topped Candied Yams (tomorrow)
~Stuffing (tomorrow)
~Mac and Two Cheeses with Caramelized Shallots (this is a maybe; I may go with the Patti LaBelle recipe instead)
~Fluffy Pumpkin Dip with Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas (will only be making this if I can make it to the supermarket tomorrow)
~Other odds and ends I can’t recall at the moment

Wish me luck! Hopefully I don’t burn the house down…

And don’t forget to take some time today, however brief it may be, to give thanks for your blessings, be they many or few. Amongst the things that I”m thankful for this year are the wonderful new people I’ve met through this blog and the many new friends that I’ve made. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Best. Serum. Ever. Peter Thomas Roth viz-1000 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex Intensive Hydrating Serum Review

November 26, 2008
Peter Thomas Roth viz-1000 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex Intensive Hydrating Serum ($65 for 1 oz.)

Product Info: A super concentrated 75% hyaluronic acid complex keeps the skin hydrated all day/night with an invisible veil of moisture. The serum ahieves hydration by attracting 1000 times its weight in water from the moisture in the air. It replenishes the moisture content of aging and environmentally damaged skin and restores a youthful radiance. It also helps increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture and smooths out fine lines and a rough texture.

The PTR viz-1000 Hyaluronic Acid Complex is fragrance free and contains sodium PCA, silk proteins, sea algae, honey, yerba santa, and mineral complex along with a slew of other great ingredients.

LOVE: Since I started using this serum my skin has improved considerably. Thanks to constant stress and the changing weather my skin had been crazy: breaking out, hives, irritation and itchiness, redness, and just all-around discomfort, and my face looked and felt like a disaster area. And testing out a million new products post Sephora F&F didn’t help my cause!

But this Peter Thomas Roth serum seriously calms and soothes my skin like no other. I squirt a pump of this liquidy serum into my hand, smooth it quickly over my face, wait all of 3 seconds for it to dry to a completely matte finish and I’m good to go-no stickiness, no long drying times-just great skin. While I don’t feel an immediate difference, throughout the day my face feels better and better (as opposed to before–it would just start to feel irritated) and when I wear this overnight I notice that my face looks plumper and dewier come morning. The serum healed the breakouts that I did have and hasn’t caused any new ones since which is miraculous in and of itself. Plus my skin hasn’t felt tight/itchy/dry even once which is rare for me when the weather gets this cold!

One squirt is enough for your whole face thanks to the almost water-like consistency.

Spread around a little.
2 seconds later…almost dry!

NOT SO MUCH: There are very few things I don’t love about this, and none of them involve the actual product itself. My main gripes are with the packaging. First of all I was expecting that for my $65 the serum would come packaged in a box of some sorts, but it was just the frosted glass bottle with a plastic seal on top; but at least I can tell myself it’s somewhat environmentally friendly! My main issue with this product is the pump. It’s super stiff (or at least mine is), meaning it’s ridiculously hard for me to press down and impossible for me to get anything less than a full pump. Plus often the product ends up squirting out in a rapid stream and not ending up on my fingers as intended since I have to use such great force to get any product out–and at $65 I really don’t want to be wasting any!

VERDICT: Run out and get this today, your skin will thank you for it. This is the first serum that I’ve ever really loved in my years of searching, and will be a staple in my skincare regimen!


Completely Unrelated To Blog Business…

November 25, 2008

But how hilarious and cute is this?? Chloe would have a fit if I attempted to stuff her into something this puffy. Poor doggy!

Items Slated For Review:

November 25, 2008

Lately I’ve been having trouble determining what to review. It’s not that I don’t have any great products to share with you–on the contrary I think I have too many and I’m feeling overwhelmed! Here’s just a smattering of the items I have slated for review; if there’s anything you’d like to see reviewed sooner rather than later please let me know in the comments!

~various Blemish Balms (BB creams) including Skin79’s gold one
~the best Peter Thomas Roth serum ever!
~Dior Hydraction Eye Cream with SPF
~Givenchy Eye Fly Mascara
~a bunch of Bourjois products including their Liner Effect Mascara, gloss ball pendant, and moisturizing lipstick
~some Lierac skincare products (including a pink face cream–pretty!)
~Guerlain’s Parure Extreme Foundation
~Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
~Hourglass Superficial Mascara
~Kanebo’s Smoothing Water Makeup Base
~some fabulous shampoos and conditioners including an amazing one from Shiseido
~the best leave in conditioner known to man!
~La Mer skincare and makeup
~L’Occitane skincare
~Skinfood Peach Sake Primer
~Etude House Peach Pact
~and about a million other products!!!

Paul & Joe Disney Collection Lady and the Tramp Protective Hand Cream Review

November 25, 2008
Paul & Joe Disney Collection Lady and the Tramp Protective Hand Cream SPF 15 PA+ ($24)
Available via Beauty Habit online and in stores at Bergdorf Goodman. Click here to check out more photos of the collection.

A few weeks back I posted about Beauty Habit’s 25% off promotion, which included the much-coveted Disney for Paul & Joe collection, which had previously only been available in Japan. While I wanted pretty much one of everything, I just couldn’t justify the additional purchases since Saks F&F and Sephora F&F were around the same time; but I couldn’t not get anything since I love Disney so picked up this hand cream as a small indulgence.

The packaging for this Protective Hand Cream is soooo darling! The peach and orange flower scented light hand cream comes packaged in a pale pink opalescent tube featuring the much loved Lady of Lady and the Tramp and makes it so much easier for me to remember to apply hand cream periodically throughout the day.

LOVE: I love the super-light, almost gel-like consistency of this hand treatment, especially because it’s quick to dry and doesn’t leave behind any sticky or tacky residue. Then again my hands don’t get all that dry so I don’t need a heavy-duty treatment. I also really love the fact that this has a light SPF, so I feel good that my hands are at least somewhat protected from environmental factors. And of course the adorable packaging!

NOT SO MUCH: While this hand cream worked out well for me, if you suffer from severely dry hands this just won’t cut it. It leaves my hands feeling super soft and happy, but based on consistency alone I can tell that for really dry winter hands you’ll need something more. Also, the peach/orange flower scent, while light, is pretty artificial and chemically smelling. Now I actually like this as it smells like orange soda (think Sunkist) to me, but I know several people that aren’t too fond of it.

A blob of hand cream. See how thin the consistency is? This was round at some point but it’s too watery/gel-like to hold its shape.

Spread around a little. Love how light this feels while still being moisturizing.
All blended in. Check out my non-dry skin compared to the initial photo!


Smashbox Friends & Family Sale: Save 20%

November 25, 2008

Enter CODE: SBFF08 at checkout now through November 30th to receive 20% off all purchases through November 30th, in addition to free samples and free shipping!

I’ve got my eye on the Rapture Eyeshadow and Brush Set, O-Gloss, and a few other odds and ends. And if you’re a fan of their Photo Finish Primer now is a great time to stock up!

MAC Monogram Now Online!

November 25, 2008

While a little pricey for MAC, the packaging for this collection (especially the powders) has me intrigued. What will you be getting?