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Did You Get Saks Mystery Money?

September 13, 2008

My SO always gets Mystery Money, whereas I never do. I always thought that that had something to do with the fact that I hardly ever shop at Saks (the one near me has terrible customer service), nor am I a Saks cardholder. So of course when the SO got his Saks Mystery Money card in the mail, the only thought I had was “mine” LOL!

Then I learned from some lovely ladies that the process is random, and that many people who weren’t Saks cardholders had received Mystery Money codes via email. Of course I excitedly checked my g-mail to find zilch, but then I decided to check an old e-mail account that I hardly ever use, and voila there was my code! Now I usually only check this e-mail account in order to delete everything, so if it weren’t for the fact that I had been lazy this week, this e-mail probably would’ve been deleted and never given a second thought–what a tragedy!!

So I know you’re all in suspense wondering how much Mystery Money I received! Okay so it wasn’t $1,000, or even $100, but I was very happy with my $50–hey free money is free money! SO also decided to give me his code which was worth $20, which gave me $70 of spending money last night =D.

Unfortunately Saks website is a little lacking in the cosmetics department, so my options were sorely limited. Of course my first instinct was to purchase the Guerlain Meteorites primer ($65) I’ve been dying to get myself, but it wasn’t available on the website =X.


After pouting for a good five minutes or so that Saks didn’t have this, I resolved to purchase the Pressed Meteorites ($65) but again not available on the website!


So I said–fine then I’ll just get myself the Thierry Mugler Cooling Effect Concealer ($46) that I blogged about awhile back, since I know I saw that on the Saks site. But of course just my luck that it was out of stock!! =X

So what did I end up with?

I”ll tell you more about it when it arrives!