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LORAC Croc Mocktail Collection Swatches and Mini Review

November 17, 2008
LORAC Croc Mocktail Collection – Flavored Lip Gloss
($55 value for $25)

What it does:
LORAC Croc Mocktail Collection Flavored Lip Gloss has a slew of special-edition, holiday-flavored glosses, fittingly named Mocktails. Each tube has a mini mirror so you slick and shine your pout with these dazzling and delicious lacquers on the go.

What else you need to know: Collection includes flavored lipglosses:
– Mistletoe Mojito (mint, sugar & melon)
– Champagne (sparkling pear)
– Sugarplumtini (plum & berry)
– Spiced Cider (red apple)
-Candy Cane Cosmo (peppermint)
– Irish Coffee (vanilla latte)

I bought this set as something of a holiday stocking stuffer for a special somebody primarily because of the great price and the fact that I remembered having been impressed with LORAC’s glosses in the past, but I definitely wasn’t prepared for how great this set was in person! My one little issue with this set had been that the stock photo made the packaging look a bit cheap, but in person the set looks luxe (and expensive!) and the glosses are absolutely stunning.

The glosses themselves were great as well: nice non sticky consistency (the texture was like Dior’s Creme de Glosses than the conventional thick and sticky glosses), beautifully pigmented, and of course deliciously flavored for the holiday season. Each gloss is a good size yet still perfectly portable and there wasn’t a single shade that I wouldn’t wear, which is pretty rare! (oooh I rhyme lol!)

While the set I picked up has already been wrapped up as a gift, it’s highly likely that I’ll be picking up a second set for myself in the near future. Definitely pick this up it makes a fabulous holiday gift!