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New In The Mascara World: YSL Mascara Singulier & Estee Lauder Ultimate Red Turbolash

October 1, 2009
Yves Saint Laurent ‘Mascara Singulier’ Exaggerated Lift Mascara ($30)

A daring new interpretation of beautiful eyes. Glamorous volume, bold length, voluptuous curl and dramatic styling: Mascara Singulier dares to do everything. A unique innovation by Yves Saint Laurent, the mascara brush combines the technology of a traditional brush with the structure of a molded brush, to increase the performance of the formula: Structured in an elliptic way, the multidimensional bristles ensure haute-couture precision and dress the lashes evenly from root to tip. By coating the root of the lashes with mascara like a stroke of eyeliner, the brush creates a unique and intense new type of separation. Volumizing micro-spheres thicken the lashes, with provitamin B5 to protect, nourish and reinforce the lashes’ structure. Like hair extensions, nylon micro-fibers extend the lashes. A high-performance curling wax helps style the lashes for an ideal curve.

At first glance the applicator for YSL’s Mascara Singulier reminded me quite a bit of the oblique brush on Dior’s Diorshow Iconic Mascara, but having compared the photos side by side I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re actually quite different. I do feel like I’ve seen the exact same applicator on another mascara recently though – thoughts anyone?

Regardless, you all know I’m a sucker for YSL mascaras – Everlong and Faux Cils, while not perfect, are pretty amazing in their own rights! This is definitely on my “to try” list and I’m hoping to review it for you at some point.

Estée Lauder ‘Ultimate Red – Turbolash’ All Effects Motion Mascara™ ($32)

Turn it on. The brush does it all. For a limited time, Estée Lauder’s revolutionary, worldwide-first auto-powered mascara comes with sparkling Gold Effects. Goes on over your favorite black mascara for lashes that shimmer dramatically with flecks of gold.

When I spotted this on Nordstrom’s site my first thought was “Ewwww red mascara?!” so I was glad to see that this mascara is actually gold, not red. Now my second thought was – why do I need a vibrating gold mascara? And in reality I don’t, but this packaging is pretty darn festive and I don’t actually own a gold mascara…but I really shouldn’t get this for $32.

Spotted any new mascaras on the horizon as of late? Share!

Estee Lauder Fuchsia Now Spring Color 2009 Collection and New Time Zone

January 12, 2009

While I’m not usually all that into Estee Lauder’s seasonal color collections, I stumbled upon their latest Spring 2009 Fuchsia Now release while checking out an e-mail I’d received about their new Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizer SPF 15 (more on this below–the before and after is cool!) and the promo image really caught my eye. I loved the gorgeous compact and the contrast of what lookd to be a bright pink, lavender, browns, and neutrals, so I clicked on over to the actual product and this is what I found:

Estee Lauder Fleur de Lys Shimmer Powder ($32)

While the price isn’t all that bad, it just doesn’t look anything like the first image (at least to me), and definitely fell short of my expectations. I’ll have to see this in person to see which image is more true to life; I’m hoping the first!


As for Estee Lauder’s new Time Zone Line & Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizer, while I don’t think that I’ll be needing anything like this anytime soon (knock on wood) the before and after looked so great that I just had to post it! If anybody has tried/is trying this I’d love to hear about what kinds of results you get!