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Kevyn Aucoin Beauty: Sensual Skin Enhancer, Creamy Moist Glow Blush, and The Liquid Airbrush Foundation Reviews and Swatches

July 12, 2008

Kevyn Aucoin passed when I was in my mid-teens (2002-much too young for a man of such great talent), but even at that age I could appreciate his eye for beauty and his incredible passion for his work. His celebrity transformation books always fascinated me, and many of the photos have stayed with me to this day. A few of my favorites:

Christina Ricci as Doll

Demi Moore as Clara Bow

Calista Flockhart as Audrey Hepburn

After hearing about his line of cosmetics a few years back my primary query was whether the products of the master would live up to his work (that at times earned him up to $10,000 per session). Read on to find out!

Left to Right: Creamy Moist Glow Blush, The Liquid Airbrush Foundation (thanks Taryn!), Sensual Skin Enhancer

Blush in Liquifuchsia/Hot Pink, Airbrush Foundation in LQ 02, SSE in SX 03

Swatches: The Liquid Airbrush Foundation in LQ02 (left), Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX 03 (right)
The Liquid Airbrush definitely has a MUCH thinner consistency as you can see in the photo.

Sensual Skin Enhancer ($45): When I saw this on sale on the Victoria’s Secret site (this was a long time ago), I had to order it. I didn’t really know what to expect since Kevyn Aucoin’s line isn’t readily available at very many location, and was definitely surprised when I received it.

The SSE comes in a tiny pot with a screw lid, and when I say tiny I mean tiny. This is the smallest foundation I’ve ever seen by far-it’s about the size of a large lip balm, and it usually gets lost in the clutter of my vanity (only to be rediscovered every few weeks).

As for the product itself, it has its pros and cons. On the positive side, it’s incredibly pigmented and a little goes a long way (meaning you’ll never even make a dent in the tub-seriously mine’s as full as when I first purchased it!). A pin-sized dab of this uber-creamy foundation is enough to cover your entire face (and I like heavy coverage!), and it gives you a truly flawless look that no other product can recreate. Plus it’s the ultimate in portable foundations!

But the fact that it’s incredibly pigmented also makes it difficult to work with as well (and the fact that it comes in a miniature tub that’s difficult to work from doesn’t really help matters). Because you can only use such a tiny (if you use too much you’ll look extremely cakey and ridiculous), you have to manage to find a way to spread the product over your entire face which is difficult given it’s consistency (I’d say it feels like a super-thick spackle) . And the key to this product is blending-the high pigmentation means that the more you blend, the better this stuff will look.

I used to mix the Sensual Skin Enhancer with a dab of moisturizer or primer (Smashbox’s silicone-y texture works well here), but I’ve discovered the best way to get the finish I want is to simply dab a TINY TINY amount onto my MAC 187 and to blend away!

Overall I’d say the pros outweigh the cons: it provides a flawless, beautiful finish and lasts all day-BUT this is not for those with very sensitive skin who are prone to breakouts, since I’m pretty sure this would clog your pores to no end.

Left half: The Liquid Airbrush Foundation; Right half: Sensual Skin Enhancer
See how there’s still a bit of residual redness on my cheek on the left, but no hint of redness on the right? And I used a lot more product on the left!

The Liquid Airbrush Foundation ($45): Having recently received this from Taryn I haven’t had as long to play with this as I have the sensual skin enhancer, but nonetheless I thought I’d share my cursory observations.

Consistency-wise, the Liquid Airbrush is much more watery than the Sensual Skin Enhancer (that is to say that it’s the consistency of a normal liquid foundation). The Liquid Airbrush has buildable coverage and while it can work as a medium foundation, it doesn’t give you the perfected look of the SSE-but it’s definitely much easier to work with!

While the SSE leaves you with a dewy moist look (it’s loaded with skin softeners which is also why it may not be the greatest for oily complexions), the Liquid Airbrush has a bit of a dryer finish (see photo below for comparison).

While the packaging is sleek and attractive, I’m not too big a fan of containers that don’t let you see how much is left inside. I definitely think I need a bit more time to play with this before I can give you a definitive response on whether I like it or not!

Creamy Moist Glow Blush in Liquifuchsia-$24

Top: After it’s been blended
Bottom: Before blending

Creamy Moist Glow Blush ($24): Don’t be scared off by the shocking brightness of Kevyn Aucoin’s Creamy Moist Glow blush Liquifuchsia-it’s really gorgeous and quite natural-looking once applied! On me it creates the perfect soft flush, and as the name indicates it’s creamy, feels nice and moist (that sounds a little gross!), and provides your complexion with the lit-from-within glow it needs.
Whereas with many cream blushes, “creamy” means that the product will slide around on you or fade, Kevyn Aucoin’s product stays put ridiculously well yet also blends like a dream. These blushes don’t have any shimmer to them and provide you with a finish akin to regular powder blushes, but I find these so much easier to work with and would definitely recommend them. These also work amazingly well with the MAC 187 🙂

Whew this was a long post! Thanks for sticking with me through it and I hope you found at least some of this remotely useful!! 😛

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