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Best. Serum. Ever. Peter Thomas Roth viz-1000 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex Intensive Hydrating Serum Review

November 26, 2008
Peter Thomas Roth viz-1000 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex Intensive Hydrating Serum ($65 for 1 oz.)

Product Info: A super concentrated 75% hyaluronic acid complex keeps the skin hydrated all day/night with an invisible veil of moisture. The serum ahieves hydration by attracting 1000 times its weight in water from the moisture in the air. It replenishes the moisture content of aging and environmentally damaged skin and restores a youthful radiance. It also helps increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture and smooths out fine lines and a rough texture.

The PTR viz-1000 Hyaluronic Acid Complex is fragrance free and contains sodium PCA, silk proteins, sea algae, honey, yerba santa, and mineral complex along with a slew of other great ingredients.

LOVE: Since I started using this serum my skin has improved considerably. Thanks to constant stress and the changing weather my skin had been crazy: breaking out, hives, irritation and itchiness, redness, and just all-around discomfort, and my face looked and felt like a disaster area. And testing out a million new products post Sephora F&F didn’t help my cause!

But this Peter Thomas Roth serum seriously calms and soothes my skin like no other. I squirt a pump of this liquidy serum into my hand, smooth it quickly over my face, wait all of 3 seconds for it to dry to a completely matte finish and I’m good to go-no stickiness, no long drying times-just great skin. While I don’t feel an immediate difference, throughout the day my face feels better and better (as opposed to before–it would just start to feel irritated) and when I wear this overnight I notice that my face looks plumper and dewier come morning. The serum healed the breakouts that I did have and hasn’t caused any new ones since which is miraculous in and of itself. Plus my skin hasn’t felt tight/itchy/dry even once which is rare for me when the weather gets this cold!

One squirt is enough for your whole face thanks to the almost water-like consistency.

Spread around a little.
2 seconds later…almost dry!

NOT SO MUCH: There are very few things I don’t love about this, and none of them involve the actual product itself. My main gripes are with the packaging. First of all I was expecting that for my $65 the serum would come packaged in a box of some sorts, but it was just the frosted glass bottle with a plastic seal on top; but at least I can tell myself it’s somewhat environmentally friendly! My main issue with this product is the pump. It’s super stiff (or at least mine is), meaning it’s ridiculously hard for me to press down and impossible for me to get anything less than a full pump. Plus often the product ends up squirting out in a rapid stream and not ending up on my fingers as intended since I have to use such great force to get any product out–and at $65 I really don’t want to be wasting any!

VERDICT: Run out and get this today, your skin will thank you for it. This is the first serum that I’ve ever really loved in my years of searching, and will be a staple in my skincare regimen!