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Lunch Stop at Henri Bendel & Their Friends & Family Event

November 4, 2009

Hello my lovelies! I feel like I haven’t been on the blog in ages, which is never a good sign, but I’m back with some photos from my quick pit stop at Henri Bendel at lunch today. I spotted just about a million things that I’d love to get my hands on, and thanks to Nicole it looks like I actually may since she was kind enough to mention that Bendel currently has their F&F event going on November 5-8, meaning savings of 25% throughout the store!

For me Henri Bendel is seriously accessories heaven and I love their constantly changing selection of trinkets and other little treasures. Here’s what I’ve currently got my eye on (photos taken with iPhone so don’t mind the quality):

This fabulous (uber uber soft – I think it’s some type of heavy jersey material) infinite scarf is embellished with a large bedazzle brooch and is just screaming my name. From what I recall, it’s just over $100 and with the extra 25% off I’m mighty tempted!

Another sparkly little item I saw while at Bendel were these DEOS Apple iPhone & iPod earphone covers. Quite possibly the most useless items ever, but still so seriously cute and shiny! I do love the shiny. The ones you see in the last photo, with just the ring of crystals around the bottom, was in the $30 range (I want to say $35 but I’m not 100% suer), and the fully bedazzled ones up top were in the $90’s. I am loving the idea of being able to customize my iPhone headphones, but for now my sensible side is firmly in control and says no.

Have you seen any fun items during a recent jaunt to Henri Bendel? Do share in the comments!

Join Me On A Stroll Through Midtown!

February 23, 2009

Has anybody else ever noticed the gargantuan Sanrio character statues along 54th Street and Park Avenue? They’re simultaneously adorable and mildly creepy LOL. The focal point of all the statutes is this giant wind-up robo kitty that towers over the plaza.

I started my day off with a quick stop at Henri Bendel, where I checked out these interesting matte polishes by this company called Knock Out (KO)~or “flatte” as they put it. I wasn’t entirely crazy about the formulas or the look, but they were pretty cool nonetheless.

And thanks to my new camera you finally get a clear photo of the Bendel storefront! Then it was off to Louis Vuitton for a quick spin through their purse department. Check out their current window displays–not really my taste but still pretty!

I didn’t actually enter the Prada store but I was just itching to take more photos with my new camera, so here it is.

While walking down Madison I sought refuge from the bitter bitter cold in this atrium that had a fabulous mozzarella bar called Obika. I ordered a prosciutto, mozarella, and basil panini that was to die for–I’m drooling just thinking about it!

I didn’t end up purchasing much that day but I’ll definitely be posting about what little I did end up with at some point!

MAC Hello Kitty Launch Celebration @ Henri Bendel!

February 9, 2009
Henri Bendel to the right and center, Harry Winston on the right corner!

Some time back one of my readers had asked if I could post photos of Bendel, Saks, Bergdorf, etc. since she lives overseas and had never seen them before–and I know I’ve purchased photos of Bendel’s windows before but I figured I’d post these Henri Bendel Hello Kitty event photos! I stopped by Bendel the day after I picked up my Hello Kitty haul from Saks to pick up a few additional accessories, and saw that they had a full-on Kitty celebration going on.

Check out my MAC Hello Kitty swatches and review HERE.

All the store’s window displays (not just the MAC area) had been transformed into a Hello Kitty wonderland!

Check out the Hello Kitty arch inside–isn’t is seriously cute? The store was PACKED! There were women getting Hello Kitty makeovers all throughout the front of the store, and MA’s giving Hello Kitty tattooes. I was so sad I didn’t have time to get one!

I was dying to snatch up one of the Hello Kitty dolls and a balloon or twenty but seriously had to run. I did take a second to have Kitty-Man pose for a quick shot though!

Henri Bendel’s Beauty Playground Event Photos

October 20, 2008

I thought you ladies might enjoy some photos of Henry Bendel’s Beauty Playground beauty event. As you can see in my window shot, with a purchase of $125 you get one of caddies shown in the window (which would’ve been cuter had they had Bendel’s signature brown striping btw) and six deluxe beauty treats of your choosing, and with a $150 purchase you get to choose 10.

I didn’t actually purchase anything since this was the same weekend as Saks’ F&F, but believe me I was might tempted after seeing some of these “samples”! One of the items you could select was Per-fekt Beauty’s Skin Perfection Gel to Go in the same size that I had purchased for $17.50! LOL I would’ve just taken 10 of these as my beauty gift.

The event runs through today so if you happen to be in the area definitely stop by!

A few shots of Bendel’s windows just because they were pretty: