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Lemming Of the Day: Hermes Bolduc Twilly & Medor Scarf Rings

January 18, 2010

I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile, but lately I’ve had these fun little Hermes Medor twilly rings on the brain. They run $145 for a set of three (exorbitantly pricey, I know) and really add some nice modern flair to what can be an otherwise rather traditional look.

I’m not quite ready to splurge on these, but when I am you know you’ll be the first to hear about it!

Lemming of the Day: Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner

December 9, 2009

Over the course of the past year (pretty much ever since I started blogging) my cosmetics collection has grown astronomically and I’ve started to realize that I’m in desperate need of a good cosmetics organization system. I’ve been exploring various options (I know some of the bloggers out there have some fantastic suggestions) but still haven’t found anything I’m 100% happy with – although this tabletop spinning cosmetics organizer does look promising.

Additional photos and details after the jump!

According to QVC, Lori Greiner’s Tabletop Spinning Cosmetics Organizer (currenly $24.96) can hold over 100 everyday beauty essentials. Obviously I won’t be able to fit all of my collection onto just one of these, but ince I’ve got a spare room dedicated to makeup I was thinking I could buy a bunch of these and set them throughout the room. I like having all of my makeup out where I can see it as I tend to forget what I own, this seems to be a good compromise between having makeup strewn everywhere and having it all hidden away in drawers.

How do you organize your makeup collection? I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have for me!

Lemming Of the Day: Susan Monaco Chi Chi Beaded Wool Dress

November 22, 2009

This is one of the few times I can say lemming fulfilled! Susana Monaco’s Chi Chi Beaded Wool Dress (retails for $440, I got mine for $129.99) is a sophisticated, modern take on the LBD (little black dress) with ample beading and strategically-placed pleats.

It was the beading (and the pockets – gotta love the practicality of a dress with pockets) that clinched the deal for me – there was no way this cute little dress wasn’t following me home. I figure I can wear it to work or for an evening out. It’s much cuter in person, I promise!

And I took a close-up shot of the beading for you. In person it’s just stunning. Have you picked up any holiday dresses recently? It’s nice to have some classic looks on standby for those last minute events that inevitably tend to pop up.

Lemming Of The Day: Dior Granville Handstitched Tote

November 21, 2009

Those who know me know that I’m pretty much as bag-obsessed as I am cosmetics-obsessed, and since I don’t have the time/energy to start a whole new blog (seriously I can barely keep up with ABS!) I figured it’d be fun to have a few posts here and there on the bags as well. After all, don’t we all enjoy a little eye-candy? 🙂

So my lemming for today is Christian Dior’s Granville Handstitched Medium Tote ($2,350.00), a gorgeous, buttery lambskin convertible tote with hand-stitched cannage detailing. Looks like it’s a hit with the celebs – check it out below on Demi Moore (unfolded) and on Blake Lively (folded with shoulder strap).

I’m a huge sucker for a convertible bag – I love the look, the practicality, and basically getting two different looks in one bag. This is one seriously hot tote!

Lemming Of The Day: Juicy Couture Serena Quilted Nylon Bag

November 19, 2009

Juicy Couture’s Serena Quilted Nylon Bag (currently on sale for $149.00) has the makings of a great everyday toss-around bag with its extremely reasonable price point, low-maintenance quilted nylon exterior, fun silvertone hardware and easy-access zip top. Plus it’s pretty darn cute albeit a bit diaper-bag reminiscent. I actually saw this in person a few months back, and while I’m generally not a huge Juicy Couture fan, a lemming was born. Now that it’s on sale, I’m thinking this may be the time to indulge!