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Bourjois Docteur Glamour Intensive Moisturizing Treatment in #11 Rose Retabli Review and Swatches

January 16, 2009
Bourjois Docteur Glamour Intensive Moisturizing Treatment with Mango and Shea Butter ($15 but I think I paid $3ish from Sephora)

Bourjois Docteur Glamour Lipstick delivers 8 hours of intense hydrating moisture and begins working for you the minute it is applied. Your lips will be soft, fresh and radiant with beautiful, glamorous medium coverage color. The smooth, rich formula contains soothing Mango and Shea butters and is lightly scented.

Docteur Glamour in #11 Rose Retabli

I’m a sucker for a good deal, so when I saw this on sale at while checking out with a few other items a few months back I had to pick it up–and the great reviews didn’t hurt either. I love a good tinted lip treatment (like my wonderfully emollient Korres Lip Butter in Quince) and the promise of eight full hours of intense hydration was just too much for me to resist. What can I say, I’m weak!

A more accurate representation of Rose Retabli-
this is pretty much exactly what it looks like.

The Color: Docteur Glamour in Rose Retabli is a creamy pigmented peachy pink shade that’s moisturizing, long-lasting, and probably one of the better products I’ve tried from Bourjois.

Is It Hydrating? Indeed it is! The one gripe I have with this product is that due its creamy nature, it tends to “catch” in the dry areas of your lips if that makes any sense. You know how your lips get those dry little flakies? Well product will sort of amass in there giving you an uneven look. But give it a half hour or so and Docteur Glamour will work his magic on your lips, turning them from dry and scaly to soft and supple.

Was it worth my $3? Most definitely! Would I repurchase it for $15? I’m not sure.

Mascara Series Part 14: Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara Review and Photos

November 29, 2008
Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara ($15)

The Formula: Bourjois’ Liner Effect mascara contains a kohl-enriched formula that’s supposed to intensely lengthen your lashes while accentuating the roots to define the shape of the eye and create the effect of wearing liner–hence the name. Because of the kohl in the formula this mascara (at least in the Noir stylist shade) really is a true deep rich glossy black that emphasizes the contours of your upper and lower lash lines, and while it won’t look like you’re wearing heavy liner, it does give the look of your having liner under your upper lash line (for those of you who do this you know what I’m talking about).

I love that the formula is nearly clump free, and doesn’t smudge or flake on me, even after a long long day, but because of the intense pigmentation I do find it a little messy to remove.

The Brush: Bourjois’ Liner Effect Mascara has an asymmetrical dual action brush that both lengthens the lashes and intensifies the roots. The ultra short bristles (the top end of the brush in my photo below) allow you to get directly under the roots of your lashes, creating that defined liner effect, and are actually also really great for applying mascara to the rest of your lashes. They create some decent definition although no real length–that’s where the other half of the wand comes in. The longer bristles pull the mascara along the length of your lashes for a more dramatic look.

While the applicator is all-around pretty cool, I have had some issues with it, the main one being that I’ve nearly poked my eye out on several occasions! I tend to flutter my eyes a little while applying mascara, and when your eyes aren’t all that large that can get dangerous with an applicator like this. If you flutter your eyes while using the stubby bristled-end on your upper lashes, the bottom half of the wand will stab your eyeball–let me tell you it’s not pleasant!

My gripes with the applicator are primarily with the spiky end. I find myself wishing the bristles were spaced closer together so that I would get more definition and better length, since the awkward spacing makes for potential clumps and messiness. As for the stubbier end, I love it! It actually gives me lower lashes which is pretty amazing considering I really don’t have any.

The Verdict: While this is an all-around good mascara it’s not my holy grail by any means. Liner Effect gives above average length and really nice volume, but it doesn’t give me that clean, defined look that I’m always looking for, nor does it hold a curl. However if you’re into the doe-eyed wispy-lashed look (which I do some days) this is the mascara for you. Would I repurchase? Maybe just to use on my lower lashes and at the base of my upper lashes.

This mascara will be available at Ulta in February ’09 so be sure to check it out! And if you can’t wait, HSN currently sells two of these for $22.79 here.

Look close…closer! See I do have lower lashes!

RATING: 3.75/5 (no photo for that one!)

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Bourjois Gloss Bijou Review and Swatches

November 29, 2008
Bourjois Gloss Bijou in Shade Rose Precieux

Bourjois’ limited edition Gloss Bijou is a weighty disco ball-esque pendant that contains a shimmering pink lipgloss with coral tinges enriched with light-reflecting micro-crystals.

The top half of the ball swivels outwards to reveal the shimmery gloss housed within. While not the most practical method of transporting gloss thanks to the fact that the pendant is solid metal and pretty ridiculously heavy, it is rather pretty! As for the pendant aspect of this, I’m not feeling so inclined to weigh my neck down with a heavy metal disco ball–but that’s just me! I would, however, pop the silk cord off this, replace it with a metal ball chain and you’ve got an instant keychain/bag charm with the added bonus of gloss inside.

And the gloss? Nothing to write home about. It’s a very attractive pinky coral shade that’s pretty much universally flattering, but its major detriment is that it has a slightly gritty texture thanks to all of the micro-glitter suspended in the gloss. Also, I’d say this has more of the consistency/finish of a shiny lipstick than a gloss.

Swatch of Bourjois’ Gloss Bijou

Overall I’d say that while this would make a nice holiday stocking stuffer (I can’t seem to find this online at the moment but I swear I saw it at Ulta for $16 or so), it’s not really something that I’d get for myself as it just isn’t all that practical. But that having been said I do love owning this for the pretty-factor and will be getting crafty with it. Stay tuned to see what I come up with!

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My New Bourjois Goodies!

November 28, 2008

I’ve got so many new Bourjois goodies to share with all of my lovely readers! Doesn’t it all look so pretty together? I’ve already reviewed the Gloss Bijou (see post above) and I’ll be reviewing the Liner Effect Mascara for you in a few minutes so stay tuned!

Aren’t the mini Bourjois products adorable? I love having these hanging off my phone for makeup emergencies–they’ve definitely come in handy on several occasions. I’ll be reviewing these newest addition to my collection at some point, but in the meantime check out my review of Bourjois’ mini lipstick, gloss, and eye shimmer here.

Liquid Eyeshadows for All Price Ranges: How Do They Stack Up?

July 15, 2008
This will be my last Bourjois-related post for a really long time–I promise!

Left to Right:
Mark i-sheer Creamy Eye Shadow Hook Up in Meringue ($5)
Bourjois Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Electron #38 (on sale for $11.20)
Chanel Ombre D’eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadows in Bayou and 717 ($32)


Mark’s i-sheers ($5) are a a decent budget option if you’re looking to try a liquid eyeshadow but don’t want to splurge. While the packaging is very utilitarian and not all that cute, the shades have okay lasting power and will serve their purpose.

I wasn’t a huge fan of these because, unlike the Bourjois or the Chanel, this dried a kind of streaky/clumpy finish and just wasn’t as pigmented as I would’ve liked. It looks the smoothness of the more expensive products.


Bourjois’ Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadows ($11.20) are amongst my favorite liquid shadows. While they don’t have a great color selection (booooo!), the shades they do have are all very wearable and easy to work with. The consistency is a bit thinner than the Mark, but still gives you a nice creamy solution to work with, making application and blending pretty easy. Plus I think the packaging is darn cute (although I hated it for their loose eyeshadows)!

Pigmentation is pretty decent with these-you’re not going to get a bold wash of color by any means, but the shades do show up and have easily buildable coverage.

It dries to a smooth shimmery finish and stays put all day. Love this stuff-it was definitely worth the $11!!


Now for our splurge item-the Chanel Ombre D’eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadows ($32). For reference, one of these costs as much as 6 of the Marks or almost 3 of the Bourjois on sale-a little crazy in my opinion! But call me crazy because I purchased them. I figured they’d be a great alternative to powder shadows on those days I wanted something a little different, but honestly I don’t find myself reaching for them that often.

Consistency-wise, these are the most watery out of the bunch. As such, the first layer goes on pretty sheer after blending (and you have to blend otherwise you’ll look pretty silly), but coverage is definitely buildable. Also, they take a decent amount of time to dry, so if you’ve got small creases like me (that cause smudging) you’ll have to sit around with your eyes closed until this stuff dries.

But you do get something for your money-a very smooth application! While I love the Bourjois, I’d have to say the Chanel (probably because it’s more liquidy) dries to a smoother and more even finish.

While I do like these they’re definitely not the best out there and not a must-have by any means!

Left to Right: the two Chanels, Bourjois, and Mark

After some blending

And to see which would wear the longest I rubbed at these like crazy! The Chanels didn’t hold up so well, but the Bourjois and the Mark were stubborn.

EOTD (using my liquid shadows!):

Conclusion: liquid shadows are hard to blend!

Have you tried any of these? Thoughts?

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Bourjois Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadow: Review and Swatches

July 15, 2008
Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Electron (38)
Click here to see what it looks like on.



I’d had my eye on Bourjois Shimmer Shine Liquid shadows for weeks but I could never justify purchasing them since I’m not a big user of liquid/cream shadows-but once they went on sale I was all over them! I didn’t like the darker colors too much (they’re pretty pigmented so dark can be a little scary) so I went with Rose Electron and Beige Metallique.

I’ll be doing a post comparing the consistency of these to a few other liquid eyeshadows I have-but for now I’ll just say that these have a great creamy consistency-not too runny and not too thick, making them pretty easy to work with. The applicator gives me much more product than I’d like but it’s not really a problem as I just dab it on with the applicator, then blend with my finger.

A Few Swatches:
Swatches: Rose Electron (38), Blanc Chrome (37), Gris Platine (35), Beige Metallique (33)

Once applied these shadows really aren’t going anywhere. They’re not waterproof, but once dry they’re essentially smudge/rub proof and should last all day without creasing.

A few shades are still available on so head on over and grab yourself some cute shadows for a bargain price!

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Bourjois Blushes in Rose D’or and Lilas D’or: Review and Swatches

July 14, 2008
Bourjois Blushes in Rose D’or (34) and Lilas D’or (33)
Enter to win your own Rose D’or blush (and other goodies!) here.

Our beautiful blushes and the cute (but scratchy and useless) brushes that accompany them.

Bourjois blushes, while rather small, give you a good bang for your buck because they’re pretty pigmented and a little goes a long way. The blushes are baked which gives them their great pigmentation, but it also means that they will probably harden over time. If you’ve played with the Bourjois blush testers at Sephora you’ll notice that with some of them it’s virtually impossible to get any product on your finger because the surface of the blush has “crusted over” as I like to put it. But if you’re willing to either take care of the surface of your blush (not letting your face’s oils get all over the surfac etc.) or else just scrub off the top layer when this hardening does occur, you’re set!

I currently own Bourjois blushes in two shades: Rose D’or (purchased from Sephora’s Bourjois sale) and Lilas D’or (sent to me by Taryn). Rose D’or is a lovely and easy-to-wear medium pink while Lilas D’or is a glowing peachy pink shade, and both have a decent amount of gold shimmer to them (hence the name “D’or”).

The shimmer in these blushes isn’t as evidence as some of my other blushes (the shimmery the better for me!) but it’s definitely there, so if you hate gold sparkles in your blushes, this isn’t for you. Also, the blush is lightly rose-scented, so again a no-no for you if you happen to hate fragranced cosmetics!

One caveat: I don’t think I’d leave my brush in the blush container most of the time. It moves around in there, collecting a lot of blush from the surface and therefore wasting some of the product. Yes it’s not a big deal but little things annoy me sometimes 😛


Swatches (with flash): Rose D’or on left, Lilas D’or on right

Same swatches under different lighting

Overall these blushes are great, especially for around $10 on sale! Rose D’or is definitely a bit more pigmented than Lilas D’or, but both are beautiful. I’m thinking I’ll wear Lilas D’or during the summer time since I have a little more color to my face and it gives me a glowing sun-kissed kinda look, and I’ll reserve Rose D’or for fall/winter so I can have that just-in-from-the cold look 🙂

Did you happen to pick one (or many) of these up during the Sephora sale? What did you think?

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Bourjois Sephora Clearance Haul: Reviews & Swatches

July 9, 2008

I’m a sucker for anything on sale (even if it wasn’t all that expensive to begin with), but since I’m on a self-imposed mini-ban I tried to restrain myself as much as possible with Sephora’s clearance on Bourjois. It’s sad that when I see something at a discount, I repeatedly need to remind myself that if it wasn”t something I would’ve wanted when it wasn’t on sale, I probably shouldn’t be getting it now. Not that it works so well for me!

Bourjois Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadow in Brun Metallique and Rose Electron-$11.20 (from $16)

I haven’t actually opened these yet because I’ve been debating whether or not I want to use one as a giveaway item for this month, so no swatches yet but there’s a photo below of what the Rose Electron looks like on from when I played with these at Sephora.

I’d been wanting these for a few months (since they seemed to be a much cheaper version of Chanel’s Ombre D’eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow-I’ll be doing a comparison one of these days) and this sale finally gave me an excuse to buy them. I’m really tempted to keep both since I’m having the hardest time choosing which to part with. You ladies may just have to settle for something else as a giveaway prize! 😛

Bourjois Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Electron

Bourjois Effect 3D Les Nudes Lip Gloss in Fleur D’oranger Poetic-$10.85 (from $15.50)

This particular shade doesn’t seem to be available on the website.

Fleur d’oranger poetic on lips (I had to apply a ton of it to get it to photograph)

#36 Fleur d’oranger poetic is a peachy-orange shade with fine gold microshimmer. Bourjois’ glosses come with a brush applicator, and while decent, I find that they make for a rather streaky application. And while it’s nice that the gloss has a pretty non-sticky formula, its watery consistency means that the gloss ends up settling into any fine lines that may have cropped up on my lips due to dryness.

Once applied, #35 is a peachy nude, nearly invisible on my lips. It’s a decent gloss and a pretty color but nothing I’d ever repurchase.

Swatch of Fleur d’oranger poetic

Bourjois Blush in Rose D’or-$9.80 (from $14)

Bourjois blush in Rose D’or is another one of those products that I’ve been meaning to try but have just never gotten around to. Upon opening my little pink compact (this thing is rather small for a blush) I was pleasantly surprised to find a little brush included–and then disappointed to learn that the thing felt like an itchy wool sweater. Oh well! It’ll probably come in handy in a pinch.

The blush itself is very pigmented, which means that the few times I’ve tried to apply this I’ve ended up going a little overboard. I definitely need to remember to use a lighter hand when using this blush. Rose D’or is a cool pink with gold pearl, and not really all that rose at all. It’s a pretty color but nothing all that unique, so definitely not a must-have if you have a million unused blushes lying around like I do.



Did you end up purchasing anything form the Bourjois sale section on

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Massive Bourjois Sale on!!

July 1, 2008

It looks like Sephora is looking to clear out its Bourjois stock which is a shame since they make some very cute products, but it works out great for me since it gives me the opportunity to try many of their products at a discount.

Items I’m interested in trying:

Yes to Volume! No to Clumps! Mascara-$10.15
I’ve wanted to try this for years so I figure now is as good an opportunity as any.

Eau de Gloss-$10.50
I know this is known for having terrible lasting power and virtually no color payoff, but I still want to try it 😛

Shimmer Shine Liquid Eye Shadow-$11.20
I first read about these over on the wonderful Musings of a Muse, and after seeing swatches and action photos, I had to have them. Luckily I forgot all about them until this sale, but now they’re calling to me! I’ll definitely be purchasing a few for myself.

Will you be getting anything from the Bourjois sale? I know the savings aren’t mind-blowing, but a sale is a sale! 😛

Update: Click here to check out my Bourjois haul!

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Mini Bourjois Paris-The Cutest Cosmetics Ever! (Review and Swatches)

June 14, 2008
I know that these adorable Bourjois minis have been available abroad for awhile now, but I’ve patiently waiting, hoping that Bourjois would release these in the US and here they are!

(super long photo heavy post alert!)

If you’ve never seen or heard of the mini Bourjois Paris line (or if you just want to see the full line), I’d recommend clicking here or here for some great product images (can you believe they just came out with miniature Eau de Glosses?!? I want!!!), although I’m sure most of you have at least seen the miniature glosses at Sephora. Many of the other products are Ulta exclusives state-side!

Bourjois Mini Lipstick/Cell Phone Charm in R&B Shade #12 ($9)

I know it looks peachy in all the photos, but it’s more of a soft dusty pink with fine silver shimmer. It’s a gorgeous color, and while $9 is a little pricey for a mini lipstick, it’s so cute that I couldn’t resist! It’s actually not as tiny as you’d think, and it’ll probably come in really handy on those days when I have unexpected dinner plans and no make-up at hand!

The formula isn’t perfect-it’s a little gritty and I feel like the lipstick is rather soft and will easily break if left in the car/sun for too long, but I still love it 🙂

Swatch of Bourjois Mini Lipstick Shade #12

And on me of course! 🙂

Bourjois Gloss Effet 3D Les Nudes Lipgloss/Cell Phone Charm in Shade #19 Brun Poetic ($9)

How cute is that little brush? Shade #19 Brun Poetic is one of three Les Nudes available in the miniature gloss range, and is a pretty peachy nude shade (more nude than peach) with fine silver shimmer. It doesn’t look like much on its own but it’s gorgeous over nude or pink lipsticks.

The texture is rather watery (think Chanel Aqualumiere or Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect) and so I have the same problems with it that I do with the Chanel and the Dior–it tends to settle into any tiny little lines you may have on your lips. But when I apply it over lipstick it’s perfect!

Swatch of Brun Poetic Mini Gloss

It was really hard to get a good shot of Brun Poetic on its own, so here it’s photographed over Dior’s Box Office Beige lipstick, which is a really pretty nude.

And the last of my Bourjois minis, the Mini Dose de Nacres (mini loose powder eyeshadow) in Shade #6 (Ulta’s photos on these products are wrong for some reason).

Not-So-Great Swatch of Mini Dose de Nacres Shade #6 ($8)

It’s appleid here on the inner half of my eye, with a darker pink MAC shadow on the outer half. It’s essentially a very shimmery baby pink. These are surprisingly very pigmented and blend really well. The quality is great and I definitely want them in every shade!

A random MAC MA complimented me on my phone plus goodies yesterday. I like that if you have multiples of the glosses or lipsticks, you can just switch them out using the lobster-claw clasps rather than having to take off the whole charm and replace it. Now if only the lanyard for the gloss were hot pink as well!

I ended up not purchasing the Mini Volume Glamour Mascara because it was HUGE-nearly the size of my phone! I would’ve felt silly toting that around.

As for the Dressing Du Regard Eyeshadow Minis, while the packaging and the eyeshadow trio box are darling, I wasn’t too impressed with the pigmentation so no need to waste my money.

Is it bad that I want one each of the lipsticks, lipglosses, and loose eyeshadows? =X They’re just so cute!

Have you tried any mini Bourjois Paris products? Tempted? Not at all? Do share!

Don’t forget to enter my Giveaway for the Month of June before the June 22nd deadline!