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Beauty Deals-At Costco?

August 7, 2008
More camera phone pics!

While I love checking out all the edible goodies at Costco, my favorite thing is scoping out the cosmetics aisle. They usually don’t have much that catches my eye, but every once in awhile they’ll have amazing deals on products from Lancome to Freeze 24/7 to Smashbox. So of course I was majorly excited to see this gorgeous set from Stila, especially for only $18.99!

I didn’t actually end up getting the set for myself, but I thought I’d break it down for you so that you can see just how good a deal you’re getting. Included in the set (which comes in two color variants) are:

…for a grand total of $142.50!!! Pretty cool, huh?!

And Costco also has some pretty great Smashbox gift sets ($19.99)–although not as amazing as Stila’s.

Have you checked these out for yourself?