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Sensai Cellular Performance Hydrachange Cream Review & Swatches

April 5, 2010
Thank you so much to all of you who’ve reached out to let me know that my daily posts have been missed – I love hearing from you amidst all the craziness of work, it really brightens my day.  So given all the stress I’ve been under (and the massive sleep-deprivation I’ve been experiencing) you’d think that my skin would be going haywire, but thanks to the soothing, hydrating gentleness that is Sensai’s new Hydrachange Cream, my skin hasn’t been betraying the chaos that happens to be my life.  Check out the full review after the jump!

The Science: Hydrachange Cream is an uber-gentle gel cream that imparts a refreshing moist sensation upon application.  Sensai’s unique Hyaluronic Acid Supporting Network evenly distributes Hydrachange Complex, (made up of a marine monosaccharide to improve firmness and smoothness, beta-carotene to promote hyaluronic acid synthesis and a hyaluronate to boost collagen) with water and emollient oils to clam the skin while sealing in moisture for constant hydration. 
The Good: My simultaneously super oily and super dry (and always super-irritated) skin loves loves LOVES Hydrachange Cream.  Over the nearly three months that I’ve been using this cream (never have I stuck with a single moisturizer this long) my pores have noticeably decreased in sizes, my skin is balanced and happy, and I’ve experienced nary a dry flake during the cold winter months.  This gel cream has a wonderfully light, almost watery texture that makes moisturizing such a pleasure in the morning (I hate struggling with a super thick cream) and is infused with the fresh, feminine, comforting fragrance of plum blossoms blended with notes of sandalwood, rose and jasmine (which are also supposed to boost hyaluronic acid synthesis in the dermis).  Have I also mentioned that I haven’t experienced a single major breakout since I started using this cream?  It’s heaven I tell you, pure heaven!
The Bad: I do have to say that there was one small hitch in the ABS/Hydrachange Cream love story – stickiness.  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a sticky skincare product, and Hydrachange doesn’t dry to a completely matte finish, but rather remains slightly sticky to the touch throughout the day.  I do, however, think that this is why this particular product moisturizes so well and is so incredibly hydrating, so I really shouldn’t complain.  PLUS happily I’ve found that perfect skincare combination that makes for happy skin and a nice, smooth feel – I layer Hydrachange over my ever-trusty Estee Lauder Idealist (I’ve been using this stuff for years) and it settles into a nice and smooth, non-tacky finish that foundation just glides right over.
As promised, here are the ingredients!
The Verdict: While my wallet cringes (just a little) at the $160 for 1.4 oz. price, to be honest I’d pay pretty much any price for beautiful, happy skin, and so when sample jar (generously provided to me by the wonderful Sensai PR people) goes empty, I’ll be dragging myself over to the Kanebo counter at Bergdorf to restock. 
Availability:  Sensai’s Hydrachange Series is available at Bergdorf Goodman, and (online only).  Do check out the line, it’s one of my favorite brands ever!
This review contains a press sample sent to ABS by the brand’s PR representative for blog consideration. If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please feel free to contact me at

SENSAI Cellular Performance HydraChange Series Preview

March 10, 2010

I hope you all survived your Tuesdays better than I did – I’d have to say that even for a Tuesday, mine was pretty abysmal.  On the bright side though, the work week is almost half over and I’ve got a seriously amazing new skincare line to introduce you to.

Sensai’s new Cellular Performance HydraChange Series (launching in mid-March), containing a unique hyaluronic acid cocktail, seals in moisture, smooths skin’s appearance, and best of all, provides an immediate water-like hydrating sensation upon contact. 

I’ve been playing around with two items from this launch, the HydraChange Mist ($75) and the HydraChange Cream ($175) and my mother will be the first to admit that my skin is looking pretty amazing lately (and if you know Korean mothers, you’ll know they never compliment you on anything, especially your skin).  I haven’t broken out once in the two months since I switched my skincare over to HydraChange and my skin hasn’t been dry despite the ridiculously cold we’ve been having, but most amazing for me is the fact that my pores seem to be significantly tighter (although I can’t be sure this is what brought about that change – I think it might have something to do with the daily cleanser I’m using as well – either way I’m seriously amazed and so so ecstatic since I’ve tried pretty much every pore-tightening product known to man to no avail).  I’ve got to run off to work soon so this is all the info you’re getting today, but you can expect review of the products soon!

Availability: Launching in-store at Bergdorf Goodman in mid-March.  Pre-orders available via  Available at in April.

Sensai’s The Lipstick Lip Swatches and Close-Ups

September 22, 2009
Close-up of 07 Sekichiku

These lips swatches were hastily done, but I simply had to post a few as product photos alone really don’t do Sensai’s The Lipstick any justice. The Lipsticks really give the illusion of a fuller lip and have creamy opaque coverage that lasts for hours, even through eating and drinking.

07 Sekichiku has a beautiful vein of gold shimmer running throughout that’s very subtle in person but lends the lips a gorgeous luminosity that I absolutely love.

See more lip swatches and close-ups of Sensai’s The Lipstick the lipstick after the jump!

08 Araishu

If it’s not obvious, Araishu and Sekichiku are my two favorites. Araishu is a fully opaque creamy shade of medium milky pink with a tinge of coral to it that looks very sophisticated on the lips. I’m wearing it today and received many compliments!

14 Mahoso

Those who know me know that I just don’t do red lipstick, but Sensai’s Mahoso is the one exception to that rule. When I first swatched it I was a bit turned off by the slight orange tinge it had to it, but on my lips this turns into the perfect clear bright red that doesn’t give me clown mouth. I love it!

12 Sugiiro

And last but not least we have Sugiiro, a true fleshy beige that subtely tones down my natural lip color and pairs beautifully with a more dramatic eye.

Sensai’s The Lipstick Review and Swatches

September 22, 2009
Sensai The Lipstick/Le Rouge A Levres ($55)

A few weeks back I introduced you to the completely re-engineered, re-formulated and re-packaged The Lipstick from Sensai, a fabulous fusion of advanced anti-aging science with aristocratic colors, and now I’m back to provide you with swatches and a full review!

The Lipstick promises to increase moisture content in lips by 172% after two weeks of regular use and to accelerate microcirculation by 120% in 10 minutes.

So what were my thoughts? Find out and see swatches after the jump!

Sensai’s gold- and silk-enriched lipsticks have great moisturizing power, amazing pigmentation and coverage (you’ll see in the lip swatches ~ I’d say my lips look pretty great), a glowing creamy finish and color fidelity meaning your color won’t change on you throughout the day.

The subtely gold-toned packaging is weighty and very elegant feeling in your hands; combined with the black velvet pouches that each lipstick comes in, you’re really enveloped in a sense of luxury when using these.

Swatches (left to right):
07 Sekichiku (rosy pink with gold shimmer), 08 Araishu (medium pink with coral undertones), 12 Sugiiro (a true fleshy nude), 14 Mahoso (an orange-based red)

Containing ingredients like golden silk powder that is injected into silk granules which are able to hold 300 times their weight in water and golden phyto extract, an anti-aging component comprised of apricot oil, yuzu (japanese citron) extract and an exclusive Sensai ingredient derived from rice that coosts skin’s natural moisture content by up to 172% after 2 weeks, Sensai’s The Lipstick really does provide a nourishing, luxurious experience for the lips.

The Sensai Lipsticks are quickly becoming a celeb favorite as well – Jessica Lange was wearing shade #11 Kurumi during the Emmy’s two nights ago!

Availability: All 15 shades are available at Bergdorf Goodman and at For more info on Kanebo INTERNATIONAL, check out

Introducing Sensai The Lipstick!

August 28, 2009

One of my favorite brands, Kanebo Sensai, has completely re-engineered, re-formulated and re-packaged (oh have they repackaged – the new tubes are just so elegant and gorgeous!) their lipstick line called THE LIPSTICK to represent an elegant fusion of advanced anti-aging skin science with timeless shades. The beautifully distinctive hues are disperted with golden silk powder and particles of Japan’s most precious silk, Koishimaru Silk, which encapsulate pure gold particles that have been microscopically injected into the silk.

Sensai’s THE LIPSTICK claims to provide immediate and long-term anti-aging benefits with the ability to increase moisture content in lips by 172% after two weeks of regular use and accelerate microcirculation by 120% in 10 minutes among other benefits.

Sensai’s previous lipstick release have quickly risen to be amongst the most prized in my collection (the Lasting Treatment Rouge in Hitoeume which I’ve reviewed HERE is easily my favorite, along with their Deep Moist Shine Rouge in Botan which I’ve reviewed HERE), and so I’m excited to get my hand on these new additions to the line!

Sensai’s THE LIPSTICK will be available in 15 luxurious shades ($55 each), each selected from over 200 core color used by the Japanese aristocracy in their silk kimonos during the Heian Period (794-1185). I plan to have reviews/swatches coming for you soon!

All 15 shades are available at Bergdorf Goodman and at For more info on Kanebo INTERNATIONAL, check out