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Paul & Joe Disney Collection Lady and the Tramp Protective Hand Cream Review

November 25, 2008
Paul & Joe Disney Collection Lady and the Tramp Protective Hand Cream SPF 15 PA+ ($24)
Available via Beauty Habit online and in stores at Bergdorf Goodman. Click here to check out more photos of the collection.

A few weeks back I posted about Beauty Habit’s 25% off promotion, which included the much-coveted Disney for Paul & Joe collection, which had previously only been available in Japan. While I wanted pretty much one of everything, I just couldn’t justify the additional purchases since Saks F&F and Sephora F&F were around the same time; but I couldn’t not get anything since I love Disney so picked up this hand cream as a small indulgence.

The packaging for this Protective Hand Cream is soooo darling! The peach and orange flower scented light hand cream comes packaged in a pale pink opalescent tube featuring the much loved Lady of Lady and the Tramp and makes it so much easier for me to remember to apply hand cream periodically throughout the day.

LOVE: I love the super-light, almost gel-like consistency of this hand treatment, especially because it’s quick to dry and doesn’t leave behind any sticky or tacky residue. Then again my hands don’t get all that dry so I don’t need a heavy-duty treatment. I also really love the fact that this has a light SPF, so I feel good that my hands are at least somewhat protected from environmental factors. And of course the adorable packaging!

NOT SO MUCH: While this hand cream worked out well for me, if you suffer from severely dry hands this just won’t cut it. It leaves my hands feeling super soft and happy, but based on consistency alone I can tell that for really dry winter hands you’ll need something more. Also, the peach/orange flower scent, while light, is pretty artificial and chemically smelling. Now I actually like this as it smells like orange soda (think Sunkist) to me, but I know several people that aren’t too fond of it.

A blob of hand cream. See how thin the consistency is? This was round at some point but it’s too watery/gel-like to hold its shape.

Spread around a little. Love how light this feels while still being moisturizing.
All blended in. Check out my non-dry skin compared to the initial photo!


A Few Disney for Paul & Joe Photos (Courtesy of Nicole)

November 12, 2008
Disney for Paul & Joe Lady Protective Hand Cream and Flower Face Colour

How cute is this all? If you’ll recall I blogged (here) thanks to a tip from Nicole about the fact that Beauty Habit had this collection in, and at 25% off no less! We both places our orders like the good little beauty addicts that we are and they arrived on Monday! I just have to mention that literally an hour or two after placing my order I had the shipping confirmation in my inbox–impressive!

I only ended up with the hand cream (which I’ll be reviewing for you shortly) but Nicole got both the hand cream and the Flower face color beads so needless to say I begged for photos to share with you. Thanks so much Nicole!

Oh where oh where have my pearls gone?

I’d heard this before and so wasn’t surprised to hear it from Nicole as well, but it’s still a little disappointing: the face colour comes nearly half empty! The packaging is simply darling though!

Included Puff
Swatch of Disney for Paul & Joe Flower Face Colour