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Pupa Luminys Velvety Baked Blush in 08 Review and Swatches

January 7, 2009
Pupa Luminys Velvety Baked Blush in 08 ($19.10)

To be perfectly honest I balked at using this Pupa blush when I first saw it in the absolutely amazing package that Taryn sent me some months back; it just looked so…orange. While I consider myself to be pretty adventurous when it comes to makeup, orange is one shade that I tend to avoid like the plague. Well to make a long story short this ended up being one of my favorite blushes ever (if you missed it, this was featured in my round-up of my favorite products of 2008).

Check out the rest of the review, more photos and swatches after the jump!

Close-Up Without Flash

Pupa’s Luminys Velvety Baked Blushes contain a silicate complex enhance their silky texture, are incredibly pigmented, and as an added bonus contain Jojoba Oil to moisturize and protect your complexion. I’m a big fan of baked blushes (one of my other favorites is this CLIO blush that’s simply stunning) while I’d been turned off by the orangey-shade of this particular one, Pupa’s turned out to be no exception.

Shade 08, while it looks rather orangey in its E.T. flying saucer-reminiscent packaging, contains veins of gorgeous gold and salmon shades running throughout, and once on blends to a gorgeous, Nars-Orgasm-but-prettier peachy shade that’s perfect for the summer time. It does have a shimmery quality to it so if you’re not a fan of glittery blushes I’d stay away from these, but for me Pupa’s Velvety Baked Blushes are the perfect marriage between silkiness and shimmer.

Swatch Pre-Blending

Swatch After Blending

Pupa blushes are a little difficult to track down stateside but if you can manage to find them I highly recommend checking them out!


Laneige The Secret of Snow Crystal Snow Radiant Blusher in 01 Snow Prism: Review and Swatches

September 9, 2008
Laneige Snow Radiant Blusher in #01 Snow Prism from The Secret of Snow Crystal Collection


I love all the pretty veins of pink, purple, green,, gold, and opalescent white that run through this! It’s really and truly beautiful.



Swatch After Blending

Laneige’s Snow Radiant Blusher in Shade #01 is more of a highlighter than a blush, but like all of the other blushes that were a part of this collection, it’s absolutely stunning to look at. It reminds me a lot of MAC’s Mineralized products, except prettier and much more pigmented!

The veins of pink, purple, green, gold, and white running throughout this baked powder combine to form a frosty silvery white shade that gives your skin an ice princessy glow. I’m not entirely sure if I’m loving this just yet, because the first few times that I used this I applied too much and managed to create a look reminiscent of The White Witch a la The Chronicles of Narnia!


However with a lighter touch this should give me a beautiful shimmery glow. I love the way this powder looks so I’m determined to make it work for me!

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Clio Professional Art Blusher in #2 Pink: Review and Swatches

July 23, 2008
Clio Professional Art Blusher in #2-$20.80

Click here for a little background info on Clio Professional.


Clio’s Art Blusher was part of my Sasa order from awhile back, and while it’s gorgeous it just hasn’t been receiving the attention it deserves with my crazy schedule lately!

First things first-as always the packaging is beautiful, but like their eyeshadow kit, relatively clunky and thick (not ideal for traveling). Also, the closure isn’t as secure as it would like, since it (at least mine) doesn’t pop into place-it’s more of a weak snap that’s likely to open on its own at any moment.

After my experience with the horrible brushes included with the Bourjois blushes (click here to read more) I was expecting much of the same from Clio’s, but it’s surprisingly soft and usable. I don’t like to apply blush using a half-moon brush because it’s not accurate enough, but if I did I’d definitely use the included brush.

On a side note, Clio’s Art Blushers remind me a lot of MAC’s Mineralize Blushes from Sonic Chic but prettier and more pigmented!


Like most of Clio’s products, this is baked for 24 hours resulting in a supremely pigmented product that glides on beautifully. The surface of #2 Pink is a strawberry pink marbled/veined all over with touches of white, bronzey gold, and a deep maroon/rose shade. They all swirl together to form a gorgeous pink/rose shade that has an iridescent quality to it. While the result isn’t glittery, it does impart a certain luminous quality that I know some people don’t like (it’s not matte). I personally LOVE it! My only difficulty has been the fact that it’s sooo pigmented-I end up with way too much blush on half the time (using my MAC 187). But when I get it right it’s gorgeous!


What would you pair this with? Think you would use it? Tell me in the comments!

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Bourjois Blushes in Rose D’or and Lilas D’or: Review and Swatches

July 14, 2008
Bourjois Blushes in Rose D’or (34) and Lilas D’or (33)
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Our beautiful blushes and the cute (but scratchy and useless) brushes that accompany them.

Bourjois blushes, while rather small, give you a good bang for your buck because they’re pretty pigmented and a little goes a long way. The blushes are baked which gives them their great pigmentation, but it also means that they will probably harden over time. If you’ve played with the Bourjois blush testers at Sephora you’ll notice that with some of them it’s virtually impossible to get any product on your finger because the surface of the blush has “crusted over” as I like to put it. But if you’re willing to either take care of the surface of your blush (not letting your face’s oils get all over the surfac etc.) or else just scrub off the top layer when this hardening does occur, you’re set!

I currently own Bourjois blushes in two shades: Rose D’or (purchased from Sephora’s Bourjois sale) and Lilas D’or (sent to me by Taryn). Rose D’or is a lovely and easy-to-wear medium pink while Lilas D’or is a glowing peachy pink shade, and both have a decent amount of gold shimmer to them (hence the name “D’or”).

The shimmer in these blushes isn’t as evidence as some of my other blushes (the shimmery the better for me!) but it’s definitely there, so if you hate gold sparkles in your blushes, this isn’t for you. Also, the blush is lightly rose-scented, so again a no-no for you if you happen to hate fragranced cosmetics!

One caveat: I don’t think I’d leave my brush in the blush container most of the time. It moves around in there, collecting a lot of blush from the surface and therefore wasting some of the product. Yes it’s not a big deal but little things annoy me sometimes 😛


Swatches (with flash): Rose D’or on left, Lilas D’or on right

Same swatches under different lighting

Overall these blushes are great, especially for around $10 on sale! Rose D’or is definitely a bit more pigmented than Lilas D’or, but both are beautiful. I’m thinking I’ll wear Lilas D’or during the summer time since I have a little more color to my face and it gives me a glowing sun-kissed kinda look, and I’ll reserve Rose D’or for fall/winter so I can have that just-in-from-the cold look 🙂

Did you happen to pick one (or many) of these up during the Sephora sale? What did you think?

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