Holiday Gift Guide: Sparkly Bits from Etsy

December 16, 2009
To me the holidays are the perfect time to indulge in some little glitz and glamor, and judging by the comments left in my Body Shop Giveaway, you all agree. Check out my Etsy picks to see some sparkling one-of-a-kind handmade gift giving options I’m dying to buy for myself.

Bethany Lorelle’s Grace Headband ($28.00)
This classic headband with vintage appeal is perfect to some flair to any holiday outfit.

Bejewelled Bespoke’s Allure in Black Bib Necklace ($95.00)
This meticulously crafted bib necklace with hand-rolled rosettes and hand-sewn pearls and crystals would look amazing over a simple black shift dress. I want!

One Garnet Girl’s Stacking Rings ($238.00)
Bedeck your fingers in blue topaz, peridot and iolite. Why have just one cocktail ring when you can stack three?

An Original Jewelry’s Sterling Silver Necklaces ($44.00 – $46.00 each)
Simple silhouettes make for dainty old-world pieces that float delicately at the collarbone. These make great everyday pieces.

Laurie Sarah Designs’ Pink Tourmaline Ring ($828.75)
What are the holidays without a little drama? This pink tourmaline ring is one of those statement pieces that will have your girlfriends drooling. I must have it!

Bethany Lorelle’s Lillian Beaded Headband ($29.00)
An art deco/vintage-style pieces that’s evocative of jazz clubs, flappers, and glam beaded dresses. Gorgeous!

Dana Castle’s Loren Headband ($25.00)
Charcoal beads, glittering sequins and rhinestones – all the makings of a great holiday headpiece.

Unearthed’s Metallic Stingray Cuff Bracelet ($75.00)
While not for everyone, this hot pink stingray cuff bracelet definitely makes a statement. I kinda love everything about it, from the bold hue to the unique pebbled texture.

Bejewelled Bespoke’s The Classic Bib Necklace ($55.00)
This classic, versatile bib necklace is ideal for dressing up anything from a plain white T to a little black dress, and the price is pretty great too. I’ve still got my heart set on the Allure in Black one I featured up above, but this is another great options.

10 Responses to “Holiday Gift Guide: Sparkly Bits from Etsy”

  1. ezzie Says:

    ooh, i'm totally going googly-eyed over the headbands!i especially love the lillan beaded headband. maybe it's cus the model's hair looks just fab. hehee.i'm so heading over to etsy to admire more headbands right now. lol 😛

  2. *Jen* Says:

    Ezzie aren't they so unique and beautiful? I saw a girl wearing something similar at a blogger event that I went to and I just had to have one of my own!That one's my favorite too, but like you I'm wondering if it isn't in part because the model's hair is so stunning. I'm wondering if it'll look half as good in my straight fine hair, although I'm tempted to order and find out for myself :).

  3. Catherine Says:

    Wow, what great finds!

  4. The headbands are gorgeous! Not to plug G-market but you can get similar styles for a lot cheaper… I know I hauled a lot the last time I browsed their accessory section! I did a post about it 🙂

  5. Deb Says:

    You sure have a knack for finding some fab stuff on Etsy. I love the Lillian headband by Bethany Lorelle. The girl modeling has similar hair to me, so I bet it would look great if I got it and wore it the same way.

  6. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks Catherine! I love shopping on Etsy as there are so many unique, one of a kind items I can't find elsewhere.

  7. *Jen* Says:

    Justine I've always been a little intimidated by gmarket – I'll have to check out your post and see what goodies you picked up.

  8. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks Deb! It's thanks to hours of incessant, obsessive searching =P. Once I get started I can't stop. I'm really LOVING all the Bethany Lorelle headbands, they're so intricate and beautiful.From what I've seen of you and your hair, the Lillian would look pretty amazing on you. I'm so drawn to it myself.

  9. Laurie Sarah Says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my pink Tourmaline ring! I was so surprised when I saw this :)Laurie Sarah

  10. *Jen* Says:

    Hi Laurie!My pleasure – I've admired your pieces for years!

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