My Current Non-Beauty-Related Etsy Obsessions

June 13, 2009
Heart of Water Jewels‘ Lotus Ring has me entranced–I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the thing since I stumbled upon it earlier today! I desperately need a ring from this shop, their settings are simply stunning.

MiChiMa‘s personalized stuffed felt zipper pulls would make such sweet bag charms.

Stamp‘s dainty little blossom ring would look great on its own–but imagine three or four of these beauties stacked together!

Fun and exceedingly adorable acorn magnets from seller joojoo.

Feeling the need to decorate your room but lacking in the artistic skills department? Try wall decals–I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with them myself, and I happen to think DaliDecals‘ Cherry Blossom Tree would look pretty amazing in my bedroom.

The way that Blissiful‘s Primavera Ring appears to almost float atop your finger is really something special and unique.

I love cute DIY products, and DIYFlufflies‘ soft toy monkey pattern definitely fits the bill!

OnceAndAlways makes some really cute felted business card holders that I think might go quite well with the pink business cards I intend to have made up soon.

I’m sure some of your are finding this piece to be a bit incongruous with my overall aesthetic, but I happen to think it’s really cool, and you will too once you find out what it is. This apple pendant by lulubugjewelry is silver inlaid with concrete–that’s right, that green stuff is tinted concrete!

THIENTHANH creates impeccably crafted handmade wallets in the fabric of your choosing. While I do love my Louis Vuitton wallet, I can definitely sem myself carrying one of these as well, The craftsmanship really is quite beautiful.

Hope you had as much fun checking out these Etsy finds as I did stumbling across them!

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