Fashion Week Survival Kit from L’Oreal!

September 17, 2009

The very sweet people over at L’Oreal Paris were generous enough to send over this absolutely AMAZING Fashion Week survival kit chock full of fun goodies! Everything was packaged into this great Carlos Falchi Large Metallic Shopping Tote which is fabulous to take to events as you can fit a ton of stuff in there.

A close-up of the goodies: I’ve actually been dying to try L’Oreal’s Elnett Satin hairspray after having heard so much about its amazingness for so long, so I’m glad to finally have a can in my hands! Plus the can is just so beautiful to look at ~ and can you believe L’Oreal is celebrating 100 years of beauty?!

The mesh bag on the left contained all sorts of necessities such as band-aids, Alka-Seltzer, Tylenol, hair ties & bobby pins (these have come in so handy!), Foot Petals, some Jergens Lotion, a Sharpie and tons of other random bits (like a mini sewing kit) that every woman on-the-go needs.

And for the makeup! Of course there was the Elnett hairspray, then 2 mascaras (Extra Volume Collagen and Telescopic Explosion which I had been seriuosly itching to get my hands on!), a Revitalift eye cream, Skin Genesis wipes (OMG these are so great!), HIP Chrome Liners (yet another OMG item – these are seriously like liquid metal and amongst the best pencil liners I’ve ever tried!), a Brow Stylist and two Infallible 6-Hour glosses (reviewing these for you soon but they’re seriously great too!).

Thank you so so much to the wonderful people over at L’Oreal for their incredible generosity!

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