Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 493 Jade Rose Review & Swatches

September 17, 2009
My cute little Chanel shopping bag. Am I the only one who collects these?

Chanel’s Jade & Jade Rose polishes ($25 a pop) are going to be two seriously hot shades for Fall 2009, and while I’m not really into the mint green nails at the moment (who knows, I may later change my mind), Jade Rose is definitely right up my alley!

Jade Rose out of her box!

Jade Rose is this beautiful duty pinky peach with beige undertones in the bottle, and when the light hits it just-so, you’ll get flashes of an almost fuchsia vein of shimmer running throughout. Once on your nails the shimmer is really barely there and only visible under the best of lighting conditions, but it’s a beautifully elegant shade for the nails.

Check out the subtle flashes of pink shimmer in Jade Rose!

If you check out the two photos above you’ll see that you really can’t see Jade Rose’s shimmer unless you twist the bottle so that the light hits it at just the right angle, and you’ll notice in the photos below that the shimmer really is barely there ~ the only photo in which you can get a glimpse of it is the one in which the flash was really close to my nails.

Jade Rose on nails.

Close-up of Jade Rose on nails.

And a super close-up of Jade Rose on nails!

If you click to enlarge this last nail shot above, you should be able to see a hint of shimmer on my nails. What I love about Jade Rose is that while it can look like a simple peachy beige under most lighting conditions, it’s still a very interesting shade. The lighting at my office brings out a little more pink, making this look more peachy pink with just a tiny bit of beige, and the subway lighting makes this look more pinky peach. It’s always changing on me!

I’ve been on the hunt for an opaque fleshy nude/beige polish for the longest time, and while it takes three coats of Jade Rose to achieve the completely opaque coverage shown above, it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for. Search over!

And I just thought I’d thrown in a photo of some of the great samples that I got, including some items from Chanel’s new Ultra Correction Lift skincare line!

Have you tried Chanel’s Jade polishes yet?

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